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Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology

Issue 12/2016

Content (56 Articles)

Naval-vessel on board equipment base to minimize structure-borne noise

Hyung Suk Han, Kyoung Hyun Lee, Sung Ho Park

Numerical investigation on vibration and noise induced by unsteady flow in an axial-flow pump

Eryun Chen, Zuiling Ma, Gaiping Zhao, Guoping Li, Ailing Yang, Guofang Nan

Determination of tensile forces to enhance the supply stability of reinforced fiber

Kunwoo Kim, Jaewook Lee, Jinseok Jang, Myeongsik Jeong, Jooyoung Oh, Hoon Kang, Jiheon Kang, Hyungryul Kim, Wansuk Yoo

Thermo-fluid dynamic analysis of wet compression process

Abhay Mohan, Palani Kumar Chidambaram, Abhilash Suryan, Heuy Dong Kim

Fabrication of artificial arteriovenous fistula and analysis of flow field and shear stress by using μ-PIV technology

Sun Cheol Park, Ryungeun Song, Sunho Kim, Hyun Kyu Kim, Seung-Hyun Kim, Jinkee Lee

Axial slit wall effect on the flow instability and heat transfer in rotating concentric cylinders

Dong Liu, Chang-qing Chao, Ying-ze Wang, Fang-neng Zhu, Hyoung-Bum Kim

Analysis of performance for centrifugal steam compressor

Seung-Hwan Kang, Changkook Ryu, Han Seo Ko

Optimization of a high pressure turbine blade tip cavity with conjugate heat transfer analysis

Jinuk Kim, Young Seok Kang, Dongwha Kim, Jihyeong Lee, Bong Jun Cha, Jinsoo Cho

Robust target cascading for improving firing accuracy of combat vehicle

Shinyu Kim, Woochul Lim, Hansu Kim, Namhee Ryu, Kihan Kwon, Sunghoon Lim, Seungjae Min, Tae Hee Lee

Effect of loading pattern on longitudinal bowing in flexible roll forming

Jae Hyun Kim, Young Yun Woo, Tae Woo Hwang, Sang Wook Han, Young Hoon Moon

Effect of conditioner load on the polishing pad surface during chemical mechanical planarization process

Cheolmin Shin, Hongyi Qin, Seokjun Hong, Sanghyuk Jeon, Atul Kulkarni, Taesung Kim

Trajectory generation to suppress oscillations in under-constrained cable-driven parallel robots

Sung Wook Hwang, Jeong-Hyeon Bak, Jonghyun Yoon, Jong Hyeon Park, Jong-Oh Park

Numerical study of an 870MW wall-fired boiler using De-NOx burners and an air staging system for low rank coal

Min-Young Hwang, Seok-Gi Ahn, Ho-Chang Jang, Gyu-Bo Kim, Chung-Hwan Jeon

Feasibility study of ultra-low NOx Gas turbine combustor using the RML combustion concept

Tien Giap Van, Jeong Jae Hwang, Min Kuk Kim, Kook Young Ahn

Program development for performance analysis of a steam turbine system with the use of overload valve

Soo Young Kang, Jeong Jin Lee, Tong Seop Kim, Seong Jin Park, Gi Won Hong, Jun Ho Ahn

Inverse estimation of bi-directional reflectivity in long-wave infrared region by using RPSO algorithm

Wan-Myung Chun, Kuk-Il Han, Jun-Hyuk Choi, Beomsu Shin, Byung-Min Jung, Jong-Jin Shin, Tae-Kuk Kim

Elbow joint model with active muscle force

Manyong Han, Hyung Yun Choi


Erratum to “Quantifying coordination between agonist and antagonist muscles during a gait”

Hak-Je Yoo, Taeyong Sim, Ahnryul Choi, Hyun-Joon Park, Heegoo Yang, Hyun Mu Heo, Kum Sook Park, Joung Hwan Mun

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