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Journal of Network and Systems Management

Journal of Network and Systems Management 2/2021

Issue 2/2021

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-04-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Reliability and Survivability Analysis of Long-Term Evolution Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks: An Analytical Approach

Shivani Gupta, Vandana Khaitan

01-04-2021 | Issue 2/2021

An SDN-Assisted Defense Mechanism for the Shrew DDoS Attack in a Cloud Computing Environment

Neha Agrawal, Shashikala Tapaswi

01-04-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Peripheral Diagnosis for Propagated Network Faults

Angela M. Vargas-Arcila, Juan Carlos Corrales, Araceli Sanchis, Álvaro Rendón Gallón

01-04-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Meta-heuristic Approaches for Effective Scheduling in Infrastructure as a Service Cloud: A Systematic Review

J. Kok Konjaang, Lina Xu

01-04-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Self-organizing Fog Support Services for Responsive Edge Computing

Tom Goethals, Filip De Turck, Bruno Volckaert

01-04-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Machine Learning-Based Multipath Routing for Software Defined Networks

Mohamad Khattar Awad, Marwa Hassan Hafez Ahmed, Ali F. Almutairi, Imtiaz Ahmad

01-04-2021 | Issue 2/2021

ML-Based DDoS Detection and Identification Using Native Cloud Telemetry Macroscopic Monitoring

João Henrique Corrêa, Patrick M. Ciarelli, Moises R. N. Ribeiro, Rodolfo S. Villaça

01-04-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Semantic Coordination on the Edge of Heterogeneous Ultra Dense Networks

Valentina Nejkovic, Filip Jelenkovic, Nikos Makris, Virgilios Passas, Thanasis Korakis, Milorad Tosic

01-04-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Intelligent Secure Networking in In-band Full-duplex Dynamic Access Networks: Spectrum Management and Routing Protocol

Haythem Bany Salameh, Zainab Khader, Ahmad Al Ajlouni

01-04-2021 | Issue 2/2021

An Intelligent Tree-Based Intrusion Detection Model for Cyber Security

Mohammad Al-Omari, Majdi Rawashdeh, Fadi Qutaishat, Mohammad Alshira’H, Nedal Ababneh

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