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latest online articles

Panel discussion at the 11th International Engine Congress 2024: No climate protection without the internal combustion engine!

28-02-2024 | Internal Combustion Engine | Editor´s Pick | News

The Dogmatic Path to E-mobility Shifts the Problem

How can CO2 emissions be reduced in the transport and energy sectors? What is important now was the topic of the panel discussion at the 11th International Engine Congress.

11th International Engine Congress in Baden-Baden

28-02-2024 | Internal Combustion Engine | Editor´s Pick | News

Combustion Engines for Climate Protection

The 11th edition of the International Motor Congress takes place in Baden-Baden on February 27 and 28, 2024. With 280 participants on site and a further 50 who have joined online.

Infographic: New Car Registrations in Germany by Fuel Type 2022 and 2023

27-02-2024 | Drivetrain | Infographic | Article

Gasoline Cars and Hybrids are the Most Popular

In 2023, it was mainly gasoline-powered cars that were newly registered in Germany. New registrations of BEVs also increased. However, hybrids are still more popular than purely electric cars.


26-02-2024 | Hydrogen | In the Spotlight | Article

A Comparison of International Hydrogen Strategies

What are the strategies of individual countries for the use of hydrogen? The "H2 Kompass" project has documented which goals are being pursued, how hydrogen is to be produced and where it is to be used.

Which country is pursuing which battery strategy?

22-02-2024 | Battery | In the Spotlight | Article

Comparison of Battery Strategies in Different Countries

Countries around the world are developing political strategies for battery technologies. A current Fraunhofer study compares battery policies. It analyzes lithium-ion, solid-state and alternative batteries.


20-02-2024 | Automotive Industry | Editor´s Pick | News

Infineon Concludes New SiC Supply Agreements

Two orders for 150 mm SiC wafers: Infineon Technologies has announced new supply agreements with SK Siltron CSS and Wolfspeed.

Magna eDrive

16-02-2024 | Drivetrain | Editor´s Pick | News

Magna Presents New 800 V eDrive

The next-generation eDrive solution was presented at CES 2024. The drive delivers up to 250 kW of power and can also be installed rotated by 90°.

China fuel mix image

16-02-2024 | Electro Mobility | In the Spotlight | Article

China Leads in E-mobility, but not in the Electricity Mix

A consistent industrial policy has helped China to become the world market leader in electromobility. This also includes the production of batteries. However, the electricity mix in China itself means that this form of mobility is by no means regenerative.

Ford Trucks F-Line-Series

13-02-2024 | Commercial Vehicles | Editor´s Pick | News

Ford Trucks Presents New F-Line Series

Ford Trucks has presented the new F-Line series. The new truck series consists of road vehicles, construction vehicles and tractor units.

Chery development team in Raunheim

12-02-2024 | Companies + Institutions | Editor´s Pick | News

Chery Expands Development Center

Chery is expanding its development center in Raunheim near Frankfurt. This was announced by the Chinese vehicle manufacturer in the run-up to the market launch of its two models Omoda 5 and Jaecoo 7.

BYD Seal U

09-02-2024 | Sport Utility Vehicle | Editor´s Pick | News

BYD Launches a New Electric SUV with the Seal U

BYD is expanding its range of vehicles in Germany with the all-electric family SUV Seal U. The five-seater can travel up to 500 km on a single charge.

VW Golf Facelift

08-02-2024 | Compact Car | Editor´s Pick | News

Volkswagen Unveils the Revamped Golf 8

The VW Golf gets a facelift for its 50th birthday. The changes mainly affect much-criticized points in the interior. The PHEV models now offer a purely electric range of around 100 km.

Porsche Macan Turbo

07-02-2024 | Sport Utility Vehicle | Editor´s Pick | News

Porsche Presents New 800-Volt Macan SUV

Porsche has presented its second battery-electric model: The new Porsche Macan will be launched this year as the Macan 4 and the Macan Turbo.

STLA Large-Plattform

06-02-2024 | Automotive Engineering | Editor´s Pick | News

Stellantis Presents STLA Large Platform

Stellantis unveils STLA Large, the second of its four electric car platforms. Electric vehicles from Dodge, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler and Maserati are to be built on this platform.

Material Sample in a Quantum Magnetometer

25-01-2024 | Materials Technology | Editor´s Pick | News

Quantum Magnetometers Detect the Smallest Material Defects at an Early Stage

Automotive engineering or aerospace need reliable and resistant materials. Quantum magnetometers can be used to detect the smallest damage before the materials show any recognizable cracks.

Number of Publicly Accessible Charging Points for Electric Vehicles in Germany by Performance Class from 2017 to 2023

23-01-2024 | Charging Infrastructure | Infographic | Article

More and More Charging Points with High Charging Power

In Germany, more and more charging points are offering high-power charging. Nevertheless, standard charging points continue to dominate.

Artificial Intelligence

22-01-2024 | Automotive Electronics + Software | In the Spotlight | Article

Why Not All AI is the Same

ChatGPT, GenAI and the power of algorithms are making headlines and fueling the AI debate. But what is behind these technologies? An overview.

Electric vehicles can help to stabilise the electricity grid as intermediate storage units.

22-01-2024 | Charging Infrastructure | In the Spotlight | Article

Bidirectional Charging Still Reaches Its Limits

Bidirectional charging promises greater energy security: Electric car batteries that absorb and release electricity could compensate for the fluctuating energy supply from renewable sources. But it's not that simple.

International ATZ Congress "Automated Driving"

22-01-2024 | Automated Driving | On Our Own | Article

Automated Driving: Engineering Level X

The 9th International ATZ Conference "Automated Driving" will focus on current developments in the field of automated driving and assistance systems. ATZlive and cooperation partner Continental invite you for an exchange of ideas to Frankfurt am Main (Germany) on March 19 and 20, 2024. Register now!

Unimog test vehicle with hydrogen combustion engine

19-01-2024 | Off-highway | Editor´s Pick | News

Mercedes-Benz Tests Unimog with H2 Engine

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks has developed a Unimog with a hydrogen combustion engine. The prototype is currently in test use for mowing.