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Journal of Nanoparticle Research

Issue 9/2022

Content (16 Articles)


Nanoparticle application in diabetes drug delivery

Seyedeh Sabereh Samavati, Soheila Kashanian, Hossein Derakhshankhah, Morteza Rabiei

Research paper

Environmental risk of titanium dioxide nanoparticle and cadmium mixture: developmental toxicity assessment in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Joseph Mamboungou, Aryelle Canedo, Gabriel Qualhato, Thiago Lopes Rocha, Lucélia Gonçalves Vieira

Research paper

Morin-loaded nanoceria as an efficient nanoformulation for increased antioxidant and antibacterial efficacy

Neelam Thakur, Mousumi Kundu, Sharmistha Chatterjee, Th. Abhishek Singh, Joydeep Das, Parames C. Sil

Research paper

Academic nanotechnology laboratories: investigating good practices and students’ health status

Soqrat Omari Shekaftik, Nafiseh Nasirzadeh, Tara Baba-Ahangar, Meysam Najaflou, Zahra Beigzadeh, Mohammad Javad Dehdashti, Hamid Noori, Reza Pourbabaki, Neda Naseri, Aysa Ghasemi Koozekonan, Zakia Rezaei

Research paper

Life cycle assessment of large-scale production of MoS2 nanomaterials through the solvothermal method

Mouad Hachhach, Hanane Akram, Achraf El Kasmi, Mounir Hanafi, Ouafae Achak, Tarik Chafik

Research paper

Polymersomes as nanocarriers of vitamin D3: morphological and in vitro characterization

Lucas N. Besada, Melisa Hermet, Laura Bakas, Ana M. Cortizo, M. Susana Cortizo

Open Access Research paper

Synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles by decomposition of iron-oleate: influence of the heating rate on the particle size

Aladin Ullrich, Mohammad Mostafizar Rahman, Ahmed Azhar, Michael Kühn, Manfred Albrecht

Research paper

Effective gene delivery based on facilely synthesized “core–shell” Ag@PDA@PEI nanoparticles

Liang Liu, Mengying Wang, Chaobing Liu, Zhaojun Yang, Xin Chen

Research paper

Simulation study on the effect of pore structure and surface curvature of activated carbon on the adsorption and separation performance of CO2/N2

Weihua Chen, Weiqiu Huang, Lipei Fu, Xufei Li, Xinya Wang, Yongyin Zheng, Yilong Zhang, Jiahui Zhu, Bing Zhu

Research paper

Stability of SiO2 nanoparticles with complex environmental conditions with the presence of electrolyte and NOM

Xiaoran Zhang, Xinyue Du, Mingxiu Wang, Zhifei Li, Ziyang Zhang, Chaohong Tan, Junfeng Liu, Haiyan Li


Correction to: New insights into the application of nanoghosts as theranostic tools with an emphasis on cardiovascular diseases

Maimoona Qindeel, Fakhara Sabir, Saman Sargazi, Vahideh Mohammadzadeh, Sikandar I. Mulla

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