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Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces

Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces 1/2018

Issue 1/2018

Table of Contents ( 5 Articles )

01-02-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

Model-based adaptive user interface based on context and user experience evaluation

Jamil Hussain, Anees Ul Hassan, Hafiz Syed Muhammad Bilal, Rahman Ali, Muhammad Afzal, Shujaat Hussain, Jaehun Bang, Oresti Banos, Sungyoung Lee

31-01-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

A natural interface based on intention prediction for semi-autonomous micromanipulation

Laura Cohen, Mohamed Chetouani, Stéphane Régnier, Sinan Haliyo

08-12-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

Ultrasonic hand gesture recognition for mobile devices

Mohamed Saad, Chris J. Bleakley, Vivek Nigram, Paul Kettle

24-01-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

Use of tactons to communicate a risk level through an enactive shoe

Landry Delphin Chapwouo Tchakouté, David Gagnon, Bob-Antoine Jerry Ménélas

27-01-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

Real-time eye blink and wink detection for object selection in HCI systems

Hari Singh, Jaswinder Singh

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