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Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science 17/2014

Issue 17/2014

Table of Contents ( 35 Articles )

01-09-2014 | Review | Issue 17/2014

Three-dimensional scaffolds: an in vitro strategy for the biomimetic modelling of in vivo tumour biology

A. Sharma, N. L. Sharma, C. B. Lavy, A. E. Kiltie, F. C. Hamdy, J. Czernuszka

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Mechanical fabrication of reactive metal laminate powders

A. K. Stover, N. M. Krywopusk, J. D. Gibbins, T. P. Weihs

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Printed electronic switch on flexible substrates using printed microcapsules

A. Tessa ten Cate, Cristina H. Gaspar, Heini L. K. Virtanen, Ralph S. A. Stevens, Robin B. J. Koldeweij, Juuso T. Olkkonen, Corné H. A. Rentrop, Maria H. Smolander

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Effect of interface modification on PMMA/graphene nanocomposites

Qingshi Meng, Hsu-Chiang Kuan, Sherif Araby, Nobuyuki Kawashima, Nasser Saber, Chun H. Wang, Jun Ma

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

The structure and properties of 0.95MgTiO3–0.05CaTiO3 ceramics doped with Co2O3

Hao Li, Bin Tang, Xuan Li, Zhenjun Qing, Yingxiang Li, Han Yang, Qiang Wang, Shuren Zhang

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Interface modification of clay and graphene platelets reinforced epoxy nanocomposites: a comparative study

Izzuddin Zaman, Bukhari Manshoor, Amir Khalid, Qingshi Meng, Sherif Araby

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Effect of heat-treatment on phase stability and grain coarsening in a powder-processed Al–Ni–Co–Zr–Y alloy

M. A. Gordillo, B. Bedard, T. J. Watson, M. Aindow

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Effects of molybdenum volume fraction and silica/molybdenum particle-size ratio on relative bulk density and electrical conductivity of silica–molybdenum composites fabricated by spark plasma sintering

Takuya Honma, Junichi Tatami

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Effect of aluminum on microstructural evolution during hot deformation of TX32 magnesium alloy

C. Dharmendra, K. P. Rao, F. Zhao, Y. V. R. K. Prasad, N. Hort, K. U. Kainer

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

WO3 nano-ribbons: their phase transformation from tungstite (WO3·H2O) to tungsten oxide (WO3)

Majid Ahmadi, Satyaprakash Sahoo, Reza Younesi, Anand P. S. Gaur, Ram S. Katiyar, Maxime J-F Guinel

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Effect of silver nanoparticle embedment on the frequency dispersive conductivity and electrical relaxation dynamics in dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid-doped polyaniline

Swarup Biswas, Bula Dutta, Subhratanu Bhattacharya

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

The role of calcium in blended fly ash geopolymers

Gina M. Canfield, Jeffery Eichler, Kara Griffith, John D. Hearn

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

A glycerol–water-based nanofluid containing graphene oxide nanosheets

Ali Ijam, A. Moradi Golsheikh, R. Saidur, P. Ganesan

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

A facile room temperature synthesis of ZnO nanoflower thin films grown at a solid–liquid interface

Aarti H. Jadhav, Sagar H. Patil, Shivaram D. Sathaye, Kashinath R. Patil

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Plasma exposure inducing crystallization of indium oxide film with improved electrical and mechanical properties at room temperature

Lei Yang, Jiaqi Zhu, Jie Bai, Yuankun Zhu, Bing Dai, Hailing Yu, Zhenyu Jia, Jiecai Han

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Impurity effects on the nucleation and growth of primary Al3(Sc,Zr) phase in Al alloys

J. H. Li, B. Oberdorfer, S. Wurster, P. Schumacher

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Strain engineering of piezoelectric properties of strontium titanate thin films

F. Sun, H. Khassaf, S. P. Alpay

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Random l-lactide/ε-caprolactone copolymers as drug delivery materials

Annalisa Dalmoro, Anna Angela Barba, Marina Lamberti, Mina Mazzeo, Vincenzo Venditto, Gaetano Lamberti

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Study on Mn-induced Jahn–Teller distortion in BiFeO3 thin films

Surbhi Gupta, Monika Tomar, Vinay Gupta

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Nanocrystallization in Ni60Ta40 and Ni60Nb40 metallic glasses below calorimetric glass transition

Yingmin Wang, Yongfei Li, Jianbing Qiang, Yaoxiang Geng, Qing Wang, Chuang Dong, Shao-Bo Mi

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Fe doping in ZnS for realizing nanocrystalline-diluted magnetic semiconductor phase

Prayas Chandra Patel, P. C. Srivastava

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Dynamic morphology instability in epitaxial ZnO/AZO (aluminum-doped ZnO) core–shell nanowires

Hong-Bo Wang, Fei Ma, Qian-Qian Li, Miao Wang, Jia-Bin Liu, Meng-Long Sun, Da-Yan Ma, Hong-Tao Wang, Ke-Wei Xu

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Solvothermal synthesis of magnetite hollow submicrospheres and mesoporous nanoparticles

Xiaolei Wang, Jin Yu, Guimei Shi, Ge Xu, Zhidong Zhang

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Wear behavior of Au–ZnO nanocomposite films for electrical contacts

R. L. Schoeppner, D. F. Bahr, H. Jin, R. S. Goeke, N. R. Moody, S. V. Prasad

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Thermal conductivities of alumina-based multiwall carbon nanotube ceramic composites

Kaleem Ahmad, Pan Wei, Chunlei Wan

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Room-temperature multiferroic properties and magnetoelectric coupling in Bi4−x Sm x Ti3−x Co x O12−δ ceramics

Joginder Paul, Sumit Bhardwaj, Kuldeep Kumar Sharma, Ravinder Kumar Kotnala, Ravi Kumar

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

SnO2/g-C3N4 photocatalyst with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity

Rong Yin, Qingzhi Luo, Desong Wang, Haitao Sun, Yuanyuan Li, Xueyan Li, Jing An

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Contribution of the space charge to the grain boundary energy in yttria-stabilized zirconia

Jun Wang, Hans Conrad

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Yb3+ concentration dependence of upconversion luminescence in Y2Sn2O7:Yb3+/Er3+ nanophosphors

Jinsheng Liao, Liling Nie, Shaohua Liu, Bao Liu, He-rui Wen

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Bio-inspired synthesis of mesoporous sílicas using large molecular weight poly-l-lysine at neutral pH

João Pires, Ana C. Fernandes, Romeu Avó

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Bacterial cellulose whisker as a reinforcing filler for carboxylated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber

Jingyi Wang, Hongbing Jia, Jiajia Zhang, Lingfeng Ding, Yang Huang, Dongping Sun, Xuedong Gong

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Structure, swelling, and drug release of thermoresponsive poly(amidoamine) dendrimer–poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) hydrogels

Sara Bekhradnia, Kaizheng Zhu, Kenneth D. Knudsen, Sverre Arne Sande, Bo Nyström

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

A lithium poly(pyromellitic acid borate) gel electrolyte membrane for lithium-ion batteries

Guodong Xu, Yubao Sun, Rupesh Rohan, Yunfeng Zhang, Weiwei Cai, Hansong Cheng

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Improvement of hydrothermally synthesized MnO2 electrodes on Ni foams via facile annealing for supercapacitor applications

T. Zhu, S. J. Zheng, Y. G. Chen, J. Luo, H. B. Guo, Y. E. Chen

01-09-2014 | Issue 17/2014

Oxidation behaviour and microstructural stability of alloy 625 during long-term exposure in steam

L. Garcia-Fresnillo, A. Chyrkin, C. Böhme, J. Barnikel, F. Schmitz, W. J. Quadakkers

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