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Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management

Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management 1/2020

Issue 1/2020

Table of Contents ( 28 Articles )

19-10-2019 | REVIEW | Issue 1/2020

Ecologically derived waste management of conventional plastics

Alicia Lee, Mei Shan Liew

24-10-2019 | REVIEW | Issue 1/2020

A mini literature review on sustainable management of poultry abattoir wastes

Saim Ozdemir, Kaan Yetilmezsoy

11-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Reuse of waste catalytic-cracking catalyst: fine performance in acetalization

Du Zhang, Bin Wen, Yiping Chen, Qiong Xu, Xiaoshun Zhu, Nan Sun, Xianxiang Liu, Dulin Yin

30-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Mechanical behavior and constitutive relationship of the three types of recycled coarse aggregate concrete based on standard classification

Zhiheng Deng, Bing Liu, Bailong Ye, Ping Xiang

20-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Comparative leaching characteristics of fly/bottom ashes from municipal solid waste incineration under various environmental stresses

Ke Yin, Xiaomin Dou, Wei-Ping Chan, Victor Wei-Chung Chang

13-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

NOx scrubbing with H2O2/HNO3 solutions achieved with a laboratory bubble contactor

Ons Ghriss, Hédi Ben Amor, Hassen Chekir, Mohamed-Razak Jeday

04-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Simultaneous synergistic effects of addition of agro-based adsorbent on anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and sewage sludge

Mohammad J. Bardi, Hassan A. Rad

31-10-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Analysis of the comprehensive management of sewage sludge in Poland

Grzegorz Przydatek, Aldona Katarzyna Wota

23-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Effects of area characteristics and municipal waste collection fees on household waste generation

Komwit Siritorn, Chompoonuh K. Permpoonwiwat

25-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Numerical analysis of the effect of the suction mode in the wind force sorting of a mobile coastal debris treatment system

Jonghyuk Yoon, Do-Yong Kim, Daegi Kim

20-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Chromium slag detoxification by carbon monoxide off-gases and optimization of detoxification parameters by Box–Behnken design

Liwei He, Bin Li, Ping Ning, Xuejin Zhou, Zhuang Shen

24-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Modification of sludge-based biochar and its application to phosphorus adsorption from aqueous solution

Zhiwei Li, Xuejiao Liu, Yin Wang

24-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Optimization of the municipal solid waste management system using a hybrid life cycle assessment–emergy approach in Tehran

Mohammad Falahi, Akram Avami

27-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Determining the amount, type and management of dental wastes in general and specialized dentistry offices of Northern Iran

Zahra Aghalari, Abdoliman Amouei, Somayyeh Jafarian

25-09-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Improvement of quality and agronomic properties of raw organic amendment mixtures by thermal treatment

Francisco Comino, Víctor Aranda, Ana Domínguez-Vidal, María José Ayora-Cañada

04-10-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Material and moisture balance in a full-scale bio-drying MBT system for solid recovered fuel production

Geun-Yong Ham, Toshihiko Matsuto, Yasumasa Tojo, Takayuki Matsuo

11-10-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Microwave gasification and oxy-steam combustion for using the biomass char

Hee Gaen Song, Young Nam Chun

23-10-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

The usage of novel acrylic-modified water-reducible alkyd resin obtained from post-consumer PET bottles in water-based paint formulation

Özge Naz Büyükyonga, Nagihan Akgün, Işıl Acar, Gamze Güçlü

10-10-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

On the use of grains recovered from spent vitrified wheels in resinoid applications

P. Sabarinathan, V. E. Annamalai, A. Xavier Kennedy

15-10-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Recycling of pre-treated medical waste fly ash in mortar mixtures

Ayman Ababneh, Rajai Al-Rousan, Wafaa Gharaibeh, Muna Abu-Dalo

16-10-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Transformation of di-n-butyl phthalate in an anaerobic/anoxic/oxic leachate treatment process

Chengran Fang, Hongzhi Mao, Lanhui Jiang, Yuyang Long

26-10-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

PSO–ANN-based prediction of cobalt leaching rate from waste lithium-ion batteries

Hossein Ebrahimzade, Gholam Reza Khayati, Mahin Schaffie

29-10-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Integrated solid-waste management for Kabul city, Afghanistan

Ahmad Rashid Khoshbeen, Mohanakrishnan Logan, Chettiyappan Visvanathan

02-11-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Evaluation of GIS-based multi-criteria decision-making methods for sanitary landfill site selection: the case of Sivas city, Turkey

Can Bülent Karakuş, Demet Demiroğlu, Ayşen Çoban, Alptekin Ulutaş

05-11-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Devulcanized EPDM without paraffinic oil in the production of blends as a potential application of the residues from automobile industry

Fabiula D. B. de Sousa, Aline Zanchet, Elaine S. Marczynski, Vinicius Pistor, Rudinei Fiorio, Janaina S. Crespo

01-11-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2020

Possible use of gypsum waste from ceramics industry as semi-reinforcing filler in epoxidized natural rubber composites

Kumarjyoti Roy, Subhas Chandra Debnath, Naresh D. Bansod, Aphiwat Pongwisuthiruchte, Thanakorn Wasanapiarnpong, Pranut Potiyaraj

08-11-2019 | REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 1/2020

Feasibility of energy generation by methane emissions from a landfill in southern Mexico

Pablo Emilio Escamilla-García, Martha E. Jiménez-Castañeda, Emmanuel Fernández-Rodríguez, Silvia Galicia-Villanueva

29-10-2019 | Correction | Issue 1/2020

Correction to: Optimization of the municipal solid waste management system using a hybrid life cycle assessment–emergy approach in Tehran

Mohammad Falahi, Akram Avami

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