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Journal of Scientific Computing

Journal of Scientific Computing 3/2014

Issue 3/2014

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-12-2014 | Issue 3/2014

A Comparison Between the Interpolated Bounce-Back Scheme and the Immersed Boundary Method to Treat Solid Boundary Conditions for Laminar Flows in the Lattice Boltzmann Framework

Alessandro De Rosis, Stefano Ubertini, Francesco Ubertini

01-12-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Edge Detection from Non-Uniform Fourier Data Using the Convolutional Gridding Algorithm

Adam Martinez, Anne Gelb, Alexander Gutierrez

01-12-2014 | Issue 3/2014

A Semi-Lagrangian Method for 3-D Fokker Planck Equations for Stochastic Dynamical Systems on the Sphere

A. Roth, A. Klar, B. Simeon, E. Zharovsky

01-12-2014 | Issue 3/2014

A Symmetric and Consistent Immersed Finite Element Method for Interface Problems

Haifeng Ji, Jinru Chen, Zhilin Li

01-12-2014 | Issue 3/2014

A Novel Symmetric Skew-Hamiltonian Isotropic Lanczos Algorithm for Spectral Conformal Parameterizations

Wei-Qiang Huang, Xianfeng David Gu, Wen-Wei Lin, Shing-Tung Yau

01-12-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Fourier Spectral Methods for Degasperis–Procesi Equation with Discontinuous Solutions

Yinhua Xia

01-12-2014 | Issue 3/2014

A Stabilized Nitsche Fictitious Domain Method for the Stokes Problem

André Massing, Mats G. Larson, Anders Logg, Marie E. Rognes

01-12-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Stability and Convergence of Modified Du Fort–Frankel Schemes for Solving Time-Fractional Subdiffusion Equations

Hong-lin Liao, Ya-nan Zhang, Ying Zhao, Han-sheng Shi

01-12-2014 | Issue 3/2014

A New Level-Set Model for the Representation of Non-Smooth Geometries

David P. Starinshak, Smadar Karni, Philip L. Roe

01-12-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Spectral Element Method for Mixed Inhomogeneous Boundary Value Problems of Fourth Order

Xu-Hong Yu, Ben-Yu Guo

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