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Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science 18/2012

Issue 18/2012

Table of Contents ( 31 Articles )

01-09-2012 | Review | Issue 18/2012

Accelerated climate ageing of building materials, components and structures in the laboratory

Bjørn Petter Jelle

01-09-2012 | EMRS Spring 2010 | Issue 18/2012

Structural characterization of through silicon vias

H. Bender, C. Drijbooms, P. Van Marcke, J. Geypen, H. G. G. Philipsen, A. Radisic

01-09-2012 | New Techniques | Issue 18/2012

Application of neutron radiography to study material processes during hypothetical severe accidents in nuclear reactors

Mirco Große, Martin Steinbrück, Juri Stuckert, Anders Kastner, Burkhard Schillinger

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Dependence of ferromagnetic properties on growth oxygen partial pressure in boron-doped ZnO thin films

Hailing Yang, Xiaoguang Xu, Xiaoye Zhou, Yannan Ma, Jing Dong, Tianqi Wang, Jun Miao, Yong Jiang

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

A method to quantify the 3D microstructure of fibrous materials containing mineral fillers using X-ray microtomography: application to paper materials

S. Rolland du Roscoat, J.-F. Bloch, P. Caulet

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Oxidation behavior of a refractory NbCrMo0.5Ta0.5TiZr alloy

O. N. Senkov, S. V. Senkova, D. M. Dimiduk, C. Woodward, D. B. Miracle

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Synthesis of straight multi-walled carbon nanotubes by arc discharge in air and their field emission properties

Jiang Zhao, Jing Zhang, Yanjie Su, Zhi Yang, Liangming Wei, Yafei Zhang

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Slow growth of microcracks in hydroxyapatite during aging

Yutian Shu, Eldon D. Case, Melissa Baumann

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Analysis of microstructure evolution and precise solid fraction evaluation of A356 aluminum alloy during partial re-melting by a color etching method

Li Gao, Yohei Harada, Shinji Kumai

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Processing, characterization and biological testing of porous titanium obtained by space-holder technique

Y. Torres, J. A. Rodríguez, S. Arias, M. Echeverry, S. Robledo, V. Amigo, J. J. Pavón

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Modulating the mechanical properties of photopolymerised polyethylene glycol–polypropylene glycol hydrogels for bone regeneration

John A. Killion, Luke M. Geever, Declan M. Devine, Laura Grehan, James E. Kennedy, Clement L. Higginbotham

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Corrosion performance of melt-spun Mg67Zn28Ca5 metallic glass in artificial sweat

Yongsheng Wang, Ming Jen Tan, Anders W. E. Jarfors

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Comparative microscopic and spectroscopic analysis of temperature-dependent growth of WO3 and W0.95Ti0.05O3 thin films

Felicia S. Manciu, Young Yun, William G. Durrer, James Howard, Ute Schmidt, Chintalapalle V. Ramana

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Preparation of amorphous TiS x thin film electrodes by the PLD method and their application to all-solid-state lithium secondary batteries

Takuya Matsuyama, Atsushi Sakuda, Akitoshi Hayashi, Yoshihiko Togawa, Shigeo Mori, Masahiro Tatsumisago

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

High electrochemical activity from hybrid materials of electrospun tungsten oxide nanofibers and carbon black

Xiaosong Zhou, Yejun Qiu, Jie Yu, Jing Yin, Xuedong Bai

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

A study on environmental stress cracking in nano-SiO2-filled polycarbonate

Leyu Lin, Alois K. Schlarb

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Effects of material heterogeneities on the compressive response of thiol-ene pyramidal lattices

R. G. Rinaldi, J. Bernal-Ostos, C. I. Hammetter, A. J. Jacobsen, F. W. Zok

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Microstructural and wear behavior of dual reinforced particle (DRP) aluminum alloy composite

Vipin Sharma, Suresh Kumar, Ranvir Singh Panwar, O. P. Pandey

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Hydrogen responses of ultrathin Pd films and nanowire networks with a Ti buffer layer

X. Q. Zeng, Y. L. Wang, Z. L. Xiao, M. L. Latimer, T. Xu, W. K. Kwok

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Synthesis, structure and impedance spectroscopic analysis of [(Pb x Sr1−x )·OTiO2]–[(2SiO2·B2O3)]–7[BaO]–3[K2O] glass ceramic system doped with La2O3

C. R. Gautam, Prabhakar Singh, O. P. Thakur, D. Kumar, O. Parkash

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Polymerization of methacrylate resins photoinitiated by camphorquinone and bulky amine-functionalized silsesquioxanes

Ignacio E. dell’Erba, Silvana V. Asmussen, Walter F. Schroeder, Claudia I. Vallo

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Ab initio calculations of the thermodynamics and phase diagram of ScSb

Min Teng, Hongzhi Fu, Jianwu Feng, WenFang Liu, Gao Tao

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Investigation of the crystallization process and crystal structure of Si-incorporated GeSb phase-change films

Hyung Keun Kim, Nam Hee Kim, Doo Jin Choi

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Thermally stimulated conductivity of Cu3BiS3 thin films deposited by co-evaporation: determination of trap parameters related to defects in the gap

A. Dussan, J. M. Murillo, F. Mesa

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Explanation of Meyer–Neldel rule in the thermally activated a.c. conduction in some chalcogenide glasses using correlated barrier hopping model

N. Chandel, N. Mehta

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Liquid crystalline elastomers based on cyclic cyclosiloxane and mesogenic crosslinking units

Yinggang Jia, Na Diao, Ying Chen, Xiaodong Zhang, Fanbao Meng

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Performance characterization of Ti substrate lead dioxide electrode with different solid solution interlayers

Haishen Kong, Haiyan Lu, Wenli Zhang, Haibo Lin, Weimin Huang

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

A study of the microstructure, phase composition, and mechanical properties of extruded Mg–9Er–6Y–xZn–0.6Zr magnesium alloys

Jingfeng Wang, Pengfei Song, Xiaoen Zhou, Fusheng Pan

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Arabinoxylan/nanofibrillated cellulose composite films

Jasna S. Stevanic, Elina Mabasa Bergström, Paul Gatenholm, Lars Berglund, Lennart Salmén

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Effect of the pore shape on the thermal conductivity of porous media

J. Ordonez-Miranda, J. J. Alvarado-Gil

01-09-2012 | Issue 18/2012

Ab initio prediction of new 3D-like phases ThCuSiAs, ThCuGeAs and their structural, mechanical, and electronic properties

I. R. Shein, V. V. Bannikov, A. L. Ivanovskii

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