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Earliest Herders of the Central Sahara (Tadrart Acacus Mountains, Libya): A Punctuated Model for the Emergence of Pastoralism in Africa

This paper focuses on a reassessment of the emergence of herding in Africa seen from the Tadrart Acacus and neighbouring regions in the Libyan central Sahara. The paper examines whether the presence of wild animals in the Early Holocene ‘green’ …

01-01-2022 Open Access

Complex Pathways Towards Emergent Pastoral Settlements: New Research on the Bronze Age Xindian Culture of Northwest China

The Xindian culture of northwest China has been seen as a prototypical example of a transition toward pastoralism, resulting in part from environmental changes that started around 4000 years ago. To date, there has been little available …

29-12-2021 Open Access

Resilient Social Actors in the Transition from the Late Bronze to the Early Iron Age on Cyprus

Our understanding of the earliest Iron Age on Cyprus has long remained somewhat obscure. This is the result of both a relative lack of material evidence and the fact that scholarly attention has focused more on the preceding Late Bronze Age and on …

24-12-2021 Open Access

Seeking Horses: Allies, Clients and Exchanges in the Zhou Period (1045–221 BC)

Horses and chariots—and the associated technology and expertise—derived from the steppe contributed to the success of the Zhou conquest of the Shang in c. 1045 BC and remained important throughout Zhou rule in ancient China. On the basis of …

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Journal of World Prehistory is an international forum for the publication of peer-reviewed original articles that synthesize the prehistory of an area or of a time-horizon within a larger region, or describe technical advances of wide and general application. These overview papers provide in-depth, thoughtful development of data and concepts in a fashion accessible to all archaeologists.

The journal focuses on prehistory, including the beginnings and early development of complex societies. Coverage extends to locales not normally available to American or West European archaeologists, including the Far East, parts of the Third World, and Eastern Europe.

Benefiting both scholars and teachers, Journal of World Prehistory is a source of timely and authoritative research syntheses from all fields of archaeology.

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