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Journal of Scientific Computing

Journal of Scientific Computing 2/2015

Issue 2/2015

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

An Unconditionally Energy Stable Penalty Immersed Boundary Method for Simulating the Dynamics of an Inextensible Interface Interacting with a Solid Particle

Po-Wen Hsieh, Ming-Chih Lai, Suh-Yuh Yang, Cheng-Shu You

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Multiscale Support Vector Approach for Solving Ill-Posed Problems

Min Zhong, Yiu Chung Hon, Shuai Lu

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

A Radial Basis Function Partition of Unity Collocation Method for Convection–Diffusion Equations Arising in Financial Applications

Ali Safdari-Vaighani, Alfa Heryudono, Elisabeth Larsson

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Robust a Posteriori Error Estimates for Conforming Discretizations of Diffusion Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients on Anisotropic Meshes

Jikun Zhao, Shaochun Chen, Bei Zhang, Shipeng Mao

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Discontinuous Galerkin with Weakly Over-Penalized Techniques for Reissner–Mindlin Plates

Paulo Rafael Bösing, Carsten Carstensen

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Quasi-A Priori Truncation Error Estimation in the DGSEM

Gonzalo Rubio, François Fraysse, David A. Kopriva, Eusebio Valero

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Gradient Recovery for the Crouzeix–Raviart Element

Hailong Guo, Zhimin Zhang

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Fifth Order Multi-moment WENO Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Chieh-Sen Huang, Feng Xiao, Todd Arbogast

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Hybrid Difference Methods for PDEs

Youngmok Jeon

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Flux Splitting for Stiff Equations: A Notion on Stability

Jochen Schütz, Sebastian Noelle

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Guaranteed Energy Error Estimators for a Modified Robust Crouzeix–Raviart Stokes Element

A. Linke, C. Merdon

01-08-2015 | Issue 2/2015

A Weak Galerkin Finite Element Scheme for the Biharmonic Equations by Using Polynomials of Reduced Order

Ran Zhang, Qilong Zhai

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