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Journal of Scheduling

Journal of Scheduling 6/2019

Issue 6/2019

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

23-03-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Sequencing assembly lines to facilitate synchronized just-in-time part supply

Simon Emde, Lukas Polten

06-02-2019 | Issue 6/2019 Open Access

Minimizing total weighted completion time on a single machine subject to non-renewable resource constraints

Péter Györgyi, Tamás Kis

02-04-2019 | Issue 6/2019 Open Access

Shop scheduling problems with pliable jobs

S. Knust, N. V. Shakhlevich, S. Waldherr, C. Weiß

14-08-2019 | Issue 6/2019

On the parameterized tractability of the just-in-time flow-shop scheduling problem

Danny Hermelin, Dvir Shabtay, Nimrod Talmon

30-01-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Single machine scheduling with stochastically dependent times

Wei Wei

19-09-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Single-machine scheduling with job-dependent machine deterioration

Wenchang Luo, Yao Xu, Weitian Tong, Guohui Lin

02-02-2019 | Issue 6/2019

A complexity analysis of parallel scheduling unit-time jobs with in-tree precedence constraints while minimizing the mean flow time

Tianyu Wang, Odile Bellenguez-Morineau

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