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Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces

Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces 3/2018

Issue 3/2018

Table of Contents ( 5 Articles )

30-03-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Study on generic tangible objects used to collaborate remotely on RFID tabletops

Amira Bouabid, Sophie Lepreux, Christophe Kolski

20-04-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Landmark-enhanced route itineraries for navigation of blind pedestrians in urban environment

Jan Balata, Zdenek Mikovec, Pavel Slavik

14-05-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

A computational model for the emergence of turn-taking behaviors in user-agent interactions

Mathieu Jégou, Pierre Chevaillier

14-08-2018 | Survey | Issue 3/2018 Open Access

Co-located augmented play-spaces: past, present, and perspectives

Robby van Delden, Steven Gerritsen, Dirk Heylen, Dennis Reidsma

28-08-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Personalisation and automation in a virtual conversation skills tutor for children with autism

Marissa Milne, Parimala Raghavendra, Richard Leibbrandt, David Martin Ward Powers

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