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Knowledge and Information Systems

Knowledge and Information Systems 9/2021

Issue 9/2021

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

08-07-2021 | Survey Paper | Issue 9/2021

Data stream classification with novel class detection: a review, comparison and challenges

Salah Ud Din, Junming Shao, Jay Kumar, Cobbinah Bernard Mawuli, S. M. Hasan Mahmud, Wei Zhang, Qinli Yang

12-08-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 9/2021 Open Access

On augmenting database schemas by latent visual attributes

Tomáš Grošup, Ladislav Peška, Tomáš Skopal

07-07-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 9/2021

On entropy-based term weighting schemes for text categorization

Tao Wang, Yi Cai, Ho-fung Leung, Raymond Y. K. Lau, Haoran Xie, Qing Li

26-07-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 9/2021

A generative model for time evolving networks

Muhammad Irfan Yousuf, Suhyun Kim

31-07-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 9/2021

Tweet-scan-post: a system for analysis of sensitive private data disclosure in online social media

R. Geetha, S. Karthika, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru

06-08-2021 | Regular paper | Issue 9/2021

OpenWGL: open-world graph learning for unseen class node classification

Man Wu, Shirui Pan, Xingquan Zhu

08-08-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 9/2021 Open Access

Toward data-driven solutions to interactive dynamic influence diagrams

Yinghui Pan, Jing Tang, Biyang Ma, Yifeng Zeng, Zhong Ming

27-07-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 9/2021

Privacy protection of user profiles in online search via semantic randomization

Mercedes Rodriguez-Garcia, Montserrat Batet, David Sánchez, Alexandre Viejo

21-07-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 9/2021

Deep reinforcement learning-based resource allocation and seamless handover in multi-access edge computing based on SDN

Chunlin Li, Yong Zhang, Youlong Luo

12-07-2021 | Regular paper | Issue 9/2021

Sharp characterization of optimal minibatch size for stochastic finite sum convex optimization

Atsushi Nitanda, Tomoya Murata, Taiji Suzuki

12-07-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 9/2021

Imputing sentiment intensity for SaaS service quality aspects using T-nearest neighbors with correlation-weighted Euclidean distance

Muhammad Raza, Farookh Khadeer Hussain, Omar K. Hussain, Zia ur Rehman, Ming Zhao

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