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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 10/2021

Issue 10/2021

Table of Contents ( 35 Articles )

22-06-2021 | Construction Management | Issue 10/2021

Auto-tuning SOS Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Orthogonal Cutting Optimization

Min-Yuan Cheng, Yi-Cho Fang, Chun-Yao Wang

08-07-2021 | Construction Management | Issue 10/2021

Fair Practice Evaluation Model for Public Construction Projects: Focusing on the Korean Construction Market

Minju Kim, Chanwoo Lee, Han Soo Kim, Hunhee Cho, Sangbum Kim, JeongWook Son

02-07-2021 | Construction Management | Issue 10/2021

An Optimal Investment Portfolio for BOT Freeway Projects from the Perspective of Transportation and Construction Enterprises

Hui Sun, Yingzi Liang, Yuning Wang, Xiangcheng Liu, Jidong Chen

02-07-2021 | Construction Management | Issue 10/2021

A Comprehensive Method for Seismic Impact Chain Assessment of Urban Lifeline Infrastructure: A Case Study of Taipei Area, Taiwan

Chih-Hao Hsu, Min-Cheng Teng, Siao-Syun Ke

02-07-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Physio-Chemical Properties, Consolidation, and Stabilization of Tropical Peat Soil Using Traditional Soil Additives — A State of the Art Literature Review

Afnan Ahmad, Muslich Hartadi Sutanto, Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al-Bared, Indra Sati Hamonangan Harahap, Seyed Vahid Alavi Nezhad Khalil Abad, Mudassir Ali Khan

08-07-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Model Test and Numerical Simulation Study on Bearing Characteristics of Pervious Concrete Pile Composite Foundation

Jun Cai, Guangyin Du, Han Xia, Changshen Sun

18-07-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Characteristics of Micro-structure of Warm and Ice-Rich Frozen Soil Improved by Cement and Additives

Mingtang Chai, Jianming Zhang, Hu Zhang, Zhenhua Yin

08-07-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Effect of Intra-layer Vs Fluctuation on Linear Seismic Site Response

Yen-Hsiang Chang, Chi-Chin Tsai, Chien-Chia Huang, Duhee Park

08-07-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Triaxial Shear Behavior of Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Loess Based on Digital Image Technology

Jian Xu, Zhipeng Wu, Hui Chen, Longtan Shao, Xiangang Zhou, Songhe Wang

18-06-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Intelligent Model for the Compressibility Prediction of Cement-Stabilized Dredged Soil Based on Random Forest Regression Algorithm

Qianqian Guo, Bingyi Li, Yonghui Chen, Geng Chen, Long Chen

15-07-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Comparisons of Safety Factors for Slope in Nonlinear Soils

Chaoqun Hou, Rongjian Zhang, Yongxin Li, Zhibin Sun, Biao Zhang

30-06-2021 | Highway Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Bond Strength Recovery of Tack Coat between Asphalt Concrete Surface and Roller-Compacted Concrete Base in Composite Pavements

Young Kyu Kim, Makara Rith, Seung Woo Lee

01-07-2021 | Hydraulic Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Experimental Investigation of the Hydraulic Performance of a Hydraulic-Jump-Stepped Spillway

Yu Zhou, Jianhua Wu, Fei Ma, Shangtuo Qian

18-06-2021 | Hydraulic Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Complementary Modeling Approach for Estimating Sedimentation and Hydraulic Flushing Parameters Using Artificial Neural Networks and RESCON2 Model

Muhammad Bilal Idrees, Jin-Young Lee, Dongkyun Kim, Tae-Woong Kim

23-06-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Wind Tunnel Test of Wind Load on a Typical Cross Line High-Speed Railway Station

Lei Zhao, Zhixiang Yu, Xin Qi, Hu Xu

02-07-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Effects of Stick-Slip in Behavior of Structures with Friction Damper under Near-Field Earthquakes

Valiollah Davari, Mohammad Reza Mansoori, Masoud Nekooei

01-07-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Adaptive Sampling Method of Suspension-Bridge Finite Element Models Based on Coupled Modeling Approach

Lingfeng Luo, Deshan Shan, Miao He

08-07-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

CFD and Mapping-Induced FSI Analyses of Soundproof Tunnels with Un-symmetric Shapes under a Turbulent Wind Load

Byung-Jik Son, Myung-Hyun Noh, Sang-Youl Lee

05-06-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Interaction Diagram of Arbitrarily Shaped Concrete Sections Determined by Constrained Nonlinear Optimization

Han-Soo Kim

01-07-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Numerical Simulation on Energy Concentration and Release Process of Strain Rockburst

Ang Lu, Peng Yan, Wenbo Lu, Ming Chen, Gaohui Wang, Sheng Luo, Xiao Liu

02-07-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Influence of Sub-zero Temperatures on the Dynamic Behaviour of Foam Concrete with Sand

Yongliang He, Mingshi Gao, Dong Xu, Xin Yu

25-06-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Mechanical Behavior of CCA Wall Infilled Steel Frames with Preset Vertical Slits

You-Sheng Yu, Ya-Nan Guo, Can Mei

02-07-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Study on the Effects of Pedestrians on the Aerostatic Response of a Long-Span Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

Yu Li, Zhe Chen, Shi-Jie Dong, Jia-Wu Li

23-06-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Seismic Performance Analysis of Buckling-Restrained Braced Steel Frames with Ductile Castings

Zhanzhong Yin, Bo Yang, Shuzhen An

10-07-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Modified Time-Dependent Model for Flexural Capacity Assessment of Corroded RC Elements

Behrouz Akbarian Reshvanlou, Kiarash Nasserasadi, Jamal Ahmadi

02-07-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Fire-Induced Failure of Long-Term Service and Fresh Concrete Beams Subjected to Fire

Meng Wang, Zhen Guo, Xiaoyan Jia, Yue Yin, Chuang Ma

08-07-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Behavior of Cantilever Composite Girder Bridges with CSWs under Eccentric Loading

Wenqin Deng, Duo Liu, Zongqing Peng, Jiandong Zhang

08-07-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Study of Temperature Field Inhomogeneities in Parallel Wire Strand Sections under ISO834 Fire

Wei Chen, Ruili Shen

02-07-2021 | Transportation Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Model for the Identification and Classification of Partially Damaged and Vandalized Traffic Signs

Ana Trpković, Milica Šelmić, Sreten Jevremović

23-06-2021 | Transportation Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Determining the Optimum Service Area and Station Location for Personal Mobility Sharing Services

Minhye Choi, Hunyoung Jung, Hyeryeong Lee

18-06-2021 | Transportation Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Resilience-Oriented Performance Assessment Method for Road-Traffic System: A Case Study in Beijing, China

Xiaoyong Ni, Toshihiro Osaragi, Hong Huang, Ruiqi Li, Anying Chen

10-07-2021 | Transportation Engineering | Issue 10/2021

A Study on Autonomous Intersection Management: Planning-Based Strategy Improved by Convolutional Neural Network

Jian Zhang, Xia Jiang, Ziyi Liu, Liang Zheng, Bin Ran

08-07-2021 | Tunnel Engineering | Issue 10/2021

Earth Pressure and Internal Forces of Tunnel Lining in Jet Grouting Reinforced Mud Stratum

Haibo Jiang, Shunhua Zhou, Honggui Di, Weitao Ye, Zhi Liu, Yu Zhao

23-06-2021 | Water Resources and Hydrologic Engineering | Issue 10/2021

The Evaluation of the Hydrogeological Parameters of a Field Pumping Test within Multi-layer Unconfined Pebble Aquifers: A Case Study

Jianjun Ma, Da Li, Man Wang

23-06-2021 | Water Resources and Hydrologic Engineering | Issue 10/2021

A Comparative Study on Prediction of Monthly Streamflow Using Hybrid ANFIS-PSO Approaches

Sandeep Samanataray, Abinash Sahoo

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