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Journal of Transportation Security

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Guidance for ports: security and safety against physical, cyber and hybrid threats

The European Commission (EC) has funded the Scalable multidimensionAl sitUation awaReness sOlution for protectiNg european ports (SAURON) project to reduce the vulnerabilities of EU ports, as one of the main European critical infrastructures, and …


Aviation cyber security: legal aspects of cyber threats

The aim of this paper is show how existing legal frameworks applied to civil aviation might be relevant in the context of cyberspace. Security threats to civil aviation operations have become more sophisticated and challenging to deal with. One …


Cyber resilience of autonomous mobility systems: cyber-attacks and resilience-enhancing strategies

The increasing cyber connectivity of vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure will drastically reshape mobility in the coming decades. While the advent of connected mobility is expected to benefit travelers and the society by smoothing …


REAL ID: privacy concerns still a factor, but weakly so

Statewide research conducted to design a campaign to inform Montana residents about the REAL ID Act supported previous claims that some Rocky Mountain residents view the law as an invasion of privacy. Although most Montana residents (60%, n = 194) …


Security in the maritime container supply chain: what is feasible and realistic?

In order to face challenges and threats arising from narcotics in ports, customs authorities need to achieve substantial enhancement in the supervision of the container supply chain by improving the current control operations and by introducing …

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About this journal

9-11 and subsequent events have compelled stakeholders to understand transport security as more than a single element of the global networks that move people and goods. Once a routine component of modern transportation, security now represents a vital necessity and an urgent national priority.

The Journal of Transportation Security probes the relevant aspects of many critical areas of study, including supply chain and logistics; information technology; public policy; international business; political science; engineering; transportation; economics; and counterterrorism, among others. This journal is the first to take a global, apolitical, and in-depth multidisciplinary look at the field.

The mission of the journal is to disseminate new research, thought, and analysis for teachers, researchers, policy makers and practitioners around the world who view transportation security as a critical element in the post 9/11 world.

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