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Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology

Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology OnlineFirst articles

21-09-2020 | Original Paper: sol–gel and hybrid materials for dielectric, electronic, magnetic and ferroelectric applications

A study of magnetic properties of Y–Ni–Mn substituted Co2Z-type nanohexaferrites via vibrating sample magnetometry

Z-type nanohexaferrites has attracted substantial attention in the field of materials science especially in the research areas of high frequency and microwave devices applications due to their excellent magnetic properties in comparison with the …

17-09-2020 | Original Paper: Functional coatings, thin films and membranes (including deposition techniques)

Preparation of mesoporous silica thin films at low temperature: a comparison of mild structure consolidation and template extraction procedures

Mesoporous thin films (MTFs) displaying high surface area and controlled porosity constitute interesting materials for a plethora of applications in optics and electronics. A critical aspect in MTF processing is template removal that usually …

12-09-2020 | Original Paper: Sol-gel and hybrid materials for optical, photonic and optoelectronic applications

Synthesis of silicate apatite phosphors with enhanced luminescence via optimized precipitation technique through pH control

Silicates with apatite structure have become one of the most promising candidates for solid-state lighting applications. Herein we report the synthesis of pure apatite Ca2Y7.76Ce0.12Tb0.12(SiO4)6O2 phosphors with enhanced luminescence via a simple …

11-09-2020 | Original Paper: Nano- and macroporous materials (aerogels, xerogels, cryogels, etc.)

Comparisonal studies of surface modification reaction using various silylating agents for silica aerogel

Surface modification is one of the important steps for synthesizing hydrophobic silica aerogels by ambient pressure drying in which silylating agent plays a vital role. Trimethylchlorosilane and many kinds of methoxysilanes like …

11-09-2020 | Original Paper: Sol-gel and hybrid materials for energy, environment and building applications

A hybrid gel polymer electrolyte with imide groups modified by the coupling agent and its application in electrochromic devices

Herein, a new class of hybrid gel polyelectrolytes (GPEs) through sol–gel technology has been synthesized and characterized. The reaction mechanism of gel polymer electrolyte is based on the hydrosilylation and sol–gel reactions of poly(propylene …

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About this journal

The Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology (JSST) provides an international forum for the dissemination of scientific, technological, and general knowledge about materials processed by chemical nanotechnologies known as the "sol-gel" process. The materials of interest include gels, gel-derived glasses, ceramics in form of nano- and micro-powders, bulk, fibres, thin films and coatings as well as more recent materials such as hybrid organic-inorganic materials and composites.

JSST publishes original research and technological manuscripts in the form of extended reports. Occasionally, invited papers on scientific and technologically important issues in emerging fields of sol-gel materials are published as special issues. A Sol-Gel Product News section is also available for publication of short papers on products developed via chemical technology.

The Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology is the Official Journal of the International Sol-Gel Society (ISGS).

Commonly used title abbreviations: JSST

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