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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Issue 3/2022

Content (10 Articles)

Open Access Original Empirical Research

Consumer resource integration and service innovation in social commerce: the role of social media influencers

Yao Wu, Satish Nambisan, Jinghua Xiao, Kang Xie

Original Empirical Research

Marketing experience of CEOs and corporate social performance

Saeed Janani, Ranjit M. Christopher, Atanas Nik Nikolov, Michael A. Wiles

Original Empirical Research

Did clickbait crack the code on virality?

Prithwiraj Mukherjee, Souvik Dutta, Arnaud De Bruyn

Original Empirical Research

Can advertising benefit women’s development? Preliminary insights from a multi-method investigation

Gautham Vadakkepatt, Andrew Bryant, Ronald Paul Hill, Joshua Nunziato

Open Access Original Empirical Research

The boomerang effect of zero pricing: when and why a zero price is less effective than a low price for enhancing consumer demand

Xiaomeng Fan, Fengyan Cindy Cai, Galen V. Bodenhausen

Original Empirical Research

Shareholder wealth implications of software firms’ transition to cloud computing: a marketing perspective

Mehdi Nezami, Kapil R. Tuli, Shantanu Dutta

Original Empirical Research

Managing differential effects of salespersons’ regulatory foci–a dual process model of dominant and supplemental pathways

Fred Miao, Yi Zheng, Zhimei Zang, Douglas B. Grisaffe, Kenneth Evans

Original Empirical Research

Choreographing salesperson face-to-face visits with a buyer organization: a social network perspective

Sebastian Forkmann, Ryan Mullins, Stephan C. Henneberg, Thomas L. Baker

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