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Journal of Scientific Computing

Journal of Scientific Computing 1/2017

Issue 1/2017

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

24-06-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Suboptimal Feedback Control of PDEs by Solving HJB Equations on Adaptive Sparse Grids

Jochen Garcke, Axel Kröner

08-07-2016 | Issue 1/2017

A Robust Inversion Method for Quantitative 3D Shape Reconstruction from Coaxial Eddy Current Measurements

Houssem Haddar, Zixian Jiang, Mohamed Kamel Riahi

04-07-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Optimal Quadrilateral Finite Elements on Polygonal Domains

Hengguang Li, Qinghui Zhang

01-07-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Unconditional Superconvergence Analysis for Nonlinear Parabolic Equation with Nonconforming Finite Element

Dongyang Shi, Junjun Wang, Fengna Yan

30-06-2016 | Issue 1/2017

An Unconditionally Stable Quadratic Finite Volume Scheme over Triangular Meshes for Elliptic Equations

Qingsong Zou

16-07-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Superconvergent Two-Grid Methods for Elliptic Eigenvalue Problems

Hailong Guo, Zhimin Zhang, Ren Zhao

11-07-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Local and Parallel Finite Element Algorithm Based on Oseen-Type Iteration for the Stationary Incompressible MHD Flow

Qili Tang, Yunqing Huang

23-07-2016 | Issue 1/2017

The Highest Superconvergence Analysis of ADG Method for Two Point Boundary Values Problem

Jiangxing Wang, Chuanmiao Chen, Ziqing Xie

19-07-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Galerkin Method for the Scattering Problem of a Slit

Yujie Wang, Fuming Ma, Enxi Zheng

01-08-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Performance and Scalability Improvements for Discontinuous Galerkin Solutions to Conservation Laws on Unstructured Grids

S. R. Brus, D. Wirasaet, J. J. Westerink, C. Dawson

26-07-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Large-Scale Optimization-Based Non-negative Computational Framework for Diffusion Equations: Parallel Implementation and Performance Studies

J. Chang, S. Karra, K. B. Nakshatrala

25-07-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Uniform Convergent Tailored Finite Point Method for Advection–Diffusion Equation with Discontinuous, Anisotropic and Vanishing Diffusivity

Min Tang, Yihong Wang

02-08-2016 | Issue 1/2017

On Second Order Semi-implicit Fourier Spectral Methods for 2D Cahn–Hilliard Equations

Dong Li, Zhonghua Qiao

11-08-2015 | Issue 1/2017

A New Finite Element Analysis for Inhomogeneous Boundary-Value Problems of Space Fractional Differential Equations

Jingtang Ma

03-09-2015 | Issue 1/2017

High-Order Accurate Local Schemes for Fractional Differential Equations

Daniel Baffet, Jan S. Hesthaven

22-09-2015 | Issue 1/2017

A Galerkin Finite Element Method for a Class of Time–Space Fractional Differential Equation with Nonsmooth Data

Zhengang Zhao, Yunying Zheng, Peng Guo

18-12-2015 | Issue 1/2017

Two Mixed Finite Element Methods for Time-Fractional Diffusion Equations

Yanmin Zhao, Pan Chen, Weiping Bu, Xiangtao Liu, Yifa Tang

22-03-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Accuracy of Finite Element Methods for Boundary-Value Problems of Steady-State Fractional Diffusion Equations

Hong Wang, Danping Yang, Shengfeng Zhu

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