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Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 10/2018

Issue 10/2018

Special Issue Focus: EUROMAT 2017, European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes; and Special Issue Focus: AeroMat 2017, Advanced Aerospace Materials and Processes Conference and Exposition

Table of Contents ( 65 Articles )

11-10-2018 | Issue 10/2018


Ivan Kaban, Simeon Agathopoulos, Fabrizio Valenza, Christof Sommitsch, Johannes Schenk, Spyros Papaefthymiou, Alexandros Karantzalis

25-06-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Experimental Investigation of the System Nonmetallic Inclusion-Molten Steel-Refractory System at High Temperatures

Uxía Diéguez Salgado, Philipp Dorrer, Susanne K. Michelic, Christian Bernhard

23-03-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Grain Boundary Wetting by a Second Solid Phase in Ti-Fe Alloys

A. S. Gornakova, B. B. Straumal, A. N. Nekrasov, A. Kilmametov, N. S. Afonikova

02-02-2018 | Issue 10/2018

In Situ Apparatus to Study Gas–Metal Reactions and Wettability at High Temperatures for Hot-Dip Galvanizing Applications

A. Koltsov, M.-J. Cornu, J. Scheid

29-03-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Wetting and Interfacial Reactivity of Zn-Coated Steel Products with Cu-Si, Cu-Sn and Al-Si Filler Metals for Laser Brazing Application

Alexey Koltsov, Laurent Cretteur

29-05-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Effect of the Soldering Atmosphere on the Wettability Between Sn4.0Ag0.5Cu (in wt.%) Lead-Free Solder Paste and Various Substrates

D. Soares, H. Leitão, C. S. Lau, J. C. Teixeira, L. Ribas, R. Alves, S. Teixeira, M. F. Cerqueira, F. Macedo

21-05-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Inhibiting Effect of Additives on Pressure Solution of Calcite

V. Traskine, Z. Skvortsova, G. Badun, M. Chernysheva, Ya. Simonov, I. Gazizullin

21-05-2018 | Issue 10/2018

On the Size Dependence of Molar and Specific Properties of Independent Nano-phases and Those in Contact with Other Phases

George Kaptay

05-02-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Thermal Treatment, Sliding Wear and Saline Corrosion of Al In Situ Reinforced with Mg2Si and Ex Situ Reinforced with TiC Particles

A. G. Lekatou, A. Poulia, H. Mavros, A. E. Karantzalis

28-12-2017 | Issue 10/2018 Open Access

Wetting Behavior and Reactivity of Molten Silicon with h-BN Substrate at Ultrahigh Temperatures up to 1750 °C

Wojciech Polkowski, Natalia Sobczak, Rafał Nowak, Artur Kudyba, Grzegorz Bruzda, Adelajda Polkowska, Marta Homa, Patrycja Turalska, Merete Tangstad, Jafar Safarian, Elmira Moosavi-Khoonsari, Alejandro Datas

06-01-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Microstructure Stability During Creep of Friction Stir Welded AA2024-T3 Alloy

Michael Regev, Tal Rashkovsky, Marcello Cabibbo, Stefano Spigarelli

31-01-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Diffusion Bonding of TiAl to Ti6Al4V Using Nanolayers

Sónia Simões, Filomena Viana, A. Sofia Ramos, M. Teresa Vieira, Manuel F. Vieira

12-02-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Hot Roll Bonding of Aluminum to Twin-Roll Cast (TRC) Magnesium and Its Subsequent Deformation Behavior

H. Saleh, M. Schmidtchen, R. Kawalla

25-05-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Strain Rate Dependency of Simulated Welding Residual Stresses

Stefanos Gkatzogiannis, Peter Knoedel, Thomas Ummenhofer

27-07-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Suggestion of an Indicator to Evaluate Material Deposition in Resistance Spot Welding: Weld–Surface Interaction Index

Hasan Melih Kınagu, Mehmet Gökçedağlıoğlu, Fatih Ateş, Burak Küçükelyas, Mustafa Mutlu, Cemil Günhan Erhuy, Deniz Uzunsoy

25-07-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Raman Strain Sensing and Interfacial Stress Transfer of Hierarchical CNT-Coated Carbon Fibers

K. Tsirka, G. Karalis, A. S. Paipetis

02-07-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Phase-Field Modeling of Nugget Zone for a AZ31-Mg-Alloy Friction Stir Weld

C. G. Prosgolitis, S. G. Lambrakos, A. D. Zervaki

26-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Effect of Boron Content on Hot Ductility and Hot Cracking Susceptibility in 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel for Welding Components

G. Tran Van, D. Carron, P. Le Masson, V. Robin, A. Andrieu, J. Stodolna

29-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018 Open Access

Influence of Thermal History on the Hot Ductility of a Continuously Cast Low Alloyed Cr-Mo Steel

C. Hoflehner, S. Ilie, J. Six, C. Beal, C. Sommitsch

29-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Modeling of Crucial Process Parameters for the Continuous Improvement of Special Steels at the Stomana Plant

P. Sismanis, M. Bouzouni, S. Papaefthymiou

13-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

The Application of Centrifugal Atomization Method for Preparation of Rapidly Solidified Nd-Fe-B Flakes Used for Production of Permanent Magnets

Mihael Brunčko, Žiga Erman, Peter Kirbiš, Ivan Anžel

14-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Change in Porosity of A356 by Holding Time and Its Effect on Mechanical Properties

Muhammet Uludağ, Remzi Çetin, Lokman Gemi, Derya Dispinar

05-07-2018 | Issue 10/2018 Open Access

Optimized Gating System for Steel Castings

R. Dojka, J. Jezierski, J. Campbell

11-06-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Effects of In Situ Intermetallics on the Microstructural Array and Saline Corrosion Performance of Cast Al/WCp Composites

A. G. Lekatou, N. Gkikas, V. Gousia, K. Lentzaris, A. E. Karantzalis

23-04-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Analysis of Microstructure and Sliding Wear Behavior of Co1.5CrFeNi1.5Ti0.5 High-Entropy Alloy

K. Lentzaris, A. Poulia, E. Georgatis, A. G. Lekatou, A. E. Karantzalis

29-03-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Integrated System of Thermal/Dimensional Analysis for Quality Control of Metallic Melt and Ductile Iron Casting Solidification

Stelian Stan, Mihai Chisamera, Iulian Riposan, Loredana Neacsu, Ana Maria Cojocaru, Iuliana Stan

26-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Corrosion Behavior of B and Ti Grain-Refined Sr-Modified A356

İsmail Öztürk, Gökçe Hapçı Ağaoğlu, Eray Erzi, Derya Dispinar, Gökhan Orhan

29-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Metallization of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers for Lightning Strike Protection

Hanqing Che, Martin Gagné, P. S. M. Rajesh, Jolanta E. Klemberg-Sapieha, Frederic Sirois, Daniel Therriault, Stephen Yue

01-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Influence of Cu/Li Ratio on the Welding Forces and Mechanical Properties of Two Bobbin Tool Friction Stir Welded Al-Cu-Li Alloys

Jannik Goebel, Martin Reimann, Jorge F. dos Santos

19-07-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Keyhole Repair Welds in AA 2219-T851 Using Refill Friction Stir Spot Welding

Martin Reimann, Jannik Goebel, Jorge F. dos Santos

28-06-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Calculating Ti-6Al-4V β Transus Through a Chemistry-Based Equation Derived from Combined Element Binary Phase Diagrams

E. Rogoff, M. Antony, P. Markle

31-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Tribological Behavior of Pulsed Electrodeposited Ni-W/SiC Nanocomposites

Nitin P. Wasekar, Lavakumar Bathini, G. Sundararajan

06-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

The Effect of Heat Treatment Process Parameters on Mechanical Properties, Precipitation, Fatigue Life, and Fracture Mode of an Austenitic Mn Hadfield Steel

S. H. Mousavi Anijdan, M. Sabzi

13-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Effects of Heating and Quenching Processing Parameters on Phase Transformation of 55CrMo Steel

Haijuan Liu, Huiping Li, Zhichao Li, Lianfang He

28-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018 Open Access

Sinter-Bonding of AISI 316L and 17-4 PH Stainless Steels

Aneta Szewczyk-Nykiel, Rafał Bogucki

30-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018 Open Access

Effect of Surface Treatment on High-Temperature Oxidation Behavior of IN 713C

Wojciech J. Nowak, Bartek Wierzba

31-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Barium Titanate Dielectrics Sprayed by a High Feed-Rate Water-Stabilized Plasma Torch

Pavel Ctibor, František Lukáč, Josef Sedláček, Vasyl Ryukhtin

13-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg2Si/AZ91 Composites In Situ Synthesized by Using Silica Fume as the Si Source

Wenlong Zhang, Xianfeng Li, Dongyan Ding, Ping Gao

13-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Microstructural Characterization, Mechanical Properties, and Corrosion Resistance of Dental Co-Cr-Mo-W Alloys Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting

Wei Wei, Yanan Zhou, Wenbo Liu, Ning Li, Jiazhen Yan, Haopeng Li

24-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Effect of Different Zirconium Contents on the Corrosion Resistance of ZrO2-TiO2 Film-Coated Stainless Steel

Aiming Bu, Guojun Ji, Quansheng Liu, Zhiming Shi

24-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Enhanced Tribological, Electrochemical, and Biocompatibility Properties of Ti6Al4V Alloy Through Gas Nitriding and CN Coating Deposition

W. H. Kao, Y. L. Su, C. Y. Chang

24-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Corrosion Resistances of Steel Pipe Coated with Two Types of Enamel by Two Coating Processes

Liang Fan, Fujian Tang, Genda Chen, Signo T. Reis, Mike L. Koenigstein

27-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Influences of Ribs on the Residual Stress and Deformation of Long Stringer Aluminum Alloy Forgings During Quenching

Xingang Liu, Danqing Wang, Ning Liang, Wentao Shen, Peng Zhang, Baofeng Guo

29-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Investigation on Cracking Behavior and Development of a Fracture Model of Ti-47Al-2Nb-2Cr Alloy During Hot Deformation

Zhuohan Cao, Yu Sun, Zhipeng Wan, Lianxi Hu

29-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Nonlinear Resonance Response of Porous Beam-Type Implants Corresponding to Various Morphology Shapes for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications

S. Sahmani, S. Saber-Samandari, M. M. Aghdam, A. Khandan

04-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

A Two-Stage Physical-Based Model for Predicting Flow Stress of As-cast TiAl Alloy Under Hot Deformation Conditions

Jingyuan Shen, Zhanglong Zhao, Zekun Yao, Yongquan Ning, Yuhang Xiong, M. W. Fu

29-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Wear Mechanisms in Contacts Involving Slippers in Axial Piston Pumps: A Multi-Technical Analysis

G. Schuhler, A. Jourani, S. Bouvier, J.-M. Perrochat

30-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Very High Cycle Fatigue of a Cast Aluminum Alloy: Size Effect and Crack Initiation

Hongqian Xue, Zhidan Sun, Xianjie Zhang, Tao Gao, Zhi Li

31-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Influence of Laser Surface Texturing on Tribological Performance of Tool Steels

Jana Moravčíková, Roman Moravčík, Martin Kusý, Martin Necpal

13-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Sliding Wear Behavior of an AISI 440B Martensitic Stainless Steel Lubricated with Biodiesel and Diesel–Biodiesel Blends

Arlei Franz Venske, Victor Velho de Castro, Eleani Maria da Costa, Carlos Alexandre dos Santos

13-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Influence of Temperature on Friction and Wear Characteristics of Polyaryletherketones and Their Composites Under Reciprocating Sliding Condition

A. P. Harsha, R. Wäsche

13-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Hot-Dip Aluminized Ti-6Al-4V Alloy as a Function of Sliding Velocity

Wei Jiang, Benguo Zhang, Wei Chen, Shuqi Wang, Xianghong Cui

19-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Electrochemical Behavior of Mg-Al-Zn-Ga Alloy as Anode Materials in 3.5 wt.% NaCl Solution

Jiarun Li, Xiumin Ma, Zhuoyuan Chen, Baorong Hou, Likun Xu

10-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Wetting and Brazing of Chromium Film-Deposited Alumina Using AgCu Filler Metal

Z. B. Chen, H. Bian, C. N. Niu, X. G. Song, Y. Z. Lei, C. Jin, J. Cao, J. C. Feng

28-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Behavior of Lead-Free Silicon Brass Manufactured by Low-Pressure Die Casting

Chao Yang, Wenbing Ye, Yuchuan Yang, Fen Wang, Yanfei Ding, Quanli Zhu, Weiwen Zhang

29-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

The Effects of Sodium Tungstate on the Characteristics of Microarc Oxidation Coating on Ti6Al4V

Tong Zhou, Yuandi Ding, Qin Luo, Zhenbo Qin, Qi Zhang, Bin Shen, Wenbin Hu, Lei Liu

30-08-2018 | Issue 10/2018

3D Gel-Printing of TiC-Reinforced 316L Stainless Steel: Influence of the Printing Parameters

Zhenhui Ji, Dechao Zhao, Junjie Hao, Xiaodong Zhang, Junzi Wang

04-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Electrodeposition and Properties of Composites Consisting of Carbon Nanotubes and Copper

Shaoli Fu, Xiaohong Chen, Ping Liu, Wei Liu, Pengzhong Liu, Ke Zhang, Haohan Chen

04-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Effect of Welding Parameters on the Corrosion Behavior of Dissimilar Alloy Welds of T6 AA6061 Al-Galvanized Mild Steel

S. S. Sravanthi, Swati Ghosh Acharyya, K. V. Phani Prabhakar, G. Padmanabham

06-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Resistance Spot-Welded Steel/Aluminum Alloy Joints with Process Tapes

Yingying Che, Lei Wang, Daqian Sun, Hongmei Li, Wenhua Geng

13-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Tension–Compression Asymmetry Improved by Cold Extrusion in Pure Magnesium

Cheng-jie Li, Shuang Cheng, Hong-fei Sun, Gui-chao Bai, Wen-bin Fang

13-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Effect of Surface Self-Nanocrystallization on Diffusion Bonding Between a Titanium Alloy and a TiAl-Based Alloy

Xuesong Fu, Xiaochen Wang, Qi Wang, Wenlong Zhou, Huiyuan Xu, Degui Liu, Zhiqiang Li, Guoqing Chen

13-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Microstructure, Texture, and Mechanical Properties of Ni-W Alloy After Accumulative Roll Bonding

Saadia Boudekhani, Hiba Azzeddine, Kamel Tirsatine, Thierry Baudin, Anne-Laure Helbert, François Brisset, Baya Alili, Djamel Bradai

20-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Microstructural Investigation of VPPA–GMAW Welded 7A52 Aluminum Alloys

Haitao Hong, Yongquan Han, Qinghu Yao, Jiahui Tong

20-09-2018 | Issue 10/2018

Effect of Rotation Speed on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction-Stir-Welded CuSn6 Tin Bronze

L. Zhou, Z. H. Jiang, D. G. Zhao, M. R. Yu, H. Y. Zhao, Y. X. Huang, X. G. Song

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