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Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 14/2019

Issue 14/2019

Table of Contents ( 100 Articles )

19-06-2019 | Review | Issue 14/2019

Enhanced dielectric properties of barium strontium titanate thin films by doping modification

Libin Gao, Zhipu Guan, Shixian Huang, Kexin Liang, Hongwei Chen, Jihua Zhang

26-06-2019 | Review | Issue 14/2019

Effects of Pd addition on the interfacial reactions between Cu and Al during ultrasonic welding

Yahong Du, Ming Wen, Hongjun Ji, Mingyu Li, Zhi-Quan Liu

05-07-2019 | Review | Issue 14/2019 Open Access

Perovskite solar cells: short lifetime and hysteresis behaviour of current–voltage characteristics

I. M. Dharmadasa, Y. Rahaq, A. E. Alam

09-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Bonding performance of sintered nanosilver joints on bare copper substrates with different grain structures

Cheng-Jie Du, Xin Li, Yun-Hui Mei, Guo-Quan Lu

06-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Thermal and mechanical property of FCLED package component interconnected with Sn–MWCNT composite solder

Choong-Jae Lee, Haksan Jeong, Kwang-Ho Jung, Kyung Deuk Min, Seung-Boo Jung

07-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Synthesis of silver nanowires with controlled diameter and their conductive thin films

Shah Fahad, Haojie Yu, Li Wang, Ahsan Nazir, Raja Summe Ullah, Kaleem-ur-Rahman Naveed, Tarig Elshaarani, Bilal Ul Amin, Amin Khan, Sahid Mehmood

06-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Effect of graphene infusion on morphology and performance of natural rubber latex/graphene composites

Marlinda Ab Rahman, Goh Boon Tong, Nurul Hazierah Kamaruddin, Fadilah Abd Wahab, Nor Aliya Hamizi, Zaira Zaman Chowdhury, Suresh Sagadevan, Narong Chanlek, Mohd Rafie Johan

10-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Effect of glycine on the growth process of Tb3+ doped 2D ZnO nano/micro- structures: from broom shape to star-shape flower morphology

Heikham Farida Devi, Moirangthem Ranbir Singh, Thiyam David Singh

07-06-2019 | Original Research | Issue 14/2019

Fabrication of multilayered MoS2 coated raspberry-like TiO2 on rGO with enhanced photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI)

Zhongtao Chen, Yuanyuan Liu, Weijie Zhang, Xinli Guo, Yanmei Zheng, Xuan Tang, Yixuan Wang, Yao Zhang, Zengmei Wang, Tong Zhang

08-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Effects of Ni layer thickness of thin-ENEPIG surface finishes on the interfacial reactions and shear strength of Sn-3.0Ag–0.5Cu solder joints during aging

Jungsoo Kim, Jong-Hoon Back, Seung-Boo Jung, Jeong-Won Yoon

10-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Study of electrocaloric effect in lead-free 0.9K0.5Na0.5NbO3–0.1CaZrO3 solid solution ceramics

Sanjeev Kumar, Satyendra Singh

10-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Annealing effects on the performances of Bismuth-doped Indium Zinc Oxide thin-film transistors

Dong Lin, Xudong Zheng, Jianwen Yang, Kaiwen Li, Jingjing Shao, Qun Zhang

11-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Viscoplastic characterization and mechanical strength of novel Sn–1.7Ag–0.7Cu lead-free solder alloys with microalloying of Te and Co

A. A. El-Daly, A. A. Ibrahiem, M. A. Abdo, N. A. M. Eid

08-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Improvements of microstructures and energy storage properties of Sr0.8(Na0.5Bi0.5)0.2TiO3 ceramics via microwave sintering

Bo Wang, Yongping Pu, Qibin Yuan, Chenwei Cui, Guodong Shen

10-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Photoconductive properties of polycrystalline selenium based lateral MISIM photodetectors of high quantum efficiency using different dielectrics as the charge blocking layer

Cheng-Yi Chang, Yu-Wei Huang, Yi-Jie Lin, Jye-Yow Liao, Jian-Siang Lin, Yi-Ming Li, Chieh-Yang Chen, Jeng-Tzong Sheu, Fu-Ming Pan

12-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Reduced graphene oxide modified titania photoanodes for fabrication of the efficient dye-sensitized solar cell

R. Ramamoorthy, V. Eswaramoorthi, M. Sundararajan, M. Boobalan, A. D. Sivagami, R. Victor Williams

11-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Branched dibenzofulvene-based organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells under one sun and dim light

Yung-Chung Chen, Guan-Wei Huang, Yuan-Jay Chang, Jun-Jie Wen

08-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Investigation of superconducting and elastic parameters of YBCO/LSMO thick films

Bibekananda Sahoo, Dhrubananda Behera

17-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Influence of base pressure on property of sputtering deposited ITO film

Shumin Yang, Jingming Zhong, Benshuang Sun, Xueyun Zeng, Wen Luo, Xu Zhao, Yongchun Shu, Jie Chen, Jilin He

18-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Synthesis and characterizations of exohedral functionalized graphene oxide with iron nanoparticles for humidity detection

Kuldeep Kumar, Utkarsh Kumar, Monika Singh, B. C. Yadav

12-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

The effect of planar atomic configuration in the enhancement of AC conductivity and dielectric characterization of bisbenzimidazo[2,1-a:2′,1′-a′]anthra[2,1,9-def:6,5,10-d′e′f′]diisoquinoline-10,21-dione7 (BI-diisoQ) thin film

Saleem I. Qashou, A. A. A. Darwish

12-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Enhance magnetoelectric coupling in xLi0.1Ni0.2Mn0.6Fe2.1O4–(1 − x)BiFeO3 multiferroic composites

A. A. Momin, M. A. Zubair, Md. Fakhrul Islam, A. K. M. Akther Hossain

10-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Influence of crystalline and amorphous microscopic morphology on the capacitance performance and electrochromic phenomenon of triazine-based polyimides

Ziyu Li, Kaichang Kou, Guanglei Wu, Dan Li, Jing Xue

22-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

One-step phosphorylation of graphene oxide for the fabrication of nanocomposite membranes with enhanced proton conductivity for fuel cell applications

Saad Ahmed, Yangben Cai, Muhammad Ali, Santosh Khannal, Zaheer Ahmad, Yunhua Lu, Songnan Wang, Shiai Xu

21-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Synthesis and characterization of Cr2S3–Bi2O3 nanocomposites: photocatalytic, quenching, repeatability, and antibacterial performances

Lian Chen, Mojgan Hosseini, Ali Fakhri, Nafiseh Fazelian, Saeed Mohammadi Nasr, Nastaran Nobakht

12-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Constructing efficient quasi-solid-state alkaline Ni–Fe battery based on Ni–Mn hydroxides/Ni3S2 and FeOOH@RGO electrodes

Lin Ye, Liya Feng, Lijun Zhao, Xiaohong Yang, Yuguang Zhao, Zuoxing Guo, Xu Liu, Dongye He

13-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

The microstructure and shear behavior of Zn–25Sn–xTi solder joints with Ni substrate

Che-Wei Chang, Kwang-Lung Lin

22-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

SnO2 nanorods arrays functionalized TiO2 nanoparticles based UV photodetector with high and fast response

Yanan Dong, Wenji Zheng, Xiaoming Yan, Yan Dai, Xiujuan Zhang, Gaohong He

09-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Investigation of giant dielectric and room temperature ferromagnetic response of facile CZTO nanostructure

Debopriyo Ghoshal, Debopriya Bhattacharya, Dheeraj Mondal, Santanu Das, Biplab Kumar Paul, Mousumi Basu, Sukhen Das

13-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Influence of deposition techniques on quality and photodetection properties of tin disulfide (SnS2) thin films

Ankurkumar J. Khimani, Sunil H. Chaki, Sanjaysinh M. Chauhan, M. P. Deshpande

15-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Characteristics of kesterite CZTS thin films deposited by dip-coating technique for solar cells applications

Ahmed Ziti, Bouchaib Hartiti, Hicham Labrim, Salah Fadili, Abdelkrim Batan, Mounia Tahri, Abderraouf Ridah, Omar Mounkachi, Abdelilah Benyoussef, Philippe Thevenin

13-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of CoxFe100–x thin films thermally evaporated onto Si (111) substrate

A. Melloul, A. Kharmouche

18-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Investigation of the structural, morphological and luminescence properties of MgAl2O4:Cr3+ nano powders

Yan Hao, Kaipeng Wu

22-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Improved ferroelectric and dielectric properties of Sm, La co-doped Bi4Ti3O12 multifunctional thin films with orange-red emission

Xingru Du, Wenhua Huang, Santhosh Kumar Thatikonda, Ni Qin, Dinghua Bao

13-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Influence of reduced graphene oxide on material, antibacterial, and piezoelectric behaviors of ZnO nanorods on foldable indium tin oxide substrates

Yu-Sheng Tsai, Yan Yu Chen, Chun Yu Xu, Yu Cheng Chang, Yang Yang Tsai, Lin Sin Lu, Yueh Chi Lee, Chia Feng Lin, YewChung Sermon Wu, Yung-Sen Lin, Hsiang Chen, Chang Tze Ricky Yu

15-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Surfactants assisted SnO2 nanoparticles synthesized by a hydrothermal approach and potential applications in water purification and energy conversion

S. Suthakaran, S. Dhanapandian, N. Krishnakumar, N. Ponpandian

13-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

A comparative study of the isoelectronic Cd and Hg substitution in EDTA-capped ZnS nanocrystals

Sh. Tabatabai Yazdi, P. Iranmanesh, N. Khorasanipour, S. Saeednia

15-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Luminescence properties and energy transfer of Ce3+/Dy3+co-activated LaAl2.03B4O10.54 phosphors for wLEDs

Junqin Feng, Jiachun Cao, Shaoan Zhang, Zhongfei Mu, Zhurong Li, Jiahao Li, Minfan Qiu, Jiahui Lin, Xiaocong Deng, Fugen Wu

18-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Synthesis of CuO–ZnO composite nanoparticles by electrical explosion of wires and their antibacterial activities

A. S. Lozhkomoev, O. V. Bakina, A. V. Pervikov, S. O. Kazantsev, E. A. Glazkova

17-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Synthesis and physicochemical properties of doped nano oxides-dilute magnetic semiconductors

M. B. Khanvilkar, A. K. Nikumbh, R. A. Pawar, N. J. Karale, D. V. Nighot, G. S. Gugale

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Effect of sulphur pressure on properties of ZnS thin film prepared by chemical bath deposition technique

Rui Shan, Jie Yi, Jianxin Zhong, Sui Yang

15-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

A comprehensive study of high-performance of flexible transparent conductive silver nanowire films

Y. H. Wang, X. Yang, D. X. Du, X. F. Zhang

21-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Effect of annealing Co-W-P metallization substrate onto its resin adhesion

Tomohito Iwashige, Takeshi Endo, Kazuhiko Sugiura, Kazuhiro Tsuruta, Yuichi Sakuma, Seigo Kurosaka, Yukinori Oda, Chuantong Chen, Shijo Nagao, Katsuaki Suganuma

18-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Yttrium-substituted Mg–Zn ferrites: correlation of physical properties with Yttrium content

M. A. Ali, M. N. I. Khan, F.-U.-Z. Chowdhury, M. M. Hossain, A. K. M. Akhter Hossain, R. Rashid, A. Nahar, S. M. Hoque, M. A. Matin, M. M. Uddin

15-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

High-performance flexible transparent conductive thin films on PET substrates with a CuM/AZO structure

Yajie Li, Muying Wu, Yongtao Sun, Shihui Yu

19-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Comparative study of fabrication and characterization of Al-ZnO based Schottky barrier diodes using Pd and Au metal contacts

Manisha R. Singh, Mohit Sahni, Munendra Singh, Bhaskar Bhattacharya, Naresh Kumar

17-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Preparation of AlSb film by screen printing and sintering method

Rui Xiao, Hongbo Yan, Yixuan Pei, Bing Li, Ke Yang, Jiyang Liu, Xiaolan Liu

17-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

A strategy for low thermal conductivity and enhanced thermoelectric power factor in one-dimensional Bi2Te3/Cu2Te nanowire composites

Dabin Park, Hyun Ju, Youjin Kim, Jooheon Kim

24-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Role of barium substitution on oxygen vacancy reduction in BiFeO3 thin films

Muhammad Tahir, Saira Riaz, Naveed Ahmad, Syed Sajjad Hussain, Murtaza Saleem, Shahzad Naseem

18-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Investigation of electrical and mechanical properties of silver-hexagonal boron nitride/EPDM composites

Qingguo Chi, Meng Yang, Tiandong Zhang, Changhai Zhang

18-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Effect of deposition temperature of a-Si:H layer on the performance of silicon heterojunction solar cell

Tianyu Ruan, Minghao Qu, Jianqiang Wang, Yongcai He, Xixiang Xu, Cao Yu, Yongzhe Zhang, Hui Yan

22-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Co effect on the structural, chemical and frequency depended electrical properties of YbFeO3 perovskite oxide compound

M. Coşkun, O. Polat, F. M. Coşkun, Z. Durmus, M. Caglar, A. Turut

09-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Characterization and theoretical studies of synthesized (E)-2((3-methylbenzilidene) amino) phenol complexes for the fabrication of novel electrochemical sensor for determination of Pb2+ and Hg2+ ions

Arash Rezaei, Maryam Abbasi Tarighat, Khosro Mohammadi

27-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Ultrathin Ni–Co LDH nanosheets grown on carbon fiber cloth via electrodeposition for high-performance supercapacitors

Yingli Li, Lina Shan, Yanwei Sui, Jiqiu Qi, Fuxiang Wei, Yezeng He, Qingkun Meng, Yaojian Ren, Jinlong Liu

04-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Improved electrical properties and good thermal luminescent stability of Sm3+-doped Sr1.90Ca0.15Na0.90Nb5O15 multifunctional ceramics

Shenglan Hao, Jinhong Li, Qingbo Sung, Lingling Wei, Zupei Yang

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Ceramic based multi walled carbon nanotubes composites for highly efficient electromagnetic interference shielding

Rizwan Ul Hassan, Faisal Shahzad, Nadir Abbas, Sajjad Hussain

02-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of hazardous industrial pollutants with inorganic–organic TiO2–SnO2–GO hybrid nanocomposites

Manmeet Singh, Jagpreet Singh, Mohit Rawat, Jeewan Sharma, Prit Pal Singh

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Rapid fabrication and improved electrical properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics by sol–gel and spark plasma sintering techniques

Pu Mao, Jiping Wang, Lixue Zhang, Shujuan Liu, Yingying Zhao, Qinzhao Sun

25-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

In situ deposition of α-Co nanoparticles on three-dimensional nitrogen-doped porous graphene foams as microwave absorbers

Dongwei Xu, Jialiang Liu, Ping Chen, Qi Yu, Xiang Guo, Sen Yang

10-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Ultrathin structural BiOI with surface oxygen vacancies for improved photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants

Yang Bai, Kai Zhang, Xian Shi, Xing Li

25-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Effect of Ca doping on the properties of Sr2Bi4Ti5O18 ferroelectric thin films

Xuefeng Zhao, Fengqing Zhang, Huaping Zhang, Qingbo Tian, LingXu Wang, Xiaodong Guo, Peng Shen, HuiYing Liu, Suhua Fan

02-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Resistive switching modification by ultraviolet illumination in amorphous SrO-based resistive random access memory

Tingting Tan, Yihang Du, Yaling Sun, Hua Zhang, Ai Cao, Gangqiang Zha

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

AZO transparent electrodes grown in situ during the deposition of zinc acetate dihydrate onto aluminum thin film by spray pyrolysis

Maíza S. Ozório, Mayk R. Nascimento, Douglas H. Vieira, Gabriel L. Nogueira, Cibely S. Martin, Sergio A. M. Lima, Neri Alves

04-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Hierarchical NiCo2S4@Ni3S2 core/shell nanorod arrays supported on carbon cloth for all-solid-state flexible asymmetric supercapacitors

Jiang Zhan, Lina Shan, Yanwei Sui, Jiqiu Qi, Fuxiang Wei, Yezeng He, Qingkun Meng, Zhi Sun, Jinlong Liu

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Tunable microwave absorbing property of LaxFeO3/C by introducing A-site cation deficiency

Zhenguo Gao, Zirui Jia, Jiaoqiang Zhang, Ailing Feng, Zhengyong Huang, Guanglei Wu

02-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Development of constructed nanoporous graphene-modified electrode for electrical detection of folic acid

Elumalai Senthilkumar, Andikkadu Masilamani Shanmugharaj, Rajendran Suresh Babu, Gunasekaran Sivagaami Sundari, Kumaresan Thileep Kumar, Subashchandrabose Raghu, Raman Kalaivani

24-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Polyaniline nanoparticle coated graphene oxide composite nanoflakes for bifunctional multicolor electrochromic and supercapacitor applications

Sihang Zhang, Sheng Chen, Ya Cao, Feng Yang, Hongchao Peng, Bin Yan, Hao Jiang, Yingchun Gu, Ming Xiang

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Study of tungsten oxide effect on the performance of BaTiO3 ceramics

Y. Slimani, A. Selmi, E. Hannachi, M. A. Almessiere, M. Mumtaz, A. Baykal, I. Ercan

24-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Facile synthesis of highly efficient V2O5@NiCo2O4 as battery-type electrode material for high-performance electrochemical supercapacitors

Tae-Yong Park, Chandu V. V. Muralee Gopi, Rajangam Vinodh, Hee-Je Kim

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

The influence of plasma treatment on the photovoltaic performance of DSSCs fabricated from hydrothermally prepared Zn2SnO4 nanoparticles

Ali Reza Fattahi, Morteza Asemi, Majid Ghanaatshoar

03-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Influence of pressure of nitrogen gas on structure and thermoelectric properties of acid-treated PEDOT:PSS films

May Thu Zar Myint, Hirotaka Inoue, Susumu Ichimura, Takeshi Nishikawa, Yuta Nishina, Aung Ko Ko Kyaw, Yasuhiko Hayashi

28-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Effect of iron oxide on the electrical conductivity of soda-lime silicate glasses by dielectric spectroscopy

C. Ben Amara, H. Hammami, S. Fakhfakh

27-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Effect of Dy2O3 content on the dielectric, ferroelectric, and energy storage properties of lead-free 0.5Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3–0.5SrTiO3 bulk ceramics

Peng Chen, Leiyang Zhang, Jing Cai, Ziyang Wang, Wengjing Shi, Jiayi Jing, Fangbin Wei, Gang Liu, Yan Yan, Hongbo Liu, Li Jin

05-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Electric-field assisted spray technique for controlled pore filling of nanostructured films: device applications

Tauheed Mohammad, P. S. Chandra Sekhar, Charu Dwivedi, Viresh Dutta

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

SnO2/carbon composites prepared by hydrothermal electrochemical method

Ying Tao, Baojun Zhu, Xiangwei Wu, Pei Tang

27-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Comparative study of electrical parameters and Li-ion storage capacity of PEG modified β-V2O5:M (M: Mo, Ni) thin films

Z. Mohaghegh, F. E. Ghodsi, J. Mazloom

29-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Development of WO3-PEDOT: PSS hybrid nanocomposites based devices for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sensor

Jagjeevan Ram, R. G. Singh, Fouran Singh, Vikas Kumar, Vishnu Chauhan, Rashi Gupta, Utkarsh Kumar, B. C. Yadav, Rajesh Kumar

08-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

PEDOT:PSS coating on pristine and carbon coated LiFePO4 by one-step process: the study of electrochemical performance

Hari Raj, Anjan Sil

25-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

A comparison of the electrical characteristics of TiO2/p-Si/Ag, GNR-TiO2/p-Si/Ag and MWCNT-TiO2/p-Si/Ag photodiodes

Mehmet Okan Erdal, Murat Yıldırım, Adem Kocyigit

01-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Improving optoelectrical properties of porous silicon by the combination of samarium pore-filling and post-annealing treatment

Zouheir Bouznif, Chohdi Amri, Ahmed Zarroug, Mohamed Hannachi, Lotfi Derbali, Hatem Ezzaouia

09-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

A universal strategy towards porous carbons with ultrahigh specific surface area for high-performance symmetric supercapacitor applications

Honghuo Liang, Tao Sun, Lang Xu, Chaoying Sun, Dewei Wang

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Phase evolution and temperature dependent magnetic properties of nanocrystalline barium hexaferrite

M. Govindaraj Shalini, A. Subha, Baidyanath Sahu, Subasa C. Sahoo

27-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Microwave assisted synthesis of polythiophene–molybdenum sulfide counter electrode in dye sensitized solar cell

Aswathy Asok, Adarsh Ajith Naik, S. Arunachalam, R. Govindaraj, K. Haribabu

09-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Growth, structure perfection and characterization of 2-methylimidazolium hydrogen oxalate dihydrate (2MIO) single crystal for NLO applications

K. Elangovan, A. Senthil, G. Vinitha

25-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Characterization and performance of Cu2O nanostructures on Cu wire photocatalyst synthesized in-situ by chemical and thermal oxidation

Fahimeh Ansari, Saeed Sheibani, Marcos Fernández-García

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

ZnO nanorod arrays decorated with AgCl nanoparticles as highly efficient visible-light-driven photocatalyst

Jiani Liu, Zhu Shi, Xiuyan Li, Jinghai Yang, Jihui Lang

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Dielectric and magnetic properties of cobalt doped γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles

Muhammad Hussain, Rajwali Khan, Zulfiqar, Tahir Zeb Khan, Gulzar Khan, Shaukat Khattak, Muneeb Ur Rahman, Shahid Ali, Zainab Iqbal, Burhanullah, Kashif Safeen

26-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Study on photocatalytic and impedance spectroscopy investigations of composite CuO/ZnO nanoparticles

Mohamad S. AlSalhi, A. Sakthisabarimoorthi, Sandhanasamy Devanesan, S. A. Martin Britto Dhas, M. Jose

28-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Nickel oxide @ polyindole/phenothiazine blend nanocomposites: preparation, characterization, thermal, electrical properties and gas sensing applications

M. T. Ramesan, K. Nushhat, K. Parvathi, T. Anilkumar

27-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Improving edge quality and optical transmittance of Ag films on glass substrates by selective nanosecond pulsed laser ablation using various scanning methods

Baojia Li, Huang Li, Lijing Huang, Yilun Wang, Shuangshuang Li, Naifei Ren

03-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Development, dielectric response and functionality of SrTiO3/epoxy nanocomposites

G. C. Manika, G. C. Psarras

28-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Comparison of structural and optical properties of CeO2 and CeO2:Eu3+ nanoparticles synthesized via sol–gel and flame spray pyrolysis methods

Serdar Yildirim, S. Alper Akalin, Sibel Oguzlar, Merve Zeyrek Ongun, Caglar Ozer, Mustafa Erol

01-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Leveraging prior strain rates effect during stress relaxation of Sn–1.7Ag–0.7Cu lead-free alloys with microalloying of Te and Co for microelectronics applications

A. A. El-Daly, K. M. Zohdy, M. A. Abdo, N. A. M. Eid

03-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Nonlinear electrical properties and dielectric properties of ZnO ceramics doped with K2CO3

Jing-Jing Tian, Heng Tian, Yong-hao Xu, Yu-Jun Feng, Hong-Liang He

02-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Enhanced microwave absorption properties of carbonyl iron/resin composites incorporated with Ti3SiC2 particles

Liang Zhou, Jieyou Qiu, Hongbo Wang, Meng Chen, Yanli Dong

28-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Synergistically enhanced photocatalytic performance of Bi4Ti3O12 nanosheets by Au and Ag nanoparticles

Xinxin Zhao, Hua Yang, Ziming Cui, Zao Yi, Hui Yu

01-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Investigation of dielectric relaxation and a.c. conductivity of third generation multi-component Ge10−xSe60Te30Sbx (0 ≤ x ≤ 6) chalcogenide glasses

Pravin Kumar Singh, Pooja Lohia, D. K. Dwivedi

28-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Microwave absorption properties of easy-plane anisotropy Fe–Si powders with surface modification in the frequency range of 0.1–4 GHz

Benfang Duan, Junming Zhang, Guowu Wang, Peng Wang, Dian Wang, Liang Qiao, Tao Wang, Fashen Li

29-06-2019 | Issue 14/2019

Optimized phosphorus diffusion process and performance improvement of c-Si solar cell by eliminating SiP precipitates in the emitter

Peng Dong, Tingting Jiang, Deren Yang, Xuegong Yu

05-07-2019 | Issue 14/2019

One-step hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of Cu-doped TiO2 nanoparticles/nanobucks/nanorods with enhanced photocatalytic performance under simulated solar light

Xiaodong Zhu, Guilan Wen, Hui Liu, Shihu Han, Shanhua Chen, Qingquan Kong, Wei Feng

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