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Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 6/2010

Issue 6/2010

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

The roles of “free” and “trapped” charges in single-crystal rubrene organic field-effect transistors

H. L. Kwok

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Influence of Nb addition on microstructure, electrical, dielectric properties, and aging behavior of MnCoDy modified Zn–V-based varistors

Choon-Woo Nahm

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

FTIR and Raman spectroscopic investigation of some strontium–borate glasses doped with iron ions

Petru Pascuta, Rares Lungu, Ioan Ardelean

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Synthesis and photoelectric property of poly (3-octylthiophene)/titanium dioxide nano-composite material

Zhiyue Han, Jingchang Zhang, Xiuying Yang, Hong Zhu, Weiliang Cao

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Reactive nanolayers for physiologically compatible microsystem packaging

Xiaotun Qiu, David Welch, Jennifer Blain Christen, Jie Zhu, Jon Oiler, Cunjiang Yu, Ziyu Wang, Hongyu Yu

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Negative differential resistance effects in spun films of substituted phthalocyanine derivatives

Satyajit Sahu, Ashwani K. Sharma, Michael J. Cook, Asim K. Ray

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Microstructural and electrical properties of varistors prepared from coated ZnO nanopowders

Seyyed Ali Shojaee, Mohammad Maleki Shahraki, Mohammad Ali Faghihi Sani, Ali Nemati, Abbas Yousefi

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Structural, optical and electrical studies on nanocrystalline tin oxide (SnO2) thin films by electron beam evaporation technique

V. Senthilkumar, P. Vickraman

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Cobalt: a universal barrier metal for solderable under bump metallisations

Giles Humpston

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Low temperature synthesis of sol–gel derived Al-doped ZnO thin films with rapid thermal annealing process

Hua Wang, Mu-hui Xu, Ji-wen Xu, Ming-fang Ren, Ling Yang

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Fabrication and effect of post treatment on flexible single-walled carbon nanotube films

S. Manivannan, Je Hwang Ryu, Jin Jang, Kyu Chang Park

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Electronic properties of polyaniline doped with dodecylbenzenesulphonic acid (PANI-DBSA) and poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) blends in the presence of hydroquinone

A. Shakoor, T. Z. Rizvi, M. Sulaiman, M. Nasir, M. Ishtiaq

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Investigation of the effect of solidification processing parameters on the rod spacings and variation of microhardness with the rod spacing in the Sn–Cu hypereutectic alloy

E. Çadırlı, U. Böyük, S. Engin, H. Kaya, N. Maraşlı, K. Keşlioğlu, A. Ülgen

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Effect of chemical modification of graphite nanoplatelets on electrochemical performance of MnO2 electrodes

Jun Yan, Zhuangjun Fan, Tong Wei, Milin Zhang

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Structure and piezoelectric properties of new ternary K0.5Na0.5NbO3–LiSbO3–CaTiO3 lead-free piezoceramics

Qiaoji Zheng, Dunmin Lin, Xiaochun Wu, Chenggang Xu, Chun Yang, K. W. Kwok

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

0.3–3 GHz magneto-dielectric properties of nanostructured NiZnCo ferrite from hydrothermal process

Xiang Shen, Yanxin Wang, Xiang Yang, Liqiang Lu, Liang Huang

01-06-2010 | Issue 6/2010

Properties of SnAgCu/SnAgCuCe soldered joints for electronic packaging

Liang Zhang, Song-bai Xue, Li-li Gao, Zhong Sheng, Guang Zeng, Yan Chen, Sheng-lin Yu

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