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Journal of Scientific Computing

Journal of Scientific Computing 2/2017

Issue 2/2017

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

19-10-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Indirect Boundary Integral Equation Method for the Cauchy Problem of the Laplace Equation

Yao Sun

22-10-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Vertex-Centered Linearity-Preserving Schemes for Nonlinear Parabolic Problems on Polygonal Grids

Jiming Wu

20-10-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Discontinuous Galerkin Based Isogeometric Analysis for Geometric Flows and Applications in Geometric Modeling

Futao Zhang, Yan Xu, Falai Chen

21-10-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Weighted Finite Fourier Transform Operator: Uniform Approximations of the Eigenfunctions, Eigenvalues Decay and Behaviour

Abderrazek Karoui, Ahmed Souabni

26-10-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Transformation Methods for the Numerical Integration of Three-Dimensional Singular Functions

Alfredo Cano, Carlos Moreno

25-10-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Polynomial Preserving Recovery for High Frequency Wave Propagation

Hailong Guo, Xu Yang

01-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Local Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Incompressible Miscible Displacement Problem in Porous Media

Hui Guo, Fan Yu, Yang Yang

14-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

A New Augmented Singular Transform and its Partial Newton-Correction Method for Finding More Solutions

Zhaoxiang Li, Zhi-Qiang Wang, Jianxin Zhou

10-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Mixed-Type Galerkin Variational Principle and Numerical Simulation for a Generalized Nonlocal Elastic Model

Lueling Jia, Huanzhen Chen, Hong Wang

08-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Computing Singular Value Decompositions of Parameterized Matrices with Total Nonpositivity to High Relative Accuracy

Rong Huang, Delin Chu

12-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Parallel Multi-Block ADMM with o(1 / k) Convergence

Wei Deng, Ming-Jun Lai, Zhimin Peng, Wotao Yin

18-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Detecting Edges from Non-uniform Fourier Data Using Fourier Frames

Anne Gelb, Guohui Song

16-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

High-Order Numerical Algorithms for Riesz Derivatives via Constructing New Generating Functions

Hengfei Ding, Changpin Li

15-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017 Open Access

High-Order Numerical Methods for Solving Time Fractional Partial Differential Equations

Zhiqiang Li, Zongqi Liang, Yubin Yan

24-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Highly Accurate Pseudospectral Approximations of the Prolate Spheroidal Wave Equation for Any Bandwidth Parameter and Zonal Wavenumber

H. Alıcı, J. Shen

12-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Entropy-TVD Scheme for the Shallow Water Equations in One Dimension

Rongsan Chen, Min Zou, Li Xiao

17-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

A Grid-Insensitive LDA Method on Triangular Grids Solving the System of Euler Equations

Hossain Chizari, Farzad Ismail

16-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

An Essentially Non-oscillatory Crank–Nicolson Procedure for the Simulation of Convection-Dominated Flows

B. Lee, M. Kang, S. Kim

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