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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 12/2021

Issue 12/2021

Table of Contents ( 36 Articles )

19-08-2021 | Construction Management | Issue 12/2021

Deep Learning-Based Real-Time Crack Segmentation for Pavement Images

Wenjun Wang, Chao Su

06-08-2021 | Construction Management | Issue 12/2021

Scheduling Optimization of Prefabricated Buildings under Resource Constraints

Wei He, Wenjing Li, Xiaofeng Meng

31-08-2021 | Construction Management | Issue 12/2021

Internal Communication Effectiveness Model for Construction Companies: A Case Study of the Korean Construction Industry

Seokho Chi, Seonghyeon Moon, Du Yon Kim

19-08-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Optimisation of a Slope-Stabilisation System Combining Gabion-Faced Geogrid-Reinforced Retaining Wall with Embedded Piles

Yujia Wang, John V. Smith, Majidreza Nazem

15-08-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Empirically Based Rainfall Threshold for Landslides Occurrence in Peninsular Malaysia

Abdul Muaz Abu Mansor Maturidi, Norhidayu Kasim, Kamarudin Abu Taib, Wan Nur Aifa Wan Azahar, Husna Binti Ahmad Tajuddin

02-08-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Comparison of the Seepage Monitoring Results between Saturated and Unsaturated State Using Point Heat Source Method

Fengfei He, Jiang Chen, Feng Xiong

28-07-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Seismic Rotational Stability Analysis of Gravity Retaining Wall under Heavy Rainfall

Xiaoguang Li, Jie Liu

14-09-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Experimental Study on the Penetration of Natural Unsaturated and Collapsible Loess Based on the Permeability Velocity

Xin Wen, Yanlin Jing, Zhiping Hu, Jigang Shao, Jieru Li, Rui Wang

15-08-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Effect of Adding Zeolitic Tuff on Geotechnical Properties of Lime-Stabilized Expansive Soil

Samer R. Rabab’ah, Madhar M. Taamneh, Hussein M. Abdallah, Osama K. Nusier, Laith Ibdah

14-09-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Mechanical Performance of Vegetation-Growing Concrete Reinforced by Palm Fibers under Triaxial Compression

Xiaole Huang, Yu Ding, Wennian Xu, Shiyuan Xiong, Liming Liu

08-08-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Simulation of the Interaction of Micropiles and a Fault Rupture

Mojtaba Alizadeh, Mahdi Khodaparast, Ali M. Rajabi

08-08-2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Issue 12/2021

A New Method for Determination of 3D Active Earth Pressure of Unsaturated Backfills

Long Wang, Meijuan Xu, Jie Li, Wenhua Liu, De’an Sun

27-08-2021 | Hydraulic Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Sediment Load Characteristics in South Korean Rivers and Assessment of Sediment Transport Formulas

Eun-Kyung Jang, Un Ji

19-08-2021 | Railroad Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Crosswind Stability of Metro Train on a High-Pier Viaduct under Spatial Gust Environment in Mountain City

Yunfei Zhang, Li Li

15-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Experimental and Numerical Investigations of PVC-FRP Confined Concrete Column-RC Beam Joint Reinforced with Core Steel Tube under Axial Load

Feng Yu, Yucong Guan, Yuan Fang, Dongang Li

06-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Study on the Flexural Fatigue Performance of CFRP-OFBG Plate Reinforced Damaged Steel Beams

Langni Deng, Mengjun Zhong, Yang Liu, Ling Liao, Shijin Lai, Lizhen Lei, Zheng Zhou

15-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Effect of Viscous Damping Models on Displacement Ductility Demands for SDOF Systems

Zhibin Feng, Jinxin Gong

31-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Influence of Loading Conditions on the Residual Flexural Capacity of Reinforced Concrete T-beams after Fire Exposure

Caiwei Liu, Xiuliang Lu, Guangzhong Ba, Hao Liu, Jijun Miao

19-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Seismic Response of Two Site Models and Their Effects on the Railway Cable-Stayed Bridge

Jin Zhang, Zhen-yu Yang, Da-ping Yuan, Shi-xiong Zheng, Yi-ran Hu

13-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Experimental Study on Magnesium Sulfate Cement Concrete Splices of Widened Box Girder

Li-fang Zhang, Jun Yan, Hai-yan Ma, Hong-fa Yu, Ying Wang, Qi-quan Mei

27-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Generalized Anisotropic Sparse Grid Integrals Based on Adaptive High Dimension Model Representation for Moment Estimation

Zhengliang Li, Wenliang Fan, Runyu Liu, Xiangqian Sheng

06-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

A Novel Method of Crushing Glass Aggregates to Reduce the Alkali-Silica Reaction

Lianfang Sun, Minjae Kim, Jeung-Hwan Doh, Goangseup Zi

06-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Numerical Investigation of the Method of Structural Performance and Rehabilitation of Large-Diameter Buried Steel Pipes Subjected to Excessive Deformation: A Case Study of China

Jin-Hong Yu, Chang-Zheng Shi, He-Gao Wu, Zhu Ma

02-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Damage Index Based Seismic Failure Verification Method for SRC Frame Structures

He Zhang

06-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Study on Dynamic Bond-Slip Constitutive Relation of Corroded Mortar Anchor

Haitao Wang, Yue Xin, Pengbo Zhang, Minghua Cui

15-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Dynamic Performance of a Novel Prefabricated Curling Ice Rink: Human Locomotion Load Measurement and FE Simulation Analysis

Junxing Li, Wenyuan Zhang, Qiyong Yang

08-08-2021 | Structural Engineering | Issue 12/2021

RANS Simulation of Wind Loading on Vaulted Canopy Roofs

Edmundo Amaya-Gallardo, Adrián Pozos-Estrada, Roberto Gómez

14-09-2021 | Transportation Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Evaluation of Pedestrian Space Sequences according to Landscape Elements: Focus on Large-Scale Residential Complexes

Yu Jun Kim, Jong Gu Kim, Youn Won Kang, Je Jin Park

28-07-2021 | Tunnel Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Analytical Study on the Transverse Internal Forces of Shield Tunnel Segments due to Adjacent Excavations in Soft Clays

Bing-qiang Zhang, Wei Huang, Fu-quan Chen, Qi-yun Wang

08-08-2021 | Tunnel Engineering | Issue 12/2021

A Newly Developed State-of-the-Art Full-Scale Excavation Testing Apparatus for Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

Gi-Jun Lee, Hee-Hwan Ryu, Tae-Hyuk Kwon, Gye-Chun Cho, Kyoung-Yul Kim, Sungyun Hong

29-08-2021 | Tunnel Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Prediction of the Amount of Soil Discharged by an Earth Pressure Balanced Shield Machine Based on Feature Engineering

Zhu Wen, Zhen Wang, Xuening Rong, Xiaoli Rong, Ziming Xiong, Baohuai Yang

15-08-2021 | Tunnel Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Development of Equivalent Stress- and Strain- Dependent Model for Jointed Rock Mass and Its Application to Underground Structure

Song-Hun Chong, Ki-Il Song, Gye-Chun Cho

15-08-2021 | Tunnel Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Decoupling Analysis of Interaction between Tunnel Surrounding Rock and Support in Xigeda Formation Strata

Ping Zhou, Feicong Zhou, Jiayong Lin, Jinyi Li, Yifan Jiang, Bao Yang, Zhijie Wang

15-09-2021 | Water Resources and Hydrologic Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Hybrid Meta-heuristic Adaptive Fuzzy Inference Systems in Rockfill Dam Multi-objective Shape Optimization

Ali Mahmoud, Xiaohui Yuan, Yanbin Yua

08-08-2021 | Water Resources and Hydrologic Engineering | Issue 12/2021

Exploring the Factors Affecting Streamflow Conditions in the Han River Basin from a Regional Perspective

Sabab Ali Shah, Muhammad Jehanzaib, Joo-Heon Lee, Tae-Woong Kim

01-12-2021 | Erratum | Issue 12/2021

Erratum to: Optimization of Construction Material Cost through Logistics Planning Model of Dragonfly Algorithm – Particle Swarm Optimization

Pham Vu Hong Son, Nguyen Huynh Chi Duy, Pham Ton Dat

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