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Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science 26/2021

Issue 26/2021

Table of Contents ( 30 Articles )

26-05-2021 | Review | Issue 26/2021 Open Access

Potential fabric-reinforced composites: a comprehensive review

K. M. Faridul Hasan, Péter György Horváth, Tibor Alpár

09-06-2021 | Review | Issue 26/2021

Strategies to improve WO3-based photocatalysts for wastewater treatment: a review

Meiju Liao, Long Su, Yaocheng Deng, Sheng Xiong, Rongdi Tang, Zhibin Wu, Chunxia Ding, Lihua Yang, Daoxin Gong

14-06-2021 | Review | Issue 26/2021

Extraction of cellulose to progress in cellulosic nanocomposites for their potential applications in supercapacitors and energy storage devices

Muhammad Wasim, Fei Shi, Jingxiao Liu, Muhammad Rafique Khan, Amjad Farooq, Noor Sanbhal, Mensah Alfred, Li Xin, Chen Yajun, Xinran Zhao

17-06-2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Issue 26/2021

Structural and luminescent properties of Er3+ and Tb3+-doped sol–gel-based bioactive glass powders and electrospun nanofibers

Aylin M. Deliormanlı, Begüm Rahman, Sibel Oguzlar, Kadriye Ertekin

16-06-2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Issue 26/2021

Facile synthesis of TiO2/WO3 nanocomposites and the electrochemical lithiation/delithiation activity

Jian Gao, Wenfei Yang, Canfeng Fang, Jingshuang Liang, Ting Cheng, Pu Li, Xiane Guo, Youngguan Jung, Yinong Wang, Xinglong Dong

16-06-2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Issue 26/2021

Effects of pre-imidization on rheological behaviors of polyamic acid solution and thermal mechanical properties of polyimide film: an experiment and molecular dynamics simulation

Daolei Lin, Runyue Li, Tengfei Li, Yucheng Zi, Shengli Qi, Dezhen Wu

15-06-2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Issue 26/2021

Metal cation-ligand interaction modulated mono-network ionic conductive hydrogel for wearable strain sensor

Dongran Liang, Guanbing Zhou, Ye Hu, Chuanzhuang Zhao, Chongyi Chen

14-06-2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Issue 26/2021

Electrospun carbon nanofiber-based flexible films for electric heating elements with adjustable resistance, ultrafast heating rate, and high infrared emissivity

Zhenwei Li, Zijia Lin, Meisheng Han, Yongbiao Mu, Jie Yu

11-06-2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Issue 26/2021

Strength analysis on hybrid welding interface of polymer and short carbon fiber reinforced composite

Jianfeng Shi, Riwu Yao, Zhiyong Kong, Fengyao Ni, Jinyang Zheng

17-06-2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Issue 26/2021

Investigation of directional effects on the electrical conductivity and piezoresistivity of carbon nanotube/polypropylene composites obtained by extrusion

A. Balam, R. H. Cruz-Estrada, A. Castillo-Atoche, F. Avilés

10-06-2021 | Computation & theory | Issue 26/2021

Effect of growth twins on strength and microstructural evolution of nanocrystalline aluminum

Yeqi Shi, Izabela Szlufarska

11-06-2021 | Computation & theory | Issue 26/2021

Computational study of the effect of core–skin structure on the mechanical properties of carbon nanofibers

Miao He, Kaushik Joshi, Leonid V. Zhigilei

16-06-2021 | Computation & theory | Issue 26/2021

Thermodynamic stabilization of nanocrystalline aluminum

Jacob Hohl, Pankaj Kumar, Mano Misra, Pradeep Menezes, Leslie T. Mushongera

17-06-2021 | Computation & theory | Issue 26/2021 Open Access

Anisotropic transport properties of graphene-based conductor materials

Diana Slawig, Leo Rizzi, Tom Rothe, Jörg Schuster, Christoph Tegenkamp

15-06-2021 | Electronic materials | Issue 26/2021

DMSO-treated flexible PEDOT:PSS/PANi fiber electrode for high performance supercapacitors

Guoqiang Liu, Xiao Chen, Congcong Liu, Qinglin Jiang, Fengxing Jiang, Jianyu An, Jingkun Xu, Peipei Liu

15-06-2021 | Electronic materials | Issue 26/2021

Effect of H2Te2O6 and TeO2 phases on structural and electrochromic properties of WO3–TeO2 nanostructured binary thin films

A. Shirpay, M. M. Bagheri Mohagheghi

15-06-2021 | Energy materials | Issue 26/2021

TiO2-x nanoparticles dispersed in center-radial channels of dendritic mesoporous silica nanospheres (DMSNs) as novelly structured photocatalysts

Yabin Wang, Hui Ma, Jingjing Guo, Yu Han, Xiuping Ding, Yantu Zhang

14-06-2021 | Energy materials | Issue 26/2021

Enhanced dielectric temperature stability and energy-storage properties of (Y0.5Nb0.5)4+ co-doped (Bi0.5Na0.5)0.94Ba0.06TiO3 lead-free relaxor ceramics

Han Wang, Qiang Li, Yuxin Jia, Arun Kumar Yadav, Benben Yan, Qi Shen, Mengyuan Li, Qifeng Quan, Huiqing Fan

17-06-2021 | Energy materials | Issue 26/2021

Ni-Zn supported defective carbon with multi-functional catalytic sites for Baeyer–Villiger reaction using air as oxidant

Xufei Ma, Bingkun Li, Kun Shi, Xuejuan Liao, Huimin Wang, Lina Tang, Lizhong Zhang, Yifei Sun, Jianhui Li

10-06-2021 | Materials for life sciences | Issue 26/2021

Systematic development and optimization of spray-dried Quercetin-HP-β-cyclodextrin microparticles for DPI-based therapy of lung cancer

Kalpesh Vaghasiya, Eupa Ray, Ankur Sharma, Raghuraj Singh, Krishna Jadhav, Rehan Khan, Om Prakash Katare, Rahul Kumar Verma

14-06-2021 | Materials for life sciences | Issue 26/2021

Low-temperature inductively coupled plasma as a method to promote biomineralization on 3D printed poly(lactic acid) scaffolds

John P. Bradford, Bernabe Tucker, Gerardo Hernandez-Moreno, Phillip Charles, Vinoy Thomas

09-06-2021 | Materials for life sciences | Issue 26/2021

Mussel-inspired adhesive hydrogels based on biomass-derived xylan and tannic acid cross-linked with acrylic acid with antioxidant and antibacterial properties

Minmin Chang, Xinxin Liu, Xiaohui Wang, Feng Peng, Junli Ren

11-06-2021 | Metals & corrosion | Issue 26/2021

Cu–Ag and Ni–Ag meshes based on cracked template as efficient transparent electromagnetic shielding coating with excellent mechanical performance

A. S. Voronin, Y. V. Fadeev, I. V. Govorun, I. V. Podshivalov, M. M. Simunin, I. A. Tambasov, D. V. Karpova, T. E. Smolyarova, A. V. Lukyanenko, A. A. Karacharov, I. V. Nemtsev, S. V. Khartov

14-06-2021 | Metals & corrosion | Issue 26/2021

3D characterization of microstructural evolution and variant selection in additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4 V

Ryan DeMott, Nima Haghdadi, Xiaozhou Liao, Simon P. Ringer, Sophie Primig

16-06-2021 | Metals & corrosion | Issue 26/2021 Open Access

Mechanisms of passivation and chloride-induced corrosion of mild steel in sulfide-containing alkaline solutions

Shishir Mundra, John L. Provis

21-06-2021 | Metals & corrosion | Issue 26/2021

Facile fabrication and evaluation of self-healing Zn-Al layered double hydroxide superhydrophobic coating on aluminum alloy

Guang Zhu, Yan Zhao, Lin Liu, Liyuan Wang, Jun Wang, Sirong Yu

17-06-2021 | Metals & corrosion | Issue 26/2021

Effect of Co addition on hardness and electrical conductivity of Cu–Si alloys

Chenhui Lei, Huiya Yang, Feng Zhao, Xiaoyang Fang, Youtong Fang, Liang Meng, Jiabin Liu, Hongtao Wang

21-06-2021 | Polymers & biopolymers | Issue 26/2021

Microfluidic-assisted assembly of fluorescent self-healing gel particles toward dual-signal sensors

Yun-Ya He, Ji-Dong Liu, Rui Cheng, Chang Liu, Hong-Gang Ye, Lu-Wei Hao, Qing Li, Su Chen

17-06-2021 | Polymers & biopolymers | Issue 26/2021

The effect of the ammonium persulfate and a multi-step annealing approach during thermal stabilization of polyacrylonitrile multifilament prior to carbonization

Md. Mahbubor Rahman, Tuba Demirel, Kemal Şahin Tunçel, Ismail Karacan

14-06-2021 | Polymers & biopolymers | Issue 26/2021

Facile preparation of three-dimensional graphene oxide/ -carrageenan composite aerogel and its efficient ability for selective adsorption of methylene blue

Guobin Song, Yawei Shi, Anqi Li, Haonan Wang, Guanghui Ding

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