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Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology

Issue 4/2023

Content (49 Articles)

Original Article

Prediction of rolling bearing performance degradation based on sae and TCN-attention models

Yaping Wang, Dekang Hou, Di Xu, Sheng Zhang, Chaonan Yang

Original Article

Analysis of contact characteristics of ball screws under the combined loads considering non-uniform load distribution

Yongjiang Chen, Jianghai Zhao, Chuangfan Yuan, Jingkai Sun

Original Article

Bearing fault diagnosis of wind turbines based on dynamic multi-adversarial adaptive network

Miao Tian, Xiaoming Su, Changzheng Chen, Yuanqing Luo, Xianming Sun

Original Article

Multibody dynamics analysis of a silent chain drive timing system

Jinxing Yang, Zengming Feng, Huanhuan Gao, Tianrui Wang, Kai Xu

Original Article

Dynamic modeling method for active magnetic bearings-rotor system of steam turbines

Chao Wu, Zhenzhong Su, Dong Wang, Hao Jiang

Original Article

Dynamic analysis of top-loader washing machine with unbalance mass during dehydration and its validation

Ji-Su Jeong, Jeong-Hyun Sohn, Chan-Jung Kim, Jin-Hong Park

Original Article

Dynamic modeling and parameter identification of a track stabilizing device coupled system

Chunjun Chen, Huijie Qin, Meng Lin, Ji Deng

Original Article

Dynamic characteristics and experimental study of double layer vibration isolation system

M. T. Wang, K. Chai, S. Y. Liu, Q. C. Yang, T. F. Zhang, W. R. Shi

Original Article

Frequency capture characteristic of a vibration system driven by four counterrotating unbalanced rotors

Xiaozhe Chen, Junqi Liu, Jiaqi Zhang, Baitong Zhou

Original Article

3D implementation of push-out test in ABAQUS using the phase-field method

Xianbin Yu, Ronghui Wang, Chunguang Dong, Jianyi Ji, Xiaoxia Zhen

Original Article

Effect of grinding depth on fatigue fracture behaviors of 40Cr steel

Jianzhi Chen, Guochao Li, Ning Li, Xiaoyan Guan, Yan Wang, Zhen Xu, Xiaoxiang Bai, Honggen Zhou

Original Article

Research on fatigue remaining life of structures for a dynamic lifting process of a bridge crane

Chenggang Li, Qisong Qi, Qing Dong, Yannan Yu, Yu Fan

Original Article

Characterization of swarf Al/(Al2O3/GNs) Ag composite fabricated using stir casting and rolling process

Hossam M. Yehia, Nasreen Abdelalim, I. El-Mahallawi, Tamer Abd-elmotaleb, W. Hoziefa

Original Article

Recoil reduction design of gas-controlled side-jet gun based on bifurcated two-phase flow model

Ming Qiu, Fei Guo, Jie Song, Zhenqiang Liao, Peng Si

Original Article

Study on liquid-solid jet erosion characteristics of 316L stainless steel

Guan Wang, Qianfeng Gao, Linyuan Kou, Pei Zhang, Wenhui Wang, Jianfei Deng, Xuejun Zhu

Original Article

Tool wear monitoring based on an improved convolutional neural network

Jia-Wei Zhao, Shi-Jie Guo, Lin Ma, Hao-Qiang Kong, Nan Zhang

Original Article

A CAD model retrieval framework based on correlation network and relevance ranking

Baoning Ji, Jie Zhang, Yuan Li, Wenbin Tang

Original Article

Realization of sharp bending corner: evenly spaced protrusions by local thickening rolling

Sungyong Koo, Bonggeun Chang, Junyoung Jung, Junbeom Lee, Jinho Kim, Sungwook Choi

Original Article

A Voronoi path planning extracted from improved skeleton for dynamic environments

Lin Jiang, Jun Li, Yuxin Hu, Feng Pan, Jianyang Zhu, Bin Lei, Rui Lin

Original Article

Simple desired manipulability ellipsoid with velocity and force for control of redundant manipulator

Yun Seok Choi, Issac Rhee, Phi Tien Hoang, Hyouk Ryeol Choi

Original Article

Moisture evaporation prediction model for fresh storage of vegetables in refrigerator

Hyeongsik Kim, Jooshin Kim, Youngmin Park, Sang-Hu Park

Original Article

Numerical investigation on subcooled boiling heat transfer coefficient of water-ethanol mixture by CISCAM technique

Suhas Badakere Gopalakrishna, Chidanand Kishor Mangrulkar, Kiran Kumar Kapse Umashankar, Sathyabhama Alangar

Original Article

Liquid-cooled cold plate for a Li-ion battery thermal management system designed by topology optimization

Yijun Wang, Xuan Quang Duong, Peyman Gholamali Zadeh, Jae Dong Chung

Original Article

Cyclic operation of a membrane-based vacuum dehumidification system by finite selectivity of the membrane

Donik Ku, Soojin Bae, Soyeon Kim, Minkyu Jung, Sanghun Jeong, Gijeong Seo, Minsung Kim

Original Article

Influence of PEMFC degradation on its performance in different temperature and relative humidity conditions

Haelee Lee, Sanghun Jeong, Joohee Song, Minsoo Kim, Chanho Chu, Yonggyun Lee, Dongkyu Kim, Minsung Kim

Original Article

Patient-specific simulation of high-intensity focused ultrasound for head and neck cancer ablation

Abdul Mohizin, Bibin Prasad, Suzy Kim, Jung Kyung Kim


Erratum to “Development of a single particle sizing system for monitoring abrasive particles in chemical mechanical polishing process”

Changmin Kim, Sungwon Choi, Jeongan Choi, Hyunho Seok, Keun-Oh Park, Youngho Cho, Kihong Park, Sanghyuck Jeon, Hyeong-U Kim, Taesung Kim

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