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Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces

Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces OnlineFirst articles

16-08-2020 | Original Paper

Circus in Motion: a multimodal exergame supporting vestibular therapy for children with autism

Exergames are serious games that involve physical exertion and are thought of as a form of exercise by using novel input models. Exergames are promising in improving the vestibular differences of children with autism but often lack of adaptation …

06-08-2020 | Original Paper

Empirical evaluation and pathway modeling of visual attention to virtual humans in an appearance fidelity continuum

In this contribution we studied how different rendering styles of a virtual human impacted users’ visual attention in an interactive medical training simulator. In a mixed design experiment, 78 participants interacted with a virtual human …

31-07-2020 | Original Paper

A BCI video game using neurofeedback improves the attention of children with autism

Major usability and technical challenges have created mistrust of the potential of brain computer interfaces used to control video games in challenging environments like healthcare. Despite several studies showing low cost commercial headsets can …

21-07-2020 | Original Paper

Guidelines for the design of a virtual patient for psychiatric interview training

A psychiatric diagnosis involves the physician’s ability to create an empathic interaction with the patient in order to accurately extract symptomatology (i.e., clinical manifestations). Virtual patients (VPs) can be used to train these skills but …

13-07-2020 | Original Paper Open Access

Exploring crossmodal perceptual enhancement and integration in a sequence-reproducing task with cognitive priming

Crossmodal correspondence, a perceptual phenomenon which has been extensively studied in cognitive science, has been shown to play a critical role in people’s information processing performance. However, the evidence has been collected mostly …

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About this journal

In the development of multimodal interfaces, this journal offers a standard reference for multidisciplinary work.
As implied by the word Interfaces rather than Interactions in the title, the journal seeks to illustrate verifiable realisations over purely theoretical musings. The journal focuses on multimodal interfaces developed with an emphasis on user-centric design. Thus, usability and architectural considerations are also key targets.

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