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Knowledge and Information Systems

Knowledge and Information Systems 8/2021

Issue 8/2021

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

26-06-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 8/2021

Location selection by multi-criteria decision-making methods based on objective and subjective weightings

Mehmet Şahin

15-06-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 8/2021

Short isometric shapelet transform for binary time series classification

Weibo Shu, Yaqiang Yao, Shengfei Lyu, Jinlong Li, Huanhuan Chen

14-06-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 8/2021

Collaboration prediction in heterogeneous academic network with dynamic structure and topic

Weidong Zhao, Shi Pu

19-06-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 8/2021

Recipe analysis for knowledge discovery of gastronomic dishes

Edwaldo Soares Rodrigues, Débora Maria Barroso Paiva, Álvaro Rodrigues Pereira Júnior

23-06-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 8/2021

A generic MOT boosting framework by combining cues from SOT, tracklet and re-identification

Tianyi Liang, Long Lan, Xiang Zhang, Zhigang Luo

21-06-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 8/2021

Improved incremental local outlier detection for data streams based on the landmark window model

Aihua Li, Weijia Xu, Zhidong Liu, Yong Shi

03-07-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 8/2021

Cross- and multiple-domains visual transfer learning via iterative Fischer linear discriminant analysis

Mehri Mardani, Jafar Tahmoresnezhad

09-07-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 8/2021

Generalising combinatorial discriminant analysis through conditioning truncated Rayleigh flow

Sijia Yang, Haoyi Xiong, Di Hu, Kaibo Xu, Licheng Wang, Peizhen Zhu, Zeyi Sun

13-07-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Improving security in NoSQL document databases through model-driven modernization

Alejandro Maté, Jesús Peral, Juan Trujillo, Carlos Blanco, Diego García-Saiz, Eduardo Fernández-Medina

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