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Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

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The effect of the thickness of Fe shell on the electromagnetic wave absorption properties of hollow Fe–Co double shell particles

In this study, hollow Fe–Co double shell particles were synthesized successfully by electroless plating different amount of Fe on hollow Co particles. The atom content ratio of Fe and Co of three samples were 3:7, 5:5, and 7:3. The electromagnetic …


High-performance supercapacitor based on reduced graphene oxide decorated with europium oxide nanoparticles

Many technologies benefit from the advantages induced to graphene oxide through its loading with nano-structured species. Among these areas are the rapidly growing areas of catalysis, as well as sensing and energy storage devices. The focus of …


Analytical thermal stress model for a typical flip-chip (FC) package design

A simple analytical thermal stress model is suggested for a typical flip-chip (FC) lidded package design. The model is based on the concept of the interfacial compliance. The addressed design consists of a silicon FC bonded to an organic substrate …


Free-standing paper-like heat spreading films based on graphene oxide-aromatic molecule composites

Graphene has recently attracted great attention as a heat spreading material due to its unique thermal transfer property. Structural defects introduced into graphene unavoidably during graphene growth or processing are significantly affect its …


Effect of plating time on structural properties of Ni-plating coating on Nylon 12 powders

In this work, the effects of plating time on structural properties of Ni-plating coating on Nylon 12 (PA12) powders modified with 3-amino-propyltriethoxysilane (KH550) solution were investigated systematically using scanning electron microscopy …

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The Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics is an established refereed companion to the Journal of Materials Science. It publishes papers on materials and their applications in modern electronics, covering the ground between fundamental science, such as semiconductor physics, and work concerned specifically with applications. It explores the growth and preparation of new materials, as well as their processing, fabrication, bonding and encapsulation, together with the reliability, failure analysis, quality assurance and characterization related to the whole range of applications in electronics. The Journal presents papers in newly developing fields such as low dimensional structures and devices, optoelectronics including III-V compounds, glasses and linear/non-linear crystal materials and lasers, high Tc superconductors, conducting polymers, thick film materials and new contact technologies, as well as the established electronics device and circuit materials.

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