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Journal of Science Teacher Education

Journal of Science Teacher Education 4/2015

Issue 4/2015

Table of Contents ( 5 Articles )

01-06-2015 | Editorial | Issue 4/2015

Know Thy Reviewers! Really?

Norman G. Lederman, Judith S. Lederman

01-06-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Methodological Understandings from Elementary Science Lesson Study Facilitation and Research

Sharon Dotger

01-06-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Student Teachers’ Approaches to Teaching Biological Evolution

Lisa A. Borgerding, Vanessa A. Klein, Rajlakshmi Ghosh, Albert Eibel

01-06-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Developing Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge of Science Teaching Through Video Clubs

Heather J. Johnson, Michelle E. Cotterman

01-06-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Promoting Prospective Elementary Teachers’ Learning to Use Formative Assessment for Life Science Instruction

Jaime L. Sabel, Cory T. Forbes, Laura Zangori

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