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Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 9/2022
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

Issue 9/2022

Special Issue Focus: Selected Articles from EUROMAT 2021 - The European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes


Table of Contents (74 Articles)

29-08-2022 | Editorial

Rajiv Asthana

22-09-2022 | Feature

Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary!
Rajiv Asthana, William E. Frazier

29-07-2022 | Guest Editorial

EUROMAT 2021 Symposia on Processing and Energy
Natalia Sobczak, Ivan Kaban, Norbert Enzinger, Anna Zervaki, Simeon Agathopoulos, Fabrizio Valenza

Open Access 23-02-2022 | Technical Article

Low-Cost Light-Weight Composite Metal Foams for Transportation Applications
Imre Norbert Orbulov, Attila Szlancsik, Alexandra Kemény, Domonkos Kincses

Open Access 15-02-2022 | Technical Article

Phase Formation and Diffusivity in the Ternary Cu-Zn-In System
Tomasz Czeppe, Anna Sypien, Anna Wierzbicka-Miernik, Grzegorz Garzeł, Marek Kopyto

Open Access 07-03-2022 | Technical Article

Riv-Bonding of Aluminum Alloys with High-Strength Steels against the Favorable Joining Direction
Josef Domitner, Peter Auer, Jennifer Stippich, Zahra Silvayeh, Sabrina Jessernig, Lukas Peiser, Florian Hönsch, Christof Sommitsch

Open Access 23-02-2022 | Technical Article

Easy-Made Setup for High-Temperature (Up to 1100 °C) Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Mariusz Radtke, Christian Hess

14-02-2022 | Technical Article

Influence of Hardening Models on the Estimation of Residual Stresses by Finite Element Modeling in Type 316LN Stainless Steel Weld Joints
A. R. Pavan, B. Arivazhagan, G. K. Sharma, S. Arun Kumar, S. Mahadevan, M. Vasudevan

Open Access 28-02-2022 | Technical Article

Photocatalytic Coatings Based on TiOx for Application on Flexible Glass for Photovoltaic Panels
Artur Wiatrowski, Damian Wojcieszak, Michał Mazur, Danuta Kaczmarek, Jarosław Domaradzki, Małgorzata Kalisz, Wojciech Kijaszek, Patrycja Pokora, Ewa Mańkowska, Aneta Lubanska, Malwina Sikora

Open Access 22-02-2022 | Technical Article

Analysis of Local Strain Evolution during Electron Beam Welding of Hot Crack Sensitive Nickel Base Conventionally Cast Alloy 247 LC CC
Torsten Jokisch, Nikolay Doynov, Ralf Ossenbrink, Vesselin Michailov

Open Access 28-02-2022 | Technical Article

Characterization of Hydrogen Diffusion in Offshore Steel S420G2+M Multi-layer Submerged Arc Welded Joint
Michael Rhode, Jonathan Nietzke, Tobias Mente, Tim Richter, Thomas Kannengiesser

28-02-2022 | Technical Article

Microstructural Changes during Creep and Fractography Study of Friction Stir-Processed Commercially Pure Cu
Michael Regev, Stefano Spigarelli

Open Access 12-04-2022 | Technical Article

Interfacial Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Explosively Welded Mg/Al Alloy Plates
Mami Mihara-Narita, Konosuke Asai, Hisashi Sato, Yoshimi Watanabe, Hisashi Mori, Naobumi Saito, Yasumasa Chino

Open Access 21-04-2022 | Technical Article

Process Improvement of Continuous Induction Welding of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites
S. Becker, P. Mitschang

11-04-2022 | Technical Article

Interface Reaction between Tin Solder and Nanocrystalline Ni and Ni-Mo Coatings Obtained by Electrodeposition
Agnieszka Bigos, Fabrizio Valenza, Pawel Czaja, Izabella Kwiecien, Joanna Wojewoda-Budka

23-05-2022 | Technical Article

Undermatched Welding of Ultra-High-Strength Steel S1100 with Metal-Cored Wire: Influence of Welding Positions on Mechanical Properties
Mustafa Tümer, Rudolf Vallant, Fernando Gustavo Warchomicka, Norbert Enzinger

03-05-2022 | Technical Article

On Selected Properties of Inconel 625/Ti6Al4V Explosively Welded Clad
Joanna Wojewoda-Budka, Monika Bugajska, Jan Guspiel, Sylwia Terlicka, Agnieszka Bigos, Anna Wierzbicka-Miernik, Zygmunt Szulc

27-05-2022 | Technical Article

Variety of Aluminum/Steel Interface Microstructures Formed in Explosively Welded Clads Followed by the Weld’s Thermal Expansion Response
Monika Bugajska, Lukasz Maj, Anna Jarzebska, Sylwia Terlicka, Marek Faryna, Zygmunt Szulc, Joanna Wojewoda-Budka

13-06-2022 | Technical Article

Effect of Catalyst and Activator on Properties of Polyamide 6 Prepared by Thermoplastic Resin Transfer Molding Technology
Joana Lagarinhos, Laura Santos, José Oliveira

27-06-2022 | Technical Article

Interface Zone Microstructure of the Explosively Cladded Copper on Steel
Marta Janusz-Skuza, Agnieszka Bigos, Marek Faryna, Paweł Czaja, Sylwia Terlicka, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Zygmunt Szulc, Joanna Wojewoda-Budka

Open Access 20-06-2022 | Technical Article

X-Ray Imaging of Complex Flow Patterns during Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
F. Wu, K. V. Falch, S. Ramachandran, M. Drakopoulos, W. U. Mirihanage

16-03-2022 | Technical Article

Fracture and Elastoplastic Behavior of Polymer-Carbon Nanotube Composites under Thermomechanical Environment: An Integrated Dual-Scale Modeling and Experimental Study
Gaurav Arora, Himanshu Pathak

18-03-2022 | Technical Article

Experimental and Numerical Simulation Study on Erosion Wear Behavior of AISI 1020 Steel
Dongli Lv, Kai Yang

14-03-2022 | Technical Article

Analyses of Axisymmetric Drawing-Bulging Forming Process of Sheet Metal Using Parametric and Direct Integral Methods
Rui Shi, Siji Qin, Qianrong Zhang, Xueyang Li, Haodong Chen

Open Access 14-03-2022 | Technical Article

Finite Element Modeling of Hot Compression Testing of Titanium Alloys
Patryk Jedrasiak, Hugh Shercliff, Sumeet Mishra, Christopher S. Daniel, Joao Quinta da Fonseca

20-04-2022 | Technical Article

Statistical Determination of Johnson-Cook Model Parameters for Porous Materials by Machine Learning and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Mingzhong Hao, Qiang Yu, Chengjian Wei, Ying Chen, Lei Chai, Yun Ge

29-03-2022 | Technical Article

Computational Evaluation of Temperature-Dependent Microstructural Transformations of Ti6Al4V for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
Ayse Kubra Yildiz, Mehmet Mollamahmutoglu, Oguzhan Yilmaz

16-03-2022 | Technical Article

Isoxazoline Derivatives as Inhibitors for Mild Steel Corrosion in 1M H2SO4: Computational and Experimental Investigations
N. Anusuya, J. Saranya, F. Benhiba, I. Warad, A. Zarrouk, S. Chitra

14-03-2022 | Technical Article

Induction Welding of 304L Stainless Steel and Copper in Vacuum Environment
R. K. Bhogendro Meitei, Pabitra Maji, Pawan Kumar, Ranit Karmakar, Pritam Paul, Subrata Kumar Ghosh, Subhash Chandra Saha

17-03-2022 | Technical Article

Preparation and Properties of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube/Waterborne Polyurethane Superhydrophobic Conductive Coatings Using Electrostatic Spraying
Fangfang Wang, Jihao Ci, Yingying Di, Weihua Zhang

16-03-2022 | Technical Article

Synergistic Effect of AC and Solution Temperature on the Corrosion Behavior of CoCrFeMnNi High-Entropy Alloy in a Simulated Concrete Pore Solution
M. Zhu, Y. Q. Zeng, Y. F. Yuan, S. Y. Guo, J. Pan

21-03-2022 | Technical Article

Wear and Electrochemical Behavior of High-Nitrogen, Nickel-Free Austenitic Stainless Steel Produced by Hot Powder Forging
A. Tangestani, M. J. Hadianfard, L. Tayebi, D. Vashaee

27-06-2022 | Technical Article

Environmental Effects on the Creep Response of Thin-Walled Ni-Based Single Crystal Superalloys
Z. Y. Yu, X. M. Wang, G. W. Cao, R. Q. Chen, Y. D. Lian

21-03-2022 | Technical Article

Failure Analysis of Abnormal Bulging and Cracking for High-Pressure Steam Pipe
Yunrong Lyu, Weiqi Lian, Zhiwei Sun, Weiming Li, Zhihong Duan, Ruan Chen, Wei Yu, Siyuan Shao

11-03-2022 | Technical Article

Fretting Wear Characteristics of Suspension Plasma-Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Coating on Titanium Substrate for Orthopedic Applications
M. Samiksha, R. Gnanamoorthy, Y. Otsuka

14-03-2022 | Technical Article

Sustainable Hard Machining of AISI 304 Stainless Steel Through TiAlN, AlTiN, and TiAlSiN Coating and Multi-Criteria Decision Making Using Grey Fuzzy Coupled Taguchi Method
C. Moganapriya, R. Rajasekar, R. Santhosh, S. Saran, S. Santhosh, V. K. Gobinath, P. Sathish Kumar

18-03-2022 | Technical Article

Optimization of Cutting Conditions, Parameters, and Cryogenic Heat Treatment for Surface Roughness in Milling of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy
Emre Altas, Omer Erkan, Dervis Ozkan, Hasan Gokkaya

31-05-2022 | Technical Article

Measurement of Elastic Constants of Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V by Non-contact Multi-mode Laser Ultrasonic System
Zhenlong Zhang, Bing Li, Lei Chen, Feng Qin, Ying Hou

10-03-2022 | Technical Article

Development of FeAl Coatings by a Combined Aluminizing Process to Improve the Dry Sliding Wear Resistance of HH309 Alloy
Farhad Zarei, Hossein Nuranian, Kourosh Shirvani

21-03-2022 | Technical Article

Characterization of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cr-Mo Grade P22/P91 Steel Dissimilar Welds for Supercritical Power Plant Application
S. Sirohi, A. Sauraw, A. Kumar, S. Kumar, T. Rajasekaran, P. Kumar, R. S. Vidyarthy, N. Kumar, C. Pandey

11-04-2022 | Technical Article

The Influence of Loading Rate and Hold Time on the Nano-mechanical Properties of γ-TiAl and Plasma Mo-Si-Ti Coating
Fengkun Li, Pingze Zhang, Dongbo Wei, Tian Tian, XiaoHu Chen, Shiyuan Wang, Feng Ding, Kai Yang, Bo Dang

17-03-2022 | Technical Article

The Comprehensive Effect of Controlled Cooling and Si/Mn Elements on the Structure-Property Relationship of a Novel Wire Rod
Jie Zhou, Dong Zhang, Weijie Liao, Feng Hu, ChengYang Hu, KaiMing Wu

25-03-2022 | Technical Article

Temperature Influence on Section Uniformity of Casting Steel Rolled with the Hot-Core Heavy Reduction Rolling Process and Traditional Hot Rolling Process
Ruihao Li, Haijun Li, Xinyu Ning, Tianxiang Li, Hao Wei, Guodong Wang

21-03-2022 | Technical Article

Mechanical Properties of a CrCoNi Medium Entropy Alloy in a Gradient Twin Structure
Lei Wang, Yueming Feng, Zhigao Mao, Lu Yang, Yuntao Xi, Shilei Li, Daoyong Yang, Jiangtao Ji, Shubin Lei, Ge Zhang

31-03-2022 | Technical Article

Thermomechanical and Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Processes Evaluation for a Beta Ti-Nb-Zr-Ta Alloy
Behzad Pourghasemi, Vahid Abouei, Omid Bayat, Banafsheh Karbakhsh Ravari

18-03-2022 | Technical Article

Simultaneous Effects of Carbon Nanotube Content and Diameter Size on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Double Pressed Double Sintered Al/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites
Akbar Yarahmadi, Hamidreza Mohammadian Semnani, Hassan Abdoos

18-04-2022 | Correction

Correction to: Simultaneous Effects of Carbon Nanotube Content and Diameter Size on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Double Pressed Double Sintered Al/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites
Akbar Yarahmadi, Hamidreza Mohammadin Semnani, Hassan Abdoos

24-03-2022 | Technical Article

Investigation on the Precipitation Behavior of a Ni-Based Alloy Containing Tungsten during Thermal Exposure at 850 °C
Chang Wang, Chao Zhang, Jin Huang, Shulan Zhang, Guohua Xu

22-03-2022 | Technical Article

Microstructure and Crystallographic Texture Evolution during Isothermal Annealing of Cold-Rolled Fe-6.8Al Low-Density Steel
Sudipta Pramanik, Satyam Suwas

18-03-2022 | Technical Article

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 800-MPa-Class High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel Part Fabricated by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
Qian Fang, Lin Zhao, Baoxi Liu, Cuixin Chen, Yun Peng, Zhiling Tian, Fuxing Yin

17-03-2022 | Technical Article

Effect of Carbon Concentration Gradient on Multi-Level Composite Microstructure and Performance of M50NiL Steel
Xingfu Yu, Shijie Wang, Dongyue Zheng, Yinghua Wei, Yanbin Li, Yingli Jin, Yong Su

21-03-2022 | Technical Article

Influence of Pre-strain on the Cementite Spheroidization of 22MnB5 Steel and Its Effect on Mechanical Properties
Gyan Shankar, Vivek Kumar Singh, Aditya Chepuri, Balasubramian Vengatesan, Satyam Suwas

04-04-2022 | Technical Article

Enhancing the Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Al-Si-Cu-Ni-Based Cast Al Alloy through Minor Zirconium Addition
Achyuth Rao Kulkarni, I. A. Palani, M. Jayaprakash

15-03-2022 | Technical Article

Gleeble-Assisted Investigation and Thermokinetics Simulation of α Phase Isothermal Precipitation during Short-Time Duplex Heat Treatment of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
Nabil Kherrouba, Denis Carron, Ramdhane Kouba, Mabrouk Bouabdallah, Riad Badji

09-03-2022 | Technical Article

Solid-State Diffusion Bonding of Pseudo-α-Ti Alloy to Ti-Stabilized Stainless Steel: With and Without Interlayer
Harish Kumar, Sujay Bhattacharya, Nachiket A. Keskar

05-05-2022 | Technical Article

Evolution of the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg-10Gd-2Y-0.5Zn-0.3Zr Alloy during Extrusion and Aging Processes
Xiuzhu Han, Jie Chang, Bin Ma, Zhiyong Zhou, Wenchen Xu, Gaolong Zhang

18-03-2022 | Technical Article

Effect of Al Addition on Electrochemical Behavior of Sn-0.7Cu-xAl Lead-Free Solders Alloys in 3.5 wt.% NaCl Solution
Dheeraj Jaiswal, Dileep Pathote, Vikrant Singh, C. K. Behera

15-03-2022 | Technical Article

Effect of Zinc and Bio-Glass Addition on Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior of Magnesium-Based Composites for Orthopedic Application: A Preliminary Study
K. V. Sandeep Moudgalya, Prithivirajan Sekar, H. Suresh Hebbar, M. R. Rahman

15-03-2022 | Technical Article

Deformation and Creep Characteristics of AA7075-T76 at Elevated Temperatures
Sama Safarloo, Siamak Serajzadeh

08-04-2022 | Technical Article

Ultrasonic-Assisted Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Mg-Mn Layered Double Hydroxides Coating on ZK60 Magnesium Alloy and Its Properties
Yongmin Wang, Zhixin Ba, Dong Xu, Bin Zhu, Zhaoyu Zhang, Yu Huang

16-03-2022 | Technical Article

New Insights into the Nondestructive Evaluation of Thermally Aged at 475 °C Duplex Stainless Steels: A Comparative Study Between 2507 and 2101 Duplex Stainless Steels
Jorge Rodríguez-García, Alberto Ruiz

18-03-2022 | Technical Article

Effect of Rolling Parameters on Microstructure, Texture, and Mechanical Properties of Al/Mg/Al Laminated Composites
H. Y. Sun, D. H. Zhang, M. Ma, J. X. Zhang, W. C. Liu

21-03-2022 | Technical Article

Microstructure, Tribological, and Electrochemical Characterization of Hardfacing WC-Ni-Cr on AISI 1045 Carbon Steel Alloy
Fatah Tougherghi, Fatma Ahnia, Khadidja Khenfer, Djamel Miroud, Bachir Zaid, Mustapha Yaşar, Fuad Khoshnaw

15-03-2022 | Technical Article

Sliding Friction and Wear Properties of GCr15 Steel under Different Lubrication Conditions
Tiantian He, Gaoang Song, Ruonan Shao, Sanming Du, Yongzhen Zhang

21-03-2022 | Technical Article

Development of a Modified Gurson–Tvergaard–Needleman Damage Model Characterizing the Strain-Rate-Dependent Behavior of 6061-T5 Aluminum Alloy
Zhigang Li, Rui Li, Cheng Ji, Jianguang Liu, Zhikai He

21-03-2022 | Technical Article

Corrosion Behavior of Carbon Steel in Crude Oil–Water–Gas Multiphase Environments with CO2 and H2S
Zhengrong Ye, Tiancong Ding, Xiang Zhou, Minghuan Ju, Ran Yi, Weidong Jiang, Xiaodong Cui, Xueqiang Lin, Chong Sun, Jianbo Sun

18-03-2022 | Technical Article

Fatigue Crack Growth on Flash Butt Welded and Laser Beam Welded Joints in a High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel
Henrique Varella Ribeiro, Milton Sérgio Fernandes Lima, José Benedito Marcomini, Filipe Corrêa Pinto, Carlos Antonio Reis Pereira Baptista

31-03-2022 | Technical Article

Effect of Phosphorous Ion Implantation on the Surface, Crystal Structure, Mechanical, and Electrochemical Properties of Bioresorbable Magnesium for Biomedical Applications
Mazhar H. Asdi, M. Umar Aslam Khan, Javed Hussain, Muhammad Arshad, M. Ramzan Abdul Karim, Khalid Javed, Abdul Rehman, Ahsan Shafique, Shazia Bashir, Saqlain A. Shah

25-04-2022 | Technical Article

Influence of Modified Microstructures and Characterized Defects on Tensile Properties and Anisotropy of Selective Laser Melting-Produced Ti6Al4V Alloys
Xiangxi Gao, Chunhu Tao, Sujun Wu, Bingqing Chen

15-03-2022 | Technical Article

In Vitro Corrosion and Tribological Behavior of Multiwall Carbon Nanotube-Coated Ti-6Al-4V/Tantalum Carbide Surface for Implant Applications
Mohammad Mehdi Esmaeili, Mahboobeh Mahmoodi, Ali Mokhtarzade, Rana Imani

16-03-2022 | Technical Article

Synthesis and Tribo-mechanical Characterization of [β-Tricalcium Phosphate/Hydroxyapatite] Multilayer System as a Function of the Spatial Periodicity
C. H. Ortiz, J. C. Caicedo, C. Amaya

14-03-2022 | Technical Article

Dissolution and Coarsening Kinetics of γ′ Precipitates in Waspaloy during Solution Treatment at Temperatures of 1000-1045 °C
Hongliang Liu, Lei Zheng, Dan Wang, Xin Wei, Huina Min, Ying Jin, Qingan Tai

22-03-2022 | Technical Article

Microstructure, Fracture Behavior, and Mechanical and Frictional Properties of Ti(C0.7N0.3)-Based Cermets Containing Graphene
Lei Liang, Qiwen Zheng, Tianen Yang, Xianke Shi, Ji Xiong

21-03-2022 | Technical Article

Application of Hybrid Transient Thermal Tensioning/Trailing Active Cooling Treatment for Minimizing Distortion, Residual Stress, and Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of Friction Stir Welding Joints
M. N. Ilman, Sehono, M. R. Muslih

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