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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 1/2021

Issue 1/2021

Table of Contents ( 31 Articles )

09-11-2020 | Coastal and Harbor Engineering | Issue 1/2021

High-Order WENO Schemes with an Immersed Boundary Method for Shallow Water Equations on the Tsunami Mitigation with Configurations of Cylinder Array

Hyun Jin Kwon, Haegyun Lee, Se-Myong Chang

29-10-2020 | Construction Management | Issue 1/2021

Building Information Model and Optimization Algorithms for Supporting Campus Facility Maintenance Management: A Case Study of Maintaining Water Dispensers

Li-Hsi Yang, Liuya Xu, Wei-Chih Wang, Shih-Hsu Wang

04-11-2020 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 1/2021

The Usability of Clay/Pumice Mixtures Modified with Biopolymer as an Impermeable Liner

Zeynep Nese Kurt Albayrak, Gamze Gencer

09-11-2020 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Effect of Water Content on Dynamic Fracture Characteristic of Rock under Impacts

Caoyuan Niu, Zheming Zhu, Fei Wang, Peng Ying, Shuai Deng

11-11-2020 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 1/2021

A New Approach to Analyse the Consolidation of Soft Soils Improved by Vertical Drains and Submitted to Progressive Loading

Fouzia Kassou, Jamal Benbouziyane, Abdessamad Ghafiri, Abdelhak Sabihi

09-11-2020 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Calcareous Sands Improved by PFA

Qing-Sheng Chen, Wan Peng, Gao-Liang Tao, Sanjay Nimbalkar

04-11-2020 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Lime-Treated Red Clay

Lijie Chen, Xuejun Chen, He Wang, Xiang Huang, Yu Song

11-11-2020 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Factors Affecting Occurrence of Landslides Induced by the M7.8 April 2015, Nepal Earthquake

Rubini Mahalingam, Byungmin Kim

04-11-2020 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Pressure Settlement Behaviour of Strip Footing Resting on Unreinforced and Tire Chips Reinforced Copper Slag

Gourav Gill, Ravi Kant Mittal, Rahul Dandautiya

09-10-2020 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 1/2021

One-Dimensional Consolidation Analysis of Saturated Soft Clay Based on Water Content Variation

Wei Yuan, Jiangfeng Wang

09-11-2020 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Influence of Tunnel Excavation on the Stability of a Bedded Rock Slope: A Case Study on the Mountainous Area in Southern Anhui, China

Danqing Song, Xiaoli Liu, Zhuo Chen, Jundong Chen, Jianhua Cai

26-10-2020 | Hydraulic Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Method to Locate the Toe of a Hydraulic Jump on Sloping Channels

Guan-Yong Luo, Hong Cao, Hong Pan

04-11-2020 | Hydraulic Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Dynamic Characteristics Identification of an Arch Dam Model via the Phase-Based Video Processing

Qi Li, Gaohui Wang, Aral Sarrafi, Xinqiang Niu, Wenbo Lu, Zhu Mao

30-10-2020 | Structural Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Calculation of Thermal Fields of Cracked Concrete at Elevated Temperatures

Yanchun Liu, Jijun Miao, Jialiang Liu, Guangzhong Ba, Caiwei Liu

29-10-2020 | Structural Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Numerical Investigation of a New Method for Seismic Control of Structures

Mohamad Shahrokh Abdi, Masoud Nekooei, Mohammad-Ali Jafari

09-11-2020 | Structural Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Effects of Secondary Elements on Vortex-Induced Vibration of a Streamlined Box Girder

Xingyu Chen, Fang Qiu, Haojun Tang, Yongle Li, Xinyu Xu

11-11-2020 | Structural Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Mechanical Characteristic Analysis of Corrugated Steel Webs Using Asynchronous Construction Technology

Da Wang, Lei Wang, Cheng Tang

09-11-2020 | Structural Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Procedure for Ranking Ground Motion Records Based on the Destructive Capacity Parameter

Jinjun Hu, Qinghui Lai, Shuang Li, Lili Xie

09-11-2020 | Structural Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Effect of Embedded Pipelines within Slab Thickness on Punching Shear Capacity of Flat Slabs

Haider Ali Al-Tameemi, Mohsen A. Habelalmateen, Ahmed A. Alalikhan

30-10-2020 | Structural Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Design-Oriented Stress-Strain Model for FRP-Confined Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

Hooshang Dabbagh, Maysam Delshad, Kasra Amoorezaei

26-10-2020 | Structural Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Experimental Study on GFRP Strips Strengthened New Two Stage Concrete Slabs under Falling Mass Collisions

Mugunthan Loganaganandan, Gunasekaran Murali, Meivazhisalai Parasuraman Salaimanimagudam, Maruthappan Kanthamani Haridharan, Kothandapani Karthikeyan

09-11-2020 | Structural Engineering | Issue 1/2021

A New Vehicle-Bridge Coupling Analysis Method Based on Model Polycondensation

Haipeng Shen, Xujun Chen, Kai Lu, Heng Huang

26-10-2020 | Structural Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Correlation Study between Seismic Intensity Measures and Nonlinear Response of Arch Dam via Endurance Time Analysis

Chao Liang, Jianyun Chen, Qiang Xu, Jing Li

09-11-2020 | Structural Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Two Simplified Methods for Galloping of Iced Transmission Lines

Xiaohui Liu, Guangyun Min, Mengqi Cai, Bo Yan, Chuan Wu

23-10-2020 | Surveying and Geo-Spatial Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Non-Target Soil Deformation Mapping by Photogrammetry for Underground Tunnel Model Test

Changno Lee, Jaehong Oh

29-10-2020 | Transportation Engineering | Issue 1/2021

The Impact of Spatial Distribution of Heterogeneous Vehicles on Performance of Mixed Platoon: A Cyber-Physical Perspective

Shuang Jin, Di-Hua Sun, Zhongcheng Liu

11-11-2020 | Tunnel Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Coupled Damage-Plasticity Modelling of Saturated Shale under Undrained Condition

Shuqi Ma, Marte Gutierrez

30-10-2020 | Tunnel Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Interaction Analyses between Existing Pipeline and Quasi-Rectangular Tunneling in Clays

Zhiguo Zhang, Mengxi Zhang, Qihua Zhao, Lei Fang, Zhi Ding, Minzhi Shi

09-11-2020 | Tunnel Engineering | Issue 1/2021

Stress Localization in Brittle Rock-Like Samples of Particle-Filled Joints under Direct Shear Loading

Gang Wang, Yixin Liu, Jiang Xu

29-10-2020 | Water Resources and Hydrologic Engineering | Issue 1/2021

An Algorithm of Spatial Composition of Hourly Rainfall Fields for Improved High Rainfall Value Estimation

Jeongwoo Han, Francisco Olivera, Dongkyun Kim

01-01-2021 | Erratum | Issue 1/2021

Erratum to: The Correlates between Walkable Environments and Housing Price using Multi-level Model

Yeol Choi, Min Jung Seo, Seung Hwoon Oh

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