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A Viscosity-Independent Error Estimate of a Pressure-Stabilized Lagrange–Galerkin Scheme for the Oseen Problem

We consider a pressure-stabilized Lagrange–Galerkin scheme for the transient Oseen problem with small viscosity. In the scheme we use the equal-order approximation of order k for both the velocity and pressure, and add a symmetric pressure …


Asymptotic Solutions for High Frequency Helmholtz Equations in Anisotropic Media with Hankel Functions

We present asymptotic methods for solving high frequency Helmholtz equations in anisotropic media. The methods are motivated by Babich’s expansion that uses Hankel functions of the first kind to approximate the solution of high frequency Helmholtz …


Strong Stability Preserving Properties of Composition Runge–Kutta Schemes

In this paper strong stability preserving (SSP) properties of Runge–Kutta methods obtained by composing k different schemes with different step sizes are studied. The SSP coefficient of the composition method is obtained and an upper bound on this …


Second Order Linear Energy Stable Schemes for Allen-Cahn Equations with Nonlocal Constraints

We present a set of linear, second order, unconditionally energy stable schemes for the Allen-Cahn equation with nonlocal constraints that preserves the total volume of each phase in a binary material system. The energy quadratization strategy is …


Efficient Algorithms for the Line-SIAC Filter

Visualizing high-order finite element simulation data using current visualization tools has many challenges: discontinuities at element boundaries, interpolating artifacts, and evaluating derived quantities. These challenges have been addressed by …

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Journal of Scientific Computing is an international interdisciplinary forum for the publication of papers on state-of-the-art developments in scientific computing and its applications in science and engineering.

The journal publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed original papers, review papers and short communications on scientific computing.

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