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Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science 18/2014

Issue 18/2014

Table of Contents ( 32 Articles )

01-09-2014 | Review | Issue 18/2014

Review: the characterization of electrospun nanofibrous liquid filtration membranes

Satinderpal Kaur, Subramanian Sundarrajan, Dipak Rana, Radhakrishnan Sridhar, Renuga Gopal, Takeshi Matsuura, Seeram Ramakrishna

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

The effect of fast annealing treatment on the interface structure and electrical properties of Au/Hg3In2Te6 contact

Jie Sun, Li Fu, S. P. Ringer, Yapeng Li, Zongwen Liu

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Discontinuous reactions in melt-spun Cu–10 at. %Co alloys and their effect on magnetic anisotropy

N. M. Suguihiro, Y. T. Xing, D. Haeussler, W. Jaeger, D. J. Smith, E. Baggio-Saitovitch, I. G. Solórzano

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Effect of processing parameters on the structure and multi-functional performance of epoxy/GNP-nanocomposites

B. Ahmadi-Moghadam, F. Taheri

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014 Open Access

Adsorption characteristics of noble metals on the strongly basic anion exchanger Purolite A-400TL

A. Wołowicz, Z. Hubicki

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Molybdenum ion: a structural probe in lithium–antimony–germanate glass system by means of dielectric and spectroscopic studies

R. Vijay, P. Ramesh Babu, Y. Gandhi, M. Piasecki, D. Krishna Rao, N. Veeraiah

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Graphene sheets decorated with ZnO nanoparticles as anode materials for lithium ion batteries

Ling-Li Xu, Shao-Wei Bian, Kang-Lin Song

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Controlling foam morphology of polystyrene via surface chemistry, size and concentration of nanosilica particles

Seyed Esmaeil Zakiyan, Mohamad Hossein Navid Famili, Mohammad Ako

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Influence of plastic deformation on the precipitation of Cr in copper

A. Chbihi, X. Sauvage, D. Blavette

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Fe dopants enhancing ethanol sensitivity of ZnO thin film deposited by RF magnetron sputtering

M. Mehedi Hassan, Wasi Khan, A. H. Naqvi, Prabhash Mishra, S. S. Islam

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Keratins extracted from Merino wool and Brown Alpaca fibres as potential fillers for PLLA-based biocomposites

A. Aluigi, C. Tonetti, F. Rombaldoni, D. Puglia, E. Fortunati, I. Armentano, C. Santulli, L. Torre, J. M. Kenny

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Tetracycline hydrochloride (TCH)-loaded drug carrier based on PLA:PCL nanofibre mats: experimental characterisation and release kinetics modelling

Hazim J. Haroosh, Yu Dong, Kin-Tak Lau

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Air-gap-enhanced pearlescent effect in periodic stratified bilayers of Perna viridis shell

Chutiparn Lertvachirapaiboon, Thiluksakorn Jirapisitkul, Prompong Pienpinijtham, Kanet Wongravee, Chuchaat Thammacharoen, Sanong Ekgasit

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Surface ligand influenced free radical protection of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) toward H9c2 cardiac cells

Faruq Mohammad, Nor Azah Yusof

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Impact of different silkworm dietary supplements on its silk performance

Daniel Nicodemo, Juliano E. Oliveira, Anderson Aparecido Sedano, José Manoel Marconcini, Gustavo H. D. Tonoli

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014 Open Access

The rheological behaviour of concentrated dispersions of graphene oxide

Cristina Vallés, Robert J. Young, Deborah J. Lomax, Ian A. Kinloch

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Densification of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3 ceramic by flash sintering at temperature less than 100 °C

Anshu Gaur, Vincenzo M. Sglavo

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Enhanced thermomechanical properties of long and short glass fiber-reinforced polyamide 6,6/polypropylene mixtures by tuning the processing procedures

Namil Kim, Dae-Yoon Kim, Young-Jin Kim, Kwang-Un Jeong

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Synthesis and characterization of paclitaxel-imprinted nanoparticles for recognition and controlled release of an anticancer drug

Fatemeh Azizi Ishkuh, Mehran Javanbakht, Mehdi Esfandyari-Manesh, Rassoul Dinarvand, Fatemeh Atyabi

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Phase assembly and electrical conductivity of spark plasma sintered CeO2–ZrO2 ceramics

Rosalía Poyato, Sylvia A. Cruz, Francisco L. Cumbrera, Berta Moreno, Eva Chinarro, José A. Odriozola

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

First-principles study of A-site substitution in ferroelectric bismuth titanate

Kan-Hao Xue, Leonardo R. C. Fonseca, Yoshio Nishi

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Simple one-step method to produce titanium dioxide–polycaprolactone composite films with increased hydrophilicity, enhanced cellular interaction and improved degradation for skin tissue engineering

Phong A. Tran, Dhee P. Biswas, Andrea J. O’Connor

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic behavior of TiO2–SiO2 mesoporous composites in hydrogen generation from water splitting

P. S. Niphadkar, S. K. Chitale, S. K. Sonar, S. S. Deshpande, P. N. Joshi, S. V. Awate

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Enhanced photovoltaic performance of solar cell based on front-side illuminated CdSe/CdS double-sensitized TiO2 nanotube arrays electrode

Zhen Li, Libo Yu, Yingbo Liu, Shuqing Sun

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Swift heavy ion induced structural, optical and luminescence modification in NaSrBO3:Dy3+ phosphor

A. K. Bedyal, Vinay Kumar, V. Sharma, Fouran Singh, S. P. Lochab, O. M. Ntwaeaborwa, H. C. Swart

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Phase stabilization principle and precipitate-host lattice influences for Al–Mg–Si–Cu alloy precipitates

F. J. H. Ehlers, S. Wenner, S. J. Andersen, C. D. Marioara, W. Lefebvre, C. B. Boothroyd, R. Holmestad

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Tensile behaviour of multi-layered braided structures

Harshvardhan Saraswat, Amit Rawal, Rajendra Singh

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Nanofibrillated cellulose in wood coatings: mechanical properties of free composite films

Franziska Grüneberger, Tina Künniger, Tanja Zimmermann, Martin Arnold

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Permeability of natural fiber reinforcement for liquid composite molding processes

Van Hau Nguyen, Mylène Lagardère, Chung Hae Park, Stéphane Panier

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Studies of ferroelectric and magnetic phase transitions in multiferroic PbFe0.5Ta0.5O3–PbTiO3 solid solution ceramics

I. P. Raevski, V. V. Titov, M. A. Malitskaya, E. V. Eremin, S. P. Kubrin, A. V. Blazhevich, H. Chen, C.-C. Chou, S. I. Raevskaya, I. N. Zakharchenko, D. A. Sarychev, S. I. Shevtsova

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

An investigation into the relationship between processing, structure and properties for high-modulus PBO fibres: part 3: analysis of fibre microstructure using transmission electron microscopy

Tooru Kitagawa, Kazuyuki Yabuki, Andrew C. Wright, Robert. J. Young

01-09-2014 | Issue 18/2014

Alpha and deuteron irradiation effects on silica nanoparticles

A. Alessi, S. Agnello, G. Buscarino, M. Cannas, F. M. Gelardi, A. Sporea, D. Sporea, I. Vâţă

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