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Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 2/2019

Issue 2/2019

Special Issue Focus: Additive Manufacturing Symposia, MS&T’17

Table of Contents ( 67 Articles )

11-01-2019 | Guest Editorial | Issue 2/2019

Special Issue Focus: Additive Manufacturing

Andrzej Wojcieszynski

17-07-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Preliminary Investigation of Building Strategies of Maraging Steel Bulk Material Using Wire + Arc Additive Manufacture

Xiangfang Xu, Jialuo Ding, Supriyo Ganguly, Chenglei Diao, Stewart Williams

02-08-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Characterizing the Effect of Thermal Processing on Feedstock Al Alloy Powder for Additive Manufacturing Applications

Caitlin Walde, Danielle Cote, Victor Champagne, Richard Sisson

17-08-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Thermo-Fluid Modeling of Selective Laser Melting: Single-Track Formation Incorporating Metallic Powder

Subin Shrestha, Santosh Rauniyar, Kevin Chou

04-09-2018 | Issue 2/2019

An Investigation of Process Parameter Modifications on Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 Parts

Christopher Kantzos, Joseph Pauza, Ross Cunningham, Sneha P. Narra, Jack Beuth, Anthony Rollett

30-08-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Computational Simulation of an Additively Manufactured Marine Component

Charles R. Fisher, Caroline E. Vail

29-08-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Selective Reinforcement of Aerospace Structures Using Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing

Adam Hehr, Justin Wenning, Mark Norfolk, John Sheridan, John. A. Newman, Marcia Domack

24-09-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Build Rate Optimization for Powder Bed Fusion

Ming Tang, Petrus Christiaan Pistorius, Colt Montgomery, Jack Beuth

27-09-2018 | Issue 2/2019

A Perspective on Solid-State Additive Manufacturing of Aluminum Matrix Composites Using MELD

R. Joey Griffiths, Mackenzie E. J. Perry, Jennifer M. Sietins, Yunhui Zhu, Nanci Hardwick, Chase D. Cox, Hunter A. Rauch, Hang Z. Yu

29-08-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Investigation on Microsegregation of IN718 Alloy During Additive Manufacturing via Integrated Phase-Field and Finite-Element Modeling

X. Wang, P. W. Liu, Y. Ji, Y. Liu, M. H. Horstemeyer, L. Chen

17-10-2018 | Issue 2/2019

In Situ Quality Monitoring in AM Using Acoustic Emission: A Reinforcement Learning Approach

K. Wasmer, T. Le-Quang, B. Meylan, S. A. Shevchik

29-10-2018 | Issue 2/2019 Open Access

Effect of Different Post-treatments on the Microstructure of EBM-Built Alloy 718

Sneha Goel, Magnus Ahlfors, Fouzi Bahbou, Shrikant Joshi

19-11-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Surface Treatment of Powder-Bed Fusion Additive Manufactured Metals for Improved Fatigue Life

David B. Witkin, Dhruv N. Patel, Henry Helvajian, Lee Steffeney, Agustin Diaz

16-11-2018 | Issue 2/2019

L-PBF of 4340 Low Alloy Steel: Influence of Feedstock Powder, Layer Thickness, and Machine Maintenance

Elias Jelis, Michael Hespos, Shana L. Groeschler, Ryan Carpenter

10-12-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Microstructural Properties of Heat-Treated LENS In Situ Additively Manufactured Titanium Aluminide

Monnamme Tlotleng

17-12-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Effect of Vertical Strut Arrangements on Compression Characteristics of 3D Printed Polymer Lattice Structures: Experimental and Computational Study

Abdalsalam Fadeel, Ahsan Mian, Mohammed Al Rifaie, Raghavan Srinivasan

02-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Defect Characterization Through Automated Laser Track Trace Identification in SLM Processes Using Laser Profilometer Data

Brandon Baucher, Anil B. Chaudhary, Sudarsanam S. Babu, Subhadeep Chakraborty

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Additive Manufacturing: Assessing Metal Powder Quality Through Characterizing Feedstock and Contaminants

Stephen K. Kennedy, Amber M. Dalley, Gregory J. Kotyk

02-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Electron Beam Welding of Nimonic 80A Superalloy: Microstructure Evolution and EBSD Study After Aging Heat Treatment

Hong Zhang, Peidong Li, Qingyuan Wang, Zhongwei Guan, Yongjie Liu, Xiufang Gong

02-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Processing of Ultrafine-Grained Steels by Warm Rolling and Annealing

Ankita Bhattacharya, Anish Karmakar, Arnab Karani, Mainak Ghosh, Debalay Chakrabarti

16-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Influence of Deep Cryogenic Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Spring Steels

Vinícius Richieri Manso Gonçalves, Bojan Podgornik, Vojteh Leskovšek, George Edward Totten, Lauralice de Campos Franceschini Canale

17-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Optimization of Heat Treatment Cycles and Characterization of Aluminum Alloy AA7010

S. Krishnanunni, R. K. Gupta, G. Ajithkumar, V. Anil Kumar

22-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Heat-Treated and Thermomechanically Processed TA15 Ti Alloy Composites

Huili Wu, Zhichao Sun, Jing Cao, Zhikun Yin

02-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Mechanical Integrity of Biodegradable Mg–HA Composite During In Vitro Exposure

Anshu Dubey, Satish Jaiswal, Debrupa Lahiri

02-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Initial Studies on Development of High-Performance Nano-structured Fe2O3 Catalysts for Solid Rocket Propellants

R. Arun Chandru, Rekha P. Patel, Charlie Oommen, B. N. Raghunandan

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Influence of Wear Test Parameters on the Electrical Contact Performance of Brass Alloy/Copper Contactors Under Fretting Wear

Xinlong Liu, Zhenbing Cai, Shanbang Liu, Songbo Wu, Minhao Zhu

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Effect of Oxygen Content on Wear and Cutting Performance of AlCrON Coatings

Ying Gao, Fei Cai, Wei Fang, Youzhi Chen, Shihong Zhang, Qimin Wang

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Parametric Optimization of Erosive Wear Response of TiAlN-Coated Aluminium Alloy Using Taguchi Method

Vinayaka R. Kiragi, Amar Patnaik, Tej Singh, Gusztáv Fekete

04-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Corrosion Inhibition Study of Mg-Nd-Y High Strength Magnesium Alloy Using Organic Inhibitor

G. R. Argade, S. Sanders, G. Mohandass, A. Alsaleh, F. D’Souza, T. D. Golden, R. S. Mishra

11-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Corrosion of Mild Steel Buried Underground for 3 Years in Different Soils of Varying Textures

S. Suganya, R. Jeyalakshmi

14-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Effect of Delta Ferrite on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High-Chromium Martensitic Steel

Gopa Chakraborty, J. Ganesh Kumar, P. Vasantharaja, C. R. Das, S. K. Albert, K. Laha

16-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Behavior of Ceramic-Reinforced Copper Metal Matrix Hybrid Composites

Manvandra Kumar Singh, Rakesh Kumar Gautam

16-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Assessment of Mechanical Properties for Dissimilar Metal Welds: A Nondestructive Approach

A. Ghosh, M. Sahu, P. K. Singh, S. Kumar, M. Ghosh, S. Palit Sagar

18-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Effects of Thermal Exposure on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Si-Cu-Ni-Mg-Gd Alloy

Yudong Sui, Lina Han, Qudong Wang

22-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Friction Stir-Welded Sc-Modified Al-Zn-Mg Alloys Made Using Different Base Metal Tempers

Jiqiang Chen, Shengci Li, Hailong Cong, Zhimin Yin

22-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Effect of Niobium on the Secondary Precipitates and Tempering Resistance of Spray-Formed M3:2 High-Speed Steel

Hebin Wang, Longgang Hou, Yabin Li, Ping Ou, Li Shen, Xinger Wen, Hua Cui, Jishan Zhang

02-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Coupling a Cellular Automaton Model with a Finite Element Model for Simulating Deformation and Recrystallization of a Low-Carbon Micro-alloyed Steel During Hot Compression

Chuan Wu, Bing Jia, Shuang Han

04-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Axial Tensile Failure Analysis of SiCf/Ti Composite Based on Continuum Cohesive Zone Model

Zhigang Sun, Jianfen Sun, Yaning Chang, Weiyi Sun, Lu Qi, Yingdong Song

04-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Fatigue Crack Propagation of Nickel-Based Superalloy: Experiments and Simulations with Extended Finite Element Method

Hong Zhang, Peidong Li, Qingyuan Wang, Yongjie Liu

18-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Hot Deformation Mechanisms of Ti22Al25Nb Orthorhombic Alloy

Jingli Zhang, Jingping Wu, Yuanyuan Luo, Xiaonan Mao, Dizi Guo, Shengze Zhao, Fan Yang

22-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Constitutive Modeling of the Hot Deformation Behavior in 6082 Aluminum Alloy

Kuo Li, Qinglin Pan, Ruishi Li, Shuhui Liu, Zhiqi Huang, Xin He

02-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Microstructure Evolution and Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility of 12Cr Martensitic Steel Upon Long-Term Service in Power Plants

Z. Zhang, Z. F. Hu, P. M. Singh, X. Li, S. Xiong, X. X. Fang

02-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Effect of Precompression Deformation on the Strain-Controlled Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Extruded AZ31 Magnesium Alloy

Yuxian Meng, Lilan Gao, Hong Gao, Xin Yuan

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Preparation and Oxidation Performance of a NiCoCrAlYSiHf + NiAl Composite Coating Deposited by Arc Ion Plating and Magnetron Sputtering Techniques

Hongrui Yao, Chengyang Jiang, Zebin Bao, Shenglong Zhu, Fuhui Wang

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Corrosion Mechanism and Applicability Assessment of N80 and 9Cr Steels in CO2 Auxiliary Steam Drive

Baojun Dong, Dezhi Zeng, Zhiming Yu, Lele Cai, Shanzhi Shi, Huiyong Yu, Haiyan Zhao, Gang Tian

04-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Corrosion Resistance of Cu-Ni-Si Alloy Under High-Temperature, High-Pressure H2S and Cl− Environments

Yuanyuan Shen, Yaohua Dong, Hengding Li, Qinghong Li, Li Zhang, Lihua Dong, Yansheng Yin

07-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Improvement of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of CoCrCuFeNi High-Entropy Alloys By V Addition

Gang Qin, Shu Wang, Ruirun Chen, Huiting Zheng, Liang Wang, Yanqing Su, Jingjie Guo, Hengzhi Fu

16-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

CO2 Corrosion Behavior of Calcite-Covered API 5L X52 Carbon Steel in Aqueous Solutions

Shima Bekhrad, Mehdi Javidi

22-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Effect of Y/Zr Ratio on Inclusions and Mechanical Properties of 9Cr-RAFM Steel Fabricated by Vacuum Melting

Guoxing Qiu, Dongping Zhan, Changsheng Li, Min Qi, Zhouhua Jiang, Huishu Zhang

22-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Influence of Two Different Salt Mixture Combinations of Na2SO4-NaCl-NaVO3 on Hot Corrosion Behavior of Ni-Base Superalloy Nimonic263 at 800 °C

Venkateswararao Mannava, A. SambasivaRao, M. Kamaraj, Ravi Sankar Kottada

22-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Effect of Silver and Carbon Fiber on the Tribological Properties of M50 Matrix Composites Under Different Loads

Siping Feng, Yuan Chen, Xiaoliang Shi, Xiaobin Deng, Xiyao Liu, Guanchen Lu, Hongyan Zhou

22-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Correlation of Tensile Deformation-Induced Strain in HSLA Steel with Residual Stress Distribution

S. Lavanya, S. Mahadevan, C. K. Mukhopadhyay

02-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Grain Refinement of Co-Cr-Mo-C Through Plastic Deformation Followed by Reversion of Lamellar Eutectoid Structure

F. Z. Hassani, M. Ketabchi, Sh. Zangeneh, S. Bruschi

02-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Study on Interfacial Phenomena in Aluminum–Aluminum Bimetal Fabricated by Extrusion at Different Temperatures

Junfeng Zhao, Qiulin Li

02-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Enhanced Surface Properties and Microstructure Evolution of Cr12MoV Using Ultrasonic Surface Rolling Process Combined with Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Shuai Ren, Yunfei Zhang, Yingli Zhao, Zhiguo An, Feng Xue, Jitan Yao, Zhiyan Sun, Jinbao Chang

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Creep Behavior of Commercially Pure Titanium TA2 After Supersonic Fine Particles Bombardment

Liling Ge, Zhanwei Yuan, Zhenhua Han

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Powder Thixoforged Amorphous Ni55Nb35Si10-Reinforced Al Matrix Composites

Z. Nouri, M. Sedighi

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Comparative Study of Oxides Formed on Fusion Zone and Base Metal of Laser Welded Zr-1.0Sn-1.0Nb-0.1Fe Alloy

Chuang Cai, Liqun Li, Genchen Peng

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Effect of Friction Stir Processing on the Microstructure, Damping Capacity, and Mechanical Properties of Al-Si Alloy

H. J. Jiang, C. Y. Liu, Z. X. Yang, Y. P. Li, H. F. Huang, F. C. Qin

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Pulsed TIG Welding–Brazing of Aluminum–Stainless Steel with an Al-Cu Twin Hot Wire

Huan He, Chuansong Wu, Sanbao Lin, Chunli Yang

03-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Brazing of Martensitic Stainless Steel to Copper Using Electroplated Copper and Silver Coatings

T. Venkateswaran, Vincent Xavier, D. Sivakumar, Bhanu Pant, P. K. Jayan, G. D. Janaki Ram

04-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Processing, As-Cast Microstructure and Wear Characteristics of a Monotectic Al-Bi-Cu Alloy

Rodrigo V. Reyes, Vitor E. Pinotti, Conrado R. M. Afonso, Luiz C. Casteletti, Amauri Garcia, José E. Spinelli

11-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Structure and Anticorrosion, Friction, and Wear Characteristics of Pure Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), Cr-DLC, and Cr-H-DLC Films on AZ91D Mg Alloy

Xue-Jun Cui, Chuang-Ming Ning, Lun-Lin Shang, Guang-An Zhang, Xiao-Qiang Liu

11-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Influence of Effective Physical Contact Area on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Diffusion-Bonded TC4/1060Al Joints

Guoqiang Luo, Jiayu He, Zhenfei Song, Jian Zhang, Mei Rao, Jianjun Mo, Yiyu Wang, Qiang Shen, Lianmeng Zhang

14-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Wear Resistance and Tribological Features of Ultra-Fine-Grained Al-Mg Alloys Processed by Constrained Groove Pressing-Cross Route

J. Mozafari, F. Khodabakhshi, H. Eskandari, M. Haghshenas

22-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Grain-Refined Microstructure and Hard Surface Layer Produced by SMRGT Process for Improved Corrosion Behavior of Mg-3Al-1Zn Alloy

Biqiang Chen, Chao Xin, Guifeng Zhang, Fan Zhou, Linjie Zhang

22-01-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Threshold Deformation and Mechanical Properties of Al/Al Laminated-Metal Material with Inner Grooves Fabricated by Hot Rolling

X. B. Wang, J. M. Lv, F. Y. Hu, X. P. Zhang

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