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16-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Virtual-reality visualization of loss points of 1 MeV tritons in the Large Helical Device, LHD

Intersection points of 1 MeV tritons and the plasma facing wall are visualized in the vacuum vessel of Large Helical Device (LHD) with the divertor plates by the virtual-reality (VR) system. The trajectory of the energetic triton is evaluated by …

15-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Numerical investigation on thermal hydraulic performance of supercritical LNG in PCHEs with straight, zigzag, and sinusoidal channels

Printed circuit heat exchanger (PCHE) has semi-circular micro-channels with high thermal performance and is widely used in the oil and gas industry, refrigeration, and other fields. PCHE is seen as the most promising technology in LNG-floating …

13-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Dynamic behavior of water droplets impinging on a heated cylinder with various diameter ratios

In this study, the dynamic characteristics of water droplets impinging on a heated cylinder were investigated using a high-speed camera regarding the diameter ratios between droplet and cylinder. Water droplets generated by a needle in the range …

13-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Visual analytics of genealogy with attribute-enhanced topological clustering

Clustering is able to present a brief illustration for families of interest and patterns of significance within large-scale genealogical datasets. In the traditional clustering methods, topological features are mostly taken for summarizing and …

12-10-2021 | Regular Paper

OFExplorer: multi-facetted visual analysis of ocean front

The sea-surface temperature (SST) front is a narrow transition zone where the temperature changes dramatically and the stability of water body decreases. SST front is one of the typical mesoscale phenomena in the ocean. It is an important factor …

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Visualization is an interdisciplinary imaging science devoted to making the invisible visible through the techniques of experimental visualization and computer-aided visualization. This official journal of the Visualization Society of Japan presents the latest visualization technology and its applications. It is published in full color in order to realize its mission of promoting a better understanding of complex phenomena.

The journal consists of papers, such as short paper, review paper, regular paper, and report.

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