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Journal of Science Education and Technology 4/2022
Journal of Science Education and Technology

Issue 4/2022


Table of Contents (10 Articles)


Location-Based Learning and Its Effect on Students’ Understanding of Newton’s Laws of Motion
Shadi Asakle, Miri Barak


The Construction and Validation of the Visuospatial Self-Efficacy (VSSE) Scale
Irina Kuznetcova, Christopher Porter, Joshua Peri, Michael Glassman


Algorithmic Explanations: an Unplugged Instructional Approach to Integrate Science and Computational Thinking
Amanda Peel, Troy D. Sadler, Patricia Friedrichsen

Open Access 09-06-2022

Videos with Hands: an Analysis of Usage and Interactions of Undergraduate Science Students for Acquiring Physics Knowledge
Victor Garcia, Jordi Conesa, Antoni Perez-Navarro


The Influence of Online STEM Education Camps on Students’ Self-Efficacy, Computational Thinking, and Task Value
Feng-Kuang Chiang, Yicong Zhang, Dan Zhu, Xiaojing Shang, Zhujun Jiang


Supporting Three-dimensional Learning on Ecosystems Using an Agent-Based Computer Model
Lin Xiang, Sagan Goodpaster, April Mitchell

Open Access 01-06-2022

Bridging the Gap Between Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment in Science Education Research with Machine Learning — A Case for Pretrained Language Models-Based Clustering
Peter Wulff, David Buschhüter, Andrea Westphal, Lukas Mientus, Anna Nowak, Andreas Borowski


Investigating Students’ Engagement in Mobile Technology-Supported Science Learning Through Video-Based Classroom Observation
Xiaohong Zhan, Daner Sun, Yun Wen, Yuqin Yang, Ying Zhan

23-06-2022 | Original Research

Examining Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Answer Changing Behavior on a Content Knowledge for Teaching Science Assessment
Katherine E. Castellano, Jamie N. Mikeska, Jung Aa Moon, Steven Holtzman, Jie Gao, Yang Jiang


IoT in Project-Based Biology Learning: Students’ Experiences and Skill Development
Dina Tsybulsky, Erez Sinai

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