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Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management

Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management 2/2020

Issue 2/2020

Including Special Feature on 5th 3R International Scientific Conference (5th 3RINCs 2019)

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

10-09-2019 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Estimation on hazardous characteristics of the components from linear type of end-of-life light-emitting diode lamps

Yong Choi, Hyeong-Jin Choi, Seung-Whee Rhee

16-09-2019 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

A review of construction and demolition waste management in Southeast Asia

Ngoc Han Hoang, Tomonori Ishigaki, Rieko Kubota, Masato Yamada, Ken Kawamoto

18-09-2019 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Recovery of indium from extractants of waste indium tin oxide (ITO) by aluminum cementation

Astrid Rahmawati, Jhy-Chern Liu

04-12-2019 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Two-step mineral carbonation using seawater-based industrial wastewater: an eco-friendly carbon capture, utilization, and storage process

Injun Kim, Yunsung Yoo, Juhee Son, Jinwon Park, Il-Sang Huh, Dongwoo Kang

01-01-2020 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Electrochemical behavior of tungsten carbide-cobalt alloy using molten hydroxide as electrolyte under low temperature

Yuki Kamimoto, Ren Kasuga, Kyohei Takeshita, Takeshi Hagio, Kensuke Kuroda, Ryoichi Ichino, Phengxay Deevanhxay

20-01-2020 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Mass balance of heavy metals in a non-operational incinerator residue landfill site in Japan

Yiqun Xiong, Masaki Takaoka, Taketoshi Kusakabe, Kenji Shiota, Kazuyuki Oshita, Takashi Fujimori

13-01-2020 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Methane and nitrous oxide emissions from a two-stage membrane bioreactor applied in municipal landfill leachate treatment

Chart Chiemchaisri, Wilai Chiemchaisri, Nipaporn Manochai

11-02-2020 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Magnetic BEA-type zeolites: preparation by dry-gel conversion method and assessment of dye removal performance

Vanpaseuth Phouthavong, Masatake Hiraiwa, Takeshi Hagio, Supinya Nijpanich, Vanseng Chounlamany, Tatsuo Nishihama, Yuki Kamimoto, Ryoichi Ichino

11-02-2020 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Greenhouse gas emission from windrow pile for mechanical biological treatment of municipal solid wastes in tropical climate

Noppharit Sutthasil, Chart Chiemchaisri, Wilai Chiemchaisri, Tomonori Ishigaki, Satoru Ochiai, Masato Yamada

24-01-2020 | SPECIAL FEATURE: REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 2/2020

The role of MRF in Indonesia's solid waste management system (case study of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Hijrah Purnama Putra, Enri Damanhuri, Emenda Sembiring

12-02-2020 | SPECIAL FEATURE: REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 2/2020

Municipal solid waste material flow in Bali Province, Indonesia

I Made Wahyu Widyarsana, Enri Damanhuri, Elprida Agustina

16-11-2019 | REVIEW | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

End-of-life vehicle management: a comprehensive review

Selman Karagoz, Nezir Aydin, Vladimir Simic

06-12-2019 | REVIEW | Issue 2/2020

Comparison of MSW management practices in Pakistan and China

Muhammad Safar Korai, Munawar Ali, Cheng Lei, Rasool Bux Mahar, Dongbei Yue

11-12-2019 | REVIEW | Issue 2/2020

Management options for coffee processing wastewater. A review

Yitayal Addis Alemayehu, Seyoum Leta Asfaw, Tadesse Alemu Tirfie

01-01-2020 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Improvement of dry desulfurization performance using activated calcium carbonate by amorphous citric acid complex method for diesel gas purification

Yugo Osaka, Takuya Tsujiguchi, Akio Kodama, Hongyu Huang

13-11-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Evaluation of the recyclability of construction and demolition waste fines as a garden substrate and soil amendment agent: a case study from the Republic of Korea

Suekyoung Yun, Donsik Ryu, Jeehyeong Khim

16-11-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Feasibility study of using poplar wastes as sand in cement mortars

Chafika Djelal, Jonathan Page, Hassina Kada, Yannick Vanhove

16-11-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Establishing an interval-valued fuzzy decision-making method for sustainable selection of healthcare waste treatment technologies in the emerging economies

Hao Li, Jinlin Li, Zengbo Zhang, Xueli Cao, Jingrong Zhu, Wenjia Chen

22-11-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Efficient treatment of recalcitrant textile wastewater using two-phase mesophilic anaerobic process: bio-hythane production and decolorization improvements

Samir Ibrahim Gadow, Yu-You Li

23-11-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

A preliminary study of the concentration of special purpose elements and precious metals in the enriched precipitates produced by a wet method of cathode-ray tube recycling

Panagiotis Sinioros, Marianthi Anastasatou, Stavroula Kavouri, Michael Lasithiotakis, Michael Stamatakis

28-11-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Thermochemical conversion of waste engine oil (WEO) to gasoline-rich crude oil

Nivedita Patel, Krushna Prasad Shadangi

06-12-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Gas and tar generation behavior during flash pyrolysis of wood pellet and plastic

Myo Min Win, Misuzu Asari, Ryo Hayakawa, Hiroyuki Hosoda, Junya Yano, Shin-Ichi Sakai

12-12-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

Sustainable E-waste supply chain management with price/sustainability-sensitive demand and government intervention

Iman Ghalehkhondabi, Ehsan Ardjmand

21-12-2019 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2020

A multi-method approach to reevaluate the suitability of an old active dumpsite: an application in the Abhar Plain, Iran

Masoud Saatsaz, Hasan Mojallal, Iman Monsef, Zohreh Masoumi

16-12-2019 | NOTE | Issue 2/2020

Effect of aeration method on organic matter degradation and ammonia emission of composting in a laboratory-scale reactor

Hapsari Puspitaloka, Hiroshi Mimoto, Quyen Ngoc Minh Tran, Mitsuhiko Koyama, Kiyohiko Nakasaki

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