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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 5/2022
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Issue 5/2022


Table of Contents (11 Articles)

02-03-2022 | Conceptual/Theoretical Paper

Boundary spanner corruption: a potential dark side of multi-level trust in marketing relationships
Sebastian Forkmann, Jonathan Webb, Stephan C. Henneberg, Lisa K. Scheer

15-03-2022 | Review Paper

The performance impact of marketing dualities: a response surface approach to resolving empirical challenges
Youngtak M. Kim, John R. Busenbark, Seung-Hwan Jeong, Son K. Lam

Open Access 05-05-2022 | Original Empirical Research

Corporate lobbying and product recalls: an investigation in the U.S. medical device industry
Verdiana Giannetti, Raji Srinivasan

22-03-2022 | Original Empirical Research

A model of online shopping cart abandonment: evidence from e-tail clickstream data
Monika Kukar-Kinney, Angeline Close Scheinbaum, Larry Olanrewaju Orimoloye, Jeffrey R. Carlson, Heping He

28-05-2022 | Original Empirical Research

Information search behavior at the post-purchase stage of the customer journey
Cristiane Pizzutti, Renata Gonçalves, Maura Ferreira

17-03-2022 | Original Empirical Research

Economic policy uncertainty and shareholder wealth: the role of marketing, operations, and R&D capabilities
Saurabh Mishra, Sachin B. Modi, Michael A. Wiles

18-02-2022 | Original Empirical Research

Possessive brand names in brand preferences and choice: the role of inferred control
Mansur Khamitov, Marina Puzakova

14-03-2022 | Original Empirical Research

Not the relationship type? Loyalty propensity as a reason to maintain marketing relationships
Jeremy S. Wolter, Dora E. Bock, Christopher D. Hopkins, Michael Giebelhausen

05-05-2022 | Original Empirical Research

Brand-generated social media content and its differential impact on loyalty program members
Blanca I. Hernández-Ortega, Michael A. Stanko, Rishika Rishika, Francisco-Jose Molina-Castillo, José Franco

22-03-2022 | Original Empirical Research

The effect of incentive structure on referral: the determining role of self-construal
Lili Wang, Zoey Chen

07-04-2022 | Original Empirical Research

Consumer preference for pay-per-use service tariffs: the roles of mental accounting
Sejeong Yun, Kwanho Suk

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