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Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 3/2000

Issue 3/2000

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

The degradation of corrosion resistance for Al 5083 alloy after thermal and superplastic forming processes

J. C. Chang, T. H. Chuang

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

An optimal heat treatment cycle for a 26Cr, 2Mo stainless steel

Muhammad Iqbal Qureshi, Mohammad Mujahid

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

An investigation on the elastic modulus and density of vacuum casted aluminum alloy 2024 containing lithium additions

C. Meric

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Composite microstructure of cold-drawn pearlitic steel and its role in stress corrosion behavior

J. Toribio, E. Ovejero

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Use of metallic glasses in molybdenum disilicide-stainless steel joining

Rajendra U. Vaidya, Partha Rangaswamy, Richard G. Castro, John J. Petrovic, Darryl P. Butt

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

A review of microsegregation induced banding phenomena in steels

John D. Verhoeven

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Effect of die-casting conditions on viscoelastic behavior of Mg alloy

E. M. Gutman, Ya. B. Unigovski, A. Eliezer, E. E. Aghion, Z. Koren

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Surface engineering with light alloys—Hard coatings, thin films, and plasma nitriding

A. S. Korhonen, E. Harju

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Effect of microvoid formation on the tensile properties of dual-phase steel

Ejaz Ahmad, Tanvir Manzoor, Kanwar Liaqat Ali, J. I. Akhter

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Phase transformation of a CuZnAl alloy during friction

Xiaoxia Zhou, Yonghong Pan, Zhengyi Liu, Jianpei Zhou, Xiuqin Wei

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Environmental degradation of materials during wet storage of spent nuclear fuels

Vivekanand Kain, P. K. De, K. Agarwal, P. Seetharamaih

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Tensile strengthening in the nickel-base superalloy IN738LC

E. Balikci, A. Raman, R. A. Mirshams

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Application of shape memory alloy wire actuator for precision position control of a composite beam

Gangbing Song, P. C. Lam, T. S. Srivatsan, B. Kelly, B. N. Agrawa

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Behavior of Fe-Mn-Al-C steels during cyclic tests

I. S. Kalashnikov, O. Acselrad, L. C. Pereira, T. Kalichak, M. S. Khadyyev

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Corrosion resistance of a new AL 6013-20 SiC(P) in salt spray chamber

Zaki Ahmad, B. J. Abdul Aleem

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Effect of aging on oxidation behavior of aluminum-albite composites at high temperatures

S. C. Sharma

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Materials for electromagnetic interference shielding

D. D. L. Chung

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Application of doppler broadening of annihilation radiation technique to evaluate the microhardness variations during isochronal annealing of Al and Al (Mn) alloys

M. Abd El Wahab, W. Arafa

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