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Journal of Science Education and Technology

Journal of Science Education and Technology 1/2013

Issue 1/2013

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

01-02-2013 | Issue 1/2013

Effect of the 5E Model on Prospective Teachers’ Conceptual Understanding of Diffusion and Osmosis: A Mixed Method Approach

Hüseyin Artun, Bayram Coştu

01-02-2013 | Issue 1/2013

Developing School-Scientist Partnerships: Lessons for Scientists from Forests-of-Life

Garry Falloon, Ann Trewern

01-02-2013 | Issue 1/2013

The Impact of a Geospatial Technology-Supported Energy Curriculum on Middle School Students’ Science Achievement

Violet Kulo, Alec Bodzin

01-02-2013 | Issue 1/2013

Measuring Model-Based High School Science Instruction: Development and Application of a Student Survey

Gavin W. Fulmer, Ling L. Liang

01-02-2013 | Issue 1/2013

Science Teacher Efficacy and Extrinsic Factors Toward Professional Development Using Video Games in a Design-Based Research Model: The Next Generation of STEM Learning

Leonard A. Annetta, Wendy M. Frazier, Elizabeth Folta, Shawn Holmes, Richard Lamb, Meng-Tzu Cheng

01-02-2013 | Issue 1/2013

A Case Study of the Alignment between Curriculum and Assessment in the New York State Earth Science Standards-Based System

Julie Contino

01-02-2013 | Issue 1/2013

Designing a Web-Based Science Learning Environment for Model-Based Collaborative Inquiry

Daner Sun, Chee-Kit Looi

01-02-2013 | Issue 1/2013

What Do We Mean by Cyberlearning: Characterizing a Socially Constructed Definition with Experts and Practitioners

Devlin B. Montfort, Shane Brown

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