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17-09-2020 | Construction Management

Framework for Automated Generation of Constructible Steel Erection Sequences Using Structural Information of Static Indeterminacy Variation in BIM

For effective pre-construction process, engineers create a 4D building information model (BIM). However, the rich information associated with the creation of the 4D BIM leads to manual effort. Past studies explored methods that automatically …

17-09-2020 | Structural Engineering

A Novel Nonlinear Link Element for Direct Second-Order Analysis of Trusses Assembled by Weak Shear

The transverse shear effect and initial imperfection have significant influence on the post-buckling performance of weak shear stiffness struts such as pultruded fiber reinforced polyester (FRP) members and lattice column. A novel nonlinear link …

17-09-2020 | Structural Engineering

Evaluation of Cracking and Serviceability Performance of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Deep Beams

This paper investigated the diagonal crack propagation and serviceability performance of fifteen deep beams fabricated using lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC). Experimental variables included the shear span-depth ratio, beam section depth, and …

17-09-2020 | Structural Engineering

Experimental Investigation on the Bond Behavior of Deformed Bars in a Class of Structural Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Concrete

The structural expanded polystyrene (EPS) concrete (above 35 MPa) has the potential to be used as metro track bed to reduce and isolate vibration, but its bond behavior is still unclear. This inhibits its application because it is often used in …

17-09-2020 | Structural Engineering

Optimization of the Structural Parameters of the Vertical Trabeculae Beetle Elytron Plate Based on the Mechanical and Thermal Insulation Properties

According to the excellent structure of the beetle elytron plate (BEP), a new type of bionic prefabricated wallboard with vertical trabeculae and honeycomb walls (the vertical trabeculae beetle elytron plate: VBEPsc) was proposed. The …

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The KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering is a technical journal published bimonthly by the Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE). The journal publishes original papers within the broad field of civil engineering which include, but are not limited to, the following: Coastal and Harbor Engineering, Construction Management, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Highway Engineering, Information Technology, Nuclear Power Engineering, Railroad Engineering, Structural Engineering, Surveying and Geo-Spatial Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Tunnel Engineering, Water Engineering.

Theoretical papers, practice-oriented papers including case studies, state-of-the-art reviews are all welcomed and encouraged for the advance of science and technology in civil engineering.

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