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Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management

Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management 2/2021

Issue 2/2021

Including Special Feature on 6th 3R International Scientific Conference (6th 3RINCs 2020)

Table of Contents ( 36 Articles )

02-01-2021 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

A study on consumer consciousness and behavior to the plastic bag ban in Kenya

Isaac Omondi, Misuzu Asari

05-01-2021 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Quality improvement of mixed MSW drying using a pilot-scale solar greenhouse biodrying system

Katitep Ngamket, Komsilp Wangyao, Suthum Patumsawad, Pipat Chaiwiwatworakul, Sirintornthep Towprayoon

11-01-2021 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

A probabilistic economic model and sensitivity analysis of fuel-oil production from plastic waste

Hidetoshi Ibe, Yoichi Kodera

05-01-2021 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

One-pot wet ball-milling for waste wire-harness recycling

Harendra Kumar, Shogo Kumagai, Tomohito Kameda, Yuko Saito, Toshiaki Yoshioka

08-02-2021 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Environmental impact assessment on production and material supply stages of lithium-ion batteries with increasing demands for electric vehicles

Tomoya Sakunai, Lisa Ito, Akihiro Tokai

23-01-2021 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

The use of relative potential risk as a prioritization tool for household WEEE management in Thailand

Siriporn Borrirukwisitsak, Kannika Khwamsawat, Surachai Leewattananukul

20-02-2021 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Chemical recycling of waste Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) by the liquid-phase treatment

Kazushi Nozue, Hideyuki Tagaya

20-11-2020 | REVIEW | Issue 2/2021

Organizational issues for disseminating recycling technologies of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics in the Japanese industrial landscape

Hiroyuki Ueda, Akihiro Moriyama, Hitoshi Iwahashi, Hiroshi Moritomi

22-11-2020 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

An IoT-based bin level monitoring system for solid waste management

S. R. Jino Ramson, D. Jackuline Moni, S. Vishnu, Theodoros Anagnostopoulos, A. Alfred Kirubaraj, Xiaozhe Fan

23-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Investigation of conventional analytical methods for determining conversion of polyethylene terephthalate waste degradation via aminolysis process

S. Ghorbantabar, M. Ghiass, N. Yaghobi, H. Bouhendi

03-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Methane recovery from acidic tofu wastewater using an anaerobic fixed-bed reactor with bamboo as the biofilm carrier

Dewi Nilawati, Norihisa Matsuura, Ryo Honda, Hiroe Hara-Yamamura, Neni Sintawardani, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto

03-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Comprehensive utilization of residues of Magnolia officinalis based on fiber characteristics

Xiaofang Luo, Wubliker Dessie, Meifeng Wang, Gregory J. Duns, Nianhang Rong, Luya Feng, Jianqing Zeng, Zuodong Qin, Yimin Tan

25-11-2020 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Sustainable waste management through eco-entrepreneurship: an empirical study of waste upcycling eco-enterprises in Sri Lanka

Randika Jayasinghe, Nilmini Liyanage, Caroline Baillie

01-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Optimization of microwave treatment for dewaterability enhancement of electroplating sludge

M Humam Zaim Faruqi, Faisal Zia Siddiqui, Saeikh Zaffar Hassan

20-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Feasibility of platinum recovery from waste automotive catalyst with different carriers via cooperative smelting-collection process

Chuan Liu, Shuchen Sun, Xiaoping Zhu, Ganfeng Tu

02-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Material cycle realization by hazardous phosphogypsum waste, ferrous slag, and lime production waste application to produce sustainable construction materials

Vsevolod Mymrin, Elaman K. Aibuldinov, Monica A. Avanci, Kirill Alekseev, Marco A. Argenda, Karina Q. Carvalho, Alexandre Erbs, Rodrigo E. Catai

03-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Spent coffee ground-based interfacial solar steam generation

Yuhui Ma, Tianxiang Jiang, Aijun Zhang, Junrui Cao

02-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Structural regulation of electroplating sludge by a metal–organic framework synthesis method for an enhanced denitrification activity

Jianlong Ma, Chuanhua Li, Lanyu Hu, Wangsheng Kong, Qing Lu, Jia Zhang

03-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Laboratory-based assessment on similarities between dynamic behavior of MSW and clay

Pourya Alidoust, Pourya Kargar, Saeed Goodarzi, Mohsen Keramati, Hossein Moradi Moqaddam

05-02-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Comparison of end-of-life vehicle material flows for reuse, material recycling, and energy recovery between Japan and the European Union

Bishal Bhari, Junya Yano, Shin-ichi Sakai

12-02-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Inventory of twenty-six combustible wastes as sources of potentially toxic elements: B, Cr, Cu, Zn, As, Sb, Ba, and Pb

Seungki Back, Hirofumi Sakanakura

13-02-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Investigating the potential of using dry battery waste powders (DBWPs) as a modifier for asphalt binders

Madhar M. Taamneh, Aslam A. Al-Omari, Bayan I. Al-Khreisat

05-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Valorization of granite production dust in development of rich and lean cement mortar

Yash Agrawal, Salman Siddique, Ravi K. Sharma, Trilok Gupta

21-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Performance of mortars with PET

Maria da Luz Garcia, M. Rosário Oliveira, Teresa Neto Silva, Ana C. Meira Castro

05-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Technological behaviour and leaching tests in ceramic tile bodies obtained by recycling of copper slag and MSW fly ash wastes

Manuel Miguel Jordán, María Adriana Montero, Francisco Pardo-Fabregat

15-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Inoculation of environmental fungal isolates improve the methane biochemical potential of rice hulls in anaerobic digestion processes

Felipe Gustavo Kuhn, Emilio Berghahn, Munique Marder, Odorico Konrad, Raul Antonio Sperotto, Camille Eichelberger Granada

05-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Effect of alkali activator concentration on waste brick powder-based ecofriendly mortar cured at ambient temperature

Mitiku Damtie Yehualaw, Chao-Lung Hwang, Duy-Hai Vo, Abraham Koyenga

10-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Long-term leaching and volatilization behavior of stabilized and solidified mercury metal waste

Hiroyuki Ishimori, Ryo Hasegawa, Tomonori Ishigaki

16-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Effects of sewage sludge ash produced at different calcining temperatures on pore structure and durability of cement mortars

Minghao Liu, Yading Zhao, Zhenyun Yu

11-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Biosorption of Ag+ and Nd3+ from single- and multi-metal solutions (Ag+, Nd3+, and Au3+) by using living and dried microalgae

Merve Tunali, Orhan Yenigun

19-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Engineering performance of high-content MgO-Alkali-activated slag mortar incorporating fine recycled concrete aggregate and fly ash

Duy-Hai Vo, Chao-Lung Hwang, Khanh-Dung Tran Thi, Min-Chih Liao, Mitiku Damtie Yehualaw

19-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Sustainable approach for the treatment of poultry manure and starchy wastewater by integrating dark fermentation and microalgal cultivation

Rokesh Radhakrishnan, Sanjukta Banerjee, Srijoni Banerjee, Vaishali Singh, Debabrata Das

11-01-2021 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 2/2021

Calcinated conch shells combined with Raney Ni as high-performance catalyst for cyclopentanol Guerbet reaction

Qianqian Xu, Ke Ye, Na Li, Jian Zhang, Haiqiang Shi, Meihong Niu, Xueru Sheng, Qingwei Ping

03-01-2021 | REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 2/2021

Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions of municipal solid waste management system: case study of Chengdu, China

Sen Miao

05-01-2021 | REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 2/2021

Life cycle environmental performance of two restaurant food waste management strategies at Shenzhen, China

Qianqian Yu, Huan Li

21-01-2021 | REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 2/2021

Characterization and management status of household biodegradable waste in an upland city of Benguet, Philippines

Marcelino N. Lunag Jr., Jessie C. Elauria

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