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Journal of Scientific Computing

Journal of Scientific Computing 1/2018

Issue 1/2018

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

05-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Adjoint-Based Functional Correction for Unstructured Mesh Finite Volume Methods

Mahkame Sharbatdar, Carl Ollivier-Gooch

29-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Flux-Conservative Hermite Methods for Simulation of Nonlinear Conservation Laws

Adeline Kornelus, Daniel Appelö

17-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Anisotropic Meshes and Stabilization Parameter Design of Linear SUPG Method for 2D Convection-Dominated Convection–Diffusion Equations

Yana Di, Hehu Xie, Xiaobo Yin

24-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Global Convergence of Unmodified 3-Block ADMM for a Class of Convex Minimization Problems

Tianyi Lin, Shiqian Ma, Shuzhong Zhang

24-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

HiMod Reduction of Advection–Diffusion–Reaction Problems with General Boundary Conditions

Matteo C. Aletti, Simona Perotto, Alessandro Veneziani

27-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

An Efficient Lagrangian Interpolation Scheme for Computing Flow Maps and Line Integrals using Discrete Velocity Data

Guoqiao You, Renkun Shi, Yuhua Xu

04-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Spectral Numerical Exterior Calculus Methods for Differential Equations on Radial Manifolds

B. Gross, P. J. Atzberger

29-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

A Spectral Collocation Method for Nonlinear Fractional Boundary Value Problems with a Caputo Derivative

Chuanli Wang, Zhongqing Wang, Lilian Wang

30-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

A Note on High-Precision Approximation of Asymptotically Decaying Solution and Orthogonal Decomposition

John Nicponski, Jae-Hun Jung

02-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Comparison of Some Entropy Conservative Numerical Fluxes for the Euler Equations

Hendrik Ranocha

30-01-2018 | Issue 1/2018

Convergence Analysis of Primal–Dual Based Methods for Total Variation Minimization with Finite Element Approximation

WenYi Tian, Xiaoming Yuan

29-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

A Monotone Iterative Technique for Nonlinear Fourth Order Elliptic Equations with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions

Linia Anie Sunny, V. Antony Vijesh

12-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

On Unbounded Delays in Asynchronous Parallel Fixed-Point Algorithms

Robert Hannah, Wotao Yin

06-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

On the Information-Adaptive Variants of the ADMM: An Iteration Complexity Perspective

Xiang Gao, Bo Jiang, Shuzhong Zhang

08-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

A Regularized Semi-Smooth Newton Method with Projection Steps for Composite Convex Programs

Xiantao Xiao, Yongfeng Li, Zaiwen Wen, Liwei Zhang

18-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Collocation Methods for General Caputo Two-Point Boundary Value Problems

Hui Liang, Martin Stynes

07-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Stability of Overintegration Methods for Nodal Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Methods

David A. Kopriva

06-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018 Open Access

A New Class of High-Order Methods for Fluid Dynamics Simulations Using Gaussian Process Modeling: One-Dimensional Case

Adam Reyes, Dongwook Lee, Carlo Graziani, Petros Tzeferacos

15-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

A Higher-Order Discontinuous Galerkin/Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Partitioned Approach to Solving Fluid–Structure Interaction Problems with Incompressible, Viscous Fluids and Elastic Structures

Yifan Wang, Annalisa Quaini, Sunčica Čanić

13-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Entropy Production by Explicit Runge–Kutta Schemes

Carlos Lozano

20-01-2018 | Issue 1/2018

Compact Alternating Direction Implicit Scheme for Integro-Differential Equations of Parabolic Type

Leijie Qiao, Da Xu

03-01-2018 | Issue 1/2018

A Fitted Scheme for a Caputo Initial-Boundary Value Problem

J. L. Gracia, E. O’Riordan, M. Stynes

28-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

The Morley-Type Virtual Element for Plate Bending Problems

Jikun Zhao, Bei Zhang, Shaochun Chen, Shipeng Mao

23-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

New Integration Methods for Perturbed ODEs Based on Symplectic Implicit Runge–Kutta Schemes with Application to Solar System Simulations

Mikel Antoñana, Joseba Makazaga, Ander Murua

22-12-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Efficient Implementation of Rational Approximations to Fractional Differential Operators

Lidia Aceto, Paolo Novati

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