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01-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Disrupted classes, undisrupted learning during COVID-19 outbreak in China: application of open educational practices and resources

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in China, the Chinese government decided to ban any type of face-to-face teaching, disrupting classes and resulting in over 270 million students being unable to return to their universities/schools.

Ronghuai Huang, Ahmed Tlili, Ting-Wen Chang, Xiangling Zhang, Fabio Nascimbeni, Daniel Burgos

01-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Bayesian hierarchical analyses for entrepreneurial intention of students

In recent years, entrepreneurship has become an important issue due to national economic development and the contribution of society. Data with a hierarchical structure received more attention and occur frequently in social science, public health …

Mesfin Mulu Ayalew

01-12-2020 | IMG 2016 | Issue 1-4/2020

Simulation of 3D flow and solute transport in fractured rock at Äspö, Sweden

The code d3f++ developed under the leadership of GRS for simulating 3D flow and solute transport includes an advanced formulation for fracture flow and transport in lower-dimensional elements that has still been in need of qualification. A variety …

Klaus-Peter Kröhn

01-12-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Ranking and grouping social media requests for emergency services using serviceability model

Social media has become an alternative communication mechanism for the public to reach out to emergency services during time-sensitive events. However, the information overload of social media experienced by these services, coupled with their …

Hemant Purohit, Carlos Castillo, Rahul Pandey

01-12-2020 | Technical Notes | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Does political risk matter for economic and financial risks in Venezuela?

In this paper, the time–frequency dependency of political risk as well as economic and financial risks is explored in Venezuela using quarterly data from 1984Q1 to 2018Q4. The present study uses the wavelet coherence technique, which allows the …

Dervis Kirikkaleli

01-12-2020 | Original article | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Selecting a coastal cruise port of call location in mainland China using the AHP method

Increasing needs of mass tourism give the cruise industry opportunity to booming rapidly. The remarkable contribution of the cruise industry makes the port cities incorporate cruise tourism into development strategy. Whether a cruise port was …

Yuanyuan Zhu, Juehao Cheng

01-12-2020 | Research article | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Interaction in computer supported collaborative learning: an analysis of the implementation phase

There is extensive research on interaction frameworks in distance education and studies in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) have also focused on establishing interaction models. There is still research to be done, though, in order …

Núria Hernández-Sellés, Pablo-César Muñoz-Carril, Mercedes González-Sanmamed

01-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

On the “missing link” between formal organization and informal social structure

Over the last 40 years, organizational scholars have repeatedly called for more research to reconcile formalist and social network approaches to the intra-organizational structure. The former has primarily been concerned with the reporting …

Starling David Hunter III, Henrik Bentzen, Jan Taug

01-12-2020 | Regular article | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Which politicians receive abuse? Four factors illuminated in the UK general election 2019

The 2019 UK general election took place against a background of rising online hostility levels toward politicians, and concerns about the impact of this on democracy, as a record number of politicians cited the abuse they had been receiving as a …

Genevieve Gorrell, Mehmet E. Bakir, Ian Roberts, Mark A. Greenwood, Kalina Bontcheva

01-12-2020 | Case Study | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Transforming corporate headquarters: a case study of a collaborative journey

Transforming the organizational structure of a headquarters in order to decentralize authority and decrease its size remains a huge challenge for international corporations looking for agility. One of the main issues is how to overcome the inertia …

Stephanie Chasserio, Sophie Botte

01-12-2020 | Research Primer | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Latent organizing for responding to emergencies: foundations for research

Time and again, many organizations and their staff members must respond to unexpected catastrophes like hurricanes (e.g., Katrina), virus pandemics (e.g., COVID-19), or other major emergencies. As a result, some organizations allow their employees …

Paul C. van Fenema, A. Georges L. Romme

01-12-2020 | Original article | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

A competitive analysis of port of Hong Kong: from external to internal

This paper aims to analyse the competitive equilibrium of Hong Kong international port after the cooperation among terminal operators. To achieve our research objective, a comprehensive analysis framework is proposed. We assume that the port …

Zihua Liu, Dong Yang, Y. N. Eppie Ng

01-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Preservice teachers perceptions about the use of blended learning in a science education methods course

The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine the effectiveness of blended learning within the context of a science education methods course for early childhood elementary preservice teachers in Turkey. Elementary teachers historically …

Özkan Yılmaz, Kathy L. Malone

01-12-2020 | Point of View | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

The tyranny of the head office? Revisiting corporate headquarters’ (CHQs) role in MNE subsidiary initiatives

What roles should corporate headquarters (CHQs) of multinational enterprises (MNEs) play in foreign subsidiary initiatives? Rather than viewing the MNE’s CHQ as a single, internally homogenous unit, we call for examining the diversity of …

Alain Verbeke, Wenlong Yuan

01-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Praxis pedagogy in teacher education

This paper presents and analyses a pedagogical model which focuses on ‘praxis’. Portfolio dialogue, case writing and signature pedagogy mapping are all identified as central to this model. These pedagogical practices intend to create a possibility …

Julie Arnold, Brian Mundy

01-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Current state of open educational resources in the Arab region: an investigation in 22 countries

While several studies were conducted to investigate the current state of Open Educational Resources (OER) in several regions (e.g., Europe, America, Middle East and MENA), to the best of our knowledge, no study was conducted to cover the entire …

Ahmed Tlili, Mohamed Jemni, Mohamed Koutheair Khribi, Ronghuai Huang, Ting-Wen Chang, Dejian Liu

01-12-2020 | Point of View | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Gaps in the structuring of organizations in the graduate employment context in Uganda

The complexity of global challenges requires that organizations collaborate with one another. To do this, stakeholders need flexible structures that are designed in a way that allows organizations to collaborate. However, it is not known whether …

Peter Dithan Ntale, Jude Ssempebwa, Badiru Musisi, Genza Gyaviira Musoke, Kimoga Joseph, C. B. Mugimu, Ngoma Muhammed, Joseph Ntayi

01-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Uncovering the internal structure of Boko Haram through its mobility patterns

Boko Haram has caused nearly 40,000 casualties in Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad, becoming one of the deadliest Jihadist organisations in recent history. At its current rate, Boko Haram takes part in more than two events each day, taking the …

Rafael Prieto Curiel, Olivier Walther, Neave O’Clery

01-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Corruption and complexity: a scientific framework for the analysis of corruption networks

According to United Nations, corruption is a systemic and adaptive phenomenon that requires comprehensive and multidisciplinary approaches for its effective prevention and combat. However, traditional approaches lack the analytical tools to handle …

Issa Luna-Pla, José R. Nicolás-Carlock

01-12-2020 | Research article | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Educational innovation projects in Dutch higher education: bottom-up contextual coping to deal with organizational challenges

Understanding the process of initiation, design, implementation and embedding of educational innovations in higher education is necessary to develop better strategies for sustainable, large-scale educational innovation. Often early initiated …

Martine Schophuizen, Marco Kalz

01-12-2020 | Research article | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

University teachers' perception of barriers to the use of digital technologies: the importance of the academic discipline

Digital technologies are currently one of the most used resources among students for developing their personalized learning environment. However, recent studies continue to demonstrate a lack of usage on the part of teaching staff for developing …

Cristina Mercader, Joaquín Gairín

01-12-2020 | Research article | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

LMS-enabled blended learning utilization in distance tertiary education: establishing the relationships among facilitating conditions, voluntariness of use and use behaviour

Distance education has evolved partly through technologies that defined them in the various generations of distance education delivery. However, in the twenty-first century, the use of Learning Management System (LMS) has changed the face of …

Brandford Bervell, Valentina Arkorful

01-12-2020 | Research article | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Prerequisites for artificial intelligence in further education: identification of drivers, barriers, and business models of educational technology companies

The ongoing datafication of our social reality has resulted in the emergence of new data-based business models. This development is also reflected in the education market. An increasing number of educational technology (EdTech) companies are …

André Renz, Romy Hilbig

01-12-2020 | Original Article | Issue 1/2020

On knowledge-transfer characterization in dynamic attributed networks

How do social aspects influence knowledge transfer in dynamic attributed networks? We address this issue by characterizing the behavior of the actors and their dynamic interactions based on the strategic positioning in a social structure. For …

Thiago H. P. Silva, Alberto H. F. Laender, Pedro O. S. Vaz de Melo

01-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Hybrid gradient descent spider monkey optimization (HGDSMO) algorithm for efficient resource scheduling for big data processing in heterogenous environment

Big Data constructed based on the advancement of distributed computing and virtualization is considered as the current emerging trends in Data Analytics. It is used for supporting potential utilization of computing resources focusing on, on-demand …

V. Seethalakshmi, V. Govindasamy, V. Akila

04-08-2020 | Research Article

A novel circulated air curtain system to confine the transmission of exhaled contaminants: A numerical and experimental investigation

Air curtain is an efficient device for cutting off airflow and confining contaminants. Inspired by the ability, a circulated air curtain composed of end-to-end plane jets generated by a relay of air pillars is proposed to confine exhaled …

Haixin Wang, Hua Qian, Rong Zhou, Xiaohong Zheng


Towards Improved Compliance with Human Rights Decisions in the African Human Rights System: Enhancing the Role of Civil Society

To ensure the protection and promotion of human rights at the African regional level, the African human rights system was established and has been in existence for over three decades. In realisation of its mandates, three supervisory mechanisms …

Anthony Ebruphihor Etuvoata

04-08-2020 | Original Paper

Responsible Management Education as Socialization: Business Students’ Values, Attitudes and Intentions

The growing interest in sustainable development in all sectors of the economy has fostered a noteworthy shift toward responsible management education (RME). This emerging view underscores that business schools provide students with more than just …

Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Mehrdokht Pournader, Jennifer S. A. Leigh


A tailored participatory action research for foss communities

Participatory Action Research (PAR) is an established method to implement change in organizations. However, it cannot be applied in the open source (FOSS) communities, without adaptation to their particularities, especially to the specific control …

Adam Alami, Peter Axel Nielsen, Andrzej Wa̧sowski


Civil War, Institutional Change, and the Criminalization of the State: Evidence from Guatemala

The relationship between war and state formation is a central topic in the social sciences. While scholarship on interstate war posits that conflict triggers extractive processes that build the state, research findings on the effects of intrastate …

Rachel A. Schwartz

02-08-2020 | Original Paper

Mastering the Use of Control Variables: the Hierarchical Iterative Control (HIC) Approach

There has been growing criticism of the established practice of automatically including control variables into analyses, especially with survey studies. Several authors have explained the pitfalls of improper use and have provided some best …

Paul E. Spector

01-08-2020 | Original Article | Issue 4/2020

Drivers of change in sustainable water management and agricultural development in South Africa: a participatory approach

To develop a sustainable and vibrant agricultural sector capable of meeting the food demands of the growing population, freshwater in agriculture must be used efficiently and effectively to ensure sustainable socio-economic development of the …

Y. S. Nyam, J. H. Kotir, A. J. Jordaan, A. A. Ogundeji, A. R. Turton


Women in the IT Sector: Queen Bee and Gender Judo Strategies

Women in IT are a minority and the situation is not improving. Data from Statistics Canada from 1991 to 2011 show the engineering sectors do not count very many women. Thus, it is observed that while Canada has policies on gender equity and women …

Valérie Harvey, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay

01-08-2020 | Original Paper

Fostering System-Level Perspective Taking when Designing for Change in Educational Systems

A core element of systems thinking is perspective taking. Perspectives help people distinguish between salient and irrelevant information, take particular types of actions, and make sense of the world. In this article, we consider what systems …

Steven Weiner, Melissa Warr, Punya Mishra

01-08-2020 | Research paper | Issue 8/2020

Nano-luminescent material: research hotspots, core patents, and major patentee mining based on social network analysis

The surge in patents has dramatically increased the difficulty of obtaining real technical features through patent analysis. In this article, from the macro-, meso-, and microperspectives of the knowledge structure in the field of nano-luminescent …

Tingwei Zhao, Xiuzhu Zhu, Minghan Sun


OrgBR-M: a method to assist in organizing bibliographic material based on formal concept analysis—a case study in educational data mining

For conducting a literature review is necessary a preliminary organization of the available bibliographic material. In this article, we present a novel method called OrgBR-M (method to organize bibliographic references), based on the formal …

Marcos Wander Rodrigues, Luis Enrique Zárate

31-07-2020 | Original Paper

Enhancing STEM Majors’ College Trigonometry Learning through Collaborative Mobile Apps Coding

STEM major students often enter colleges with a need to strengthen their foundational mathematics, such as trigonometry. We designed an innovative undergraduate course that aims to strengthen students’ trigonometry knowledge application through …

Yu-Chang Hsu, Yu-Hui Ching, Janet Callahan, Doug Bullock

31-07-2020 | Original Paper

Educational experiences with Generation Z

The development of the “knowledge society” implies social transformation in which citizens need not only knowledge but also new skills and competencies, some unpredictable, to face new situations. Students of Generation Z are authentic digital …

Marcela Hernandez-de-Menendez, Carlos A. Escobar Díaz, Ruben Morales-Menendez

30-07-2020 Open Access

Managers’ work and behaviour patterns in profitable growth SMEs

We investigated managers’ work and behaviour patterns in profitable growth small- and medium-sized Swedish companies, and considered how these patterns might be associated with good health outcomes. Specifically, we looked at hours worked by …

Elena Ahmadi, Gloria Macassa, Johan Larsson

30-07-2020 | Original Paper

Governing Common-Property Assets: Theory and Evidence from Agriculture

This paper introduces a refined approach to conceptualising the commons in order to shed new light on cooperative practices. Specifically, it proposes the novel concept of Common-Property Assets (CPAs). CPAs are exclusively human-made resources …

Simon Cornée, Madeg Le Guernic, Damien Rousselière


Thes City and the Barracas: Urban Change, Spatial Differentiation and Citizenship in Maputo

The paper discusses Maputo municipality’s plans for the modernisation of the Mercado do Museu, an iconic informal market located in the high-end Polana neighbourhood, which has long been a place for fervent social encounter among people from …

Sandra Roque, Miguel Mucavele, Nair Noronha

30-07-2020 | Article Open Access

An Empirical Exploration of the Capabilities of People with Disabilities in Coping with Disasters

While the capability approach is increasingly being adopted for evaluating well-being and social justice in the field of human development, this approach in disaster research has remained scarce. This research thus seeks to address the disaster …

Khanh That Ton, J C Gaillard, Carole Adamson, Caglar Akgungor, Ha Thanh Ho

29-07-2020 Open Access

Navigating Climate Adaptation on Public Lands: How Views on Ecosystem Change and Scale Interact with Management Approaches

Managers are increasingly being asked to integrate climate change adaptation into public land management. The literature discusses a range of adaptation approaches, including managing for resistance, resilience, and transformation; but many …

Katherine R. Clifford, Laurie Yung, William R. Travis, Renee Rondeau, Betsy Neely, Imtiaz Rangwala, Nina Burkardt, Carina Wyborn

29-07-2020 | Original Paper

Engineering education for smart 4.0 technology: a review

Industry 4.0 (I4), defined as the integration of information and communication technology with industrial advances to develop digital factories, will transform production processes by making them more efficient, green, and flexible. Manufacturers …

Marcela Hernandez-de-Menendez, Carlos A. Escobar Díaz, Ruben Morales-Menendez

29-07-2020 | Praxisbeitrag Open Access

Führung auf Distanz und gesunde Führung bei mobiler Arbeit

Unternehmen sind geführte Institutionen. Juristisch gesehen setzen sie sich wesentlich über Arbeitsverträge zusammen. Diese beinhalten das sog. Direktionsrecht des Arbeitgebers, d. h., er selbst oder von ihm damit beauftragte Personen …

Thomas Breisig

29-07-2020 | Issue 2/2020

Development of Corrosion and Heat-Resistant Nickel Alloys and their Production Technology with the Aim of Import Substitution

Alloys VZhL738, VZhL792 and VZhL939 developed FSUE VIAM for casting large rotor blades and nozzle vanes for medium and high power from 25 to 280 MW and higher gas turbines will ensure technological independence of the Russian Federation from …

P. G. Min, V. V. Sidorov, V. E. Vadeev, V. V. Kramer

28-07-2020 Open Access

A balancing act: Swedish occupational safety and health inspectors’ reflections on their bureaucratic role when supervising micro-enterprises

The safety and health of many workers employed in micro-enterprises (with less than 10 employees) is poor, and legal arrangements related to working environments remain a considerable challenge in these enterprises. The aim of this study is to …

Emma Hagqvist, Stig Vinberg, Susanna Toivanen, Bodil J. Landstad


New evidence on the soft budget constraint: Chinese environmental policy effectiveness in SOE-dominated cities

This paper analyzes the efficiency of a set of environmental measures introduced by China’s 11th Five-Year Plan in 2006, using a rich and unique data set assembled from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the State Environmental …

Mathilde Maurel, Thomas Pernet


The smartization of metropolitan cities: the case of Paris

Although the smart city literature is continuously increasing these last decades, there is still a need to better understand what make their essence and smartness. The aim of the study is to deepen the understanding of the business model logic of …

Insaf Khelladi, Sylvaine Castellano, David Kalisz

27-07-2020 | Original Paper Open Access

The role of heads of departments in the commercialization of university research

The commercialization of knowledge has become increasingly important for universities worldwide. Today, the acquisition of third-party funds, the filing of patents and the foundation of spin-offs are seen as similarly relevant to other academic …

Karl-Heinz Leitner, Sabine Bergner, Robert Rybnicek

27-07-2020 | Article Open Access

Closing the Gaps in Disaster Management and Response: Drawing on Local Experiences with Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe

Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe exposed deficiencies in the country’s disaster management system. This study uses a phenomenological case exploration of the experiences of local residents in Rusitu Valley following cyclone-induced floods that affected …

Nelson Chanza, Pakama Q. Siyongwana, Leizel Williams-Bruinders, Veronica Gundu-Jakarasi, Chipo Mudavanhu, Vusomuzi B. Sithole, Albert Manyani


GDP growth incentives and earnings management: evidence from China

Using data from China, we examine whether and how the incentive to boost GDP growth at the government level affects earnings management at the firm level. We find that firms in provinces with GDP growth lower than the national level or the average …

Xia Chen, Qiang Cheng, Ying Hao, Qiang Liu

27-07-2020 Open Access

Does Gender Diversity Affect Workplace Happiness for Academics? The Role of Diversity Management and Organizational Inclusion

The author investigated the relationship between gender diversity and organizational inclusion and moved forward to examine whether gender diversity, diversity management and organizational inclusion predict workplace happiness by collecting 320 …

Mohamed Mousa

27-07-2020 Open Access

Kornai on the affinity of systems: Is China today an illiberal capitalist system or a communist dictatorship?

More than 40 years ago, János Kornai introduced his famous supermarket metaphor. Socioeconomic systems cannot be constructed from purposely selected features, similar to customers in a supermarket, who can freely put into their shopping trolley …

Péter Mihályi, Iván Szelényi

27-07-2020 Open Access

Teachers responding to cultural diversity: case studies on assessment practices, challenges and experiences in secondary schools in Austria, Ireland, Norway and Turkey

Global mobility and economic and political crises in some parts of the world have fuelled migration and brought new constellations of ‘cultural diversity’ to European classrooms (OECD 2019). This produces new challenges for teaching, but also for …

Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger, Herbert Altrichter, Martin Brown, Denise Burns, Guri A. Nortvedt, Guri Skedsmo, Eline Wiese, Funda Nayir, Magdalena Fellner, Gerry McNamara, Joe O’Hara


Who revolts? Income, political freedom and the Egyptian revolution

This study addresses the question: who is likely to participate in a public revolt against autocratic governments? In doing so, it asserts that a greater emancipative value, primarily, as well as a greater importance placed on politics and living …

Fady Mansour, Tesa Leonce, Franklin G. Mixon Jr.

27-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Methodology for Constructing a Project Management Information System Based on the Enterprise Application Integration

A review of the interrelated business and IT aspects of constructing a project management information system based on the enterprise application integration (EAI), such as ERP and software, is performed. Methodologies for constructing PMIS are …

M. A. Tulupov


(Un)doing Spatially Fixed Inequality: Critical Reflections on Urban School District-Community Partnerships

Utilizing critical geography, critical history, and critical educational studies as guideposts, this article examines community organizing and school district partnerships as relevant to improving urban public education reform efforts and …

Melinda Lemke

26-07-2020 Open Access

A dynamical system approach for detection and reaction to human guidance in physical human–robot interaction

A seamless interaction requires two robotic behaviors: the leader role where the robot rejects the external perturbations and focuses on the autonomous execution of the task, and the follower role where the robot ignores the task and complies with …

Mahdi Khoramshahi, Aude Billard

26-07-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Using implementation science to inform the integration of electronic patient-reported experience measures (ePREMs) into healthcare quality improvement: description of a theory-based application in primary care

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement [ 1 ] identifies the improvement of patient experience of care as one of the Triple Aims for optimizing health system performance, along with improving the health of populations and reducing the per capita …

Kimberly Manalili, Maria J. Santana, ISOQOL PROMs/PREMs in clinical practice implementation science work group


Design requirements of a modern business Master’s degree course: perspectives of industry practitioners

Contemporary industry practices must be appropriately reflected in designing modern-day teaching and learning programmes. Existing studies are limited to systematic methodologies for accumulating contemporary practice requirements and using that …

Shah J Miah, Ian Solomonides

24-07-2020 | Original Paper

Location choice and costly product differentiation in a mixed duopoly

This paper introduces costly product differentiation into a mixed duopoly with strategic location choice in the first stage and price competition in the second stage. Initially, both firms locate at the center with no product differentiation. We …

Hongkun Ma, X. Henry Wang, Chenhang Zeng

24-07-2020 | Original Paper Open Access

Without actors, there is no action: How interpersonal interactions help to explain routine dynamics

In this paper, we argue that it is important to gain a better understanding on how people interact with each other to explain routine dynamics. Thus, we propose to focus on the interpersonal interactions of actors which is not only the fact that …

Anja Danner-Schröder

23-07-2020 | Research Paper

Sport Participation and Happiness Among Older Adults: A Mediating Role of Social Capital

As the global population ages rapidly, from a positive aging view, promoting later life through sport participation has been recognized as strategies for maintaining and boosting the social and psychological health of older people. To better …

Amy Chan Hyung Kim, Jungsu Ryu, Chungsup Lee, Kyung Min Kim, Jinmoo Heo

23-07-2020 | Original Paper

Ambitious Women: Gender and Voter Perceptions of Candidate Ambition

Are ambitious women punished in politics? Building on literature from negotiation, we argue that women candidates who are perceived to be ambitious are more likely to face social backlash. We first explore what the term ‘ambitious’ means to …

Sparsha Saha, Ana Catalano Weeks

23-07-2020 | Hauptbeiträge Open Access

Hybride Organisationen führen – das Beispiel Hochschule

Hybridität ist ein organisationssoziologisch etabliertes Konzept, dass die Multirationalität moderner Organisationen abbildet. Hybride Organisation spiegelt die komplexen und widersprüchlichen Beziehungen zu unterschiedlichen gesellschaftlichen …

Prof. Dr. Stefan Busse

23-07-2020 | Original Paper

A Social Commons Ethos in Public Policy-Making

In the business ethics literature, a commons paradigm orients theorizing toward how civil society can promote collaboration and collectively govern shared resources, and implicates the common good—the ethics of providing social conditions that …

Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Aimee Dinnin Huff, Neil Bendle

22-07-2020 | Original Research Open Access

Emerging Topics in Brexit Debate on Twitter Around the Deadlines

A Probabilistic Topic Modelling Approach

The present study is focused on the online debate relating to the Brexit process, three years and half since the historical referendum that has sanctioned the divide of the United Kingdom from the European Union. In our analysis we consider a …

Emiliano del Gobbo, Sara Fontanella, Annalina Sarra, Lara Fontanella

22-07-2020 | Original Article

Girls’ participation in formal education: a case of Maasai pastoralists in Tanzania

The study explores the participation of girls in primary education among the pastoralist community of Tanzania, and the way formal education facilitates the creation of the capabilities girls value. It specifically explores people’s views on …

Adella Raymond

22-07-2020 | FEATURE ARTICLE

The Limitations of the Expert

“Trust the experts!” That may be the catch phrase of the coronavirus pandemic. At one time or another, it’s been used by Donald J. Trump and Nancy Pelosi, Governors and Mayors regardless of political party, university presidents and business …

Harold J. Laski

22-07-2020 | Research Article-Systems Engineering

Optimal Strategy for a Closed-Loop Supply Chain Considering Recycling and Warranty Channels

In this paper, four closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) game models with different recycling channels and warranty channels are proposed: (a) manufacturer recycling and warranty model, (b) manufacturer recycling and retailer warranty model, (c) …

Ying Ji, Hui Yang, Shaojian Qu, Mohamed Nabe

22-07-2020 Open Access

Use of public information for road-capacity reductions: a study of mediating strategies during tunnel rehabilitations in Oslo

In this paper, two public information campaigns were analysed. These were related to capacity reductions, caused by maintenance work, in two main road tunnels—at Smestad and Bryn in Oslo. The paper analyses the campaigns’ characteristics and their …

Anders Tønnesen, Oddrun Helen Hagen, Aud Tennøy


Does external R&D matter for family firm innovation? Evidence from the Italian manufacturing industry

This article focuses on the relationship between external R&D and firm innovation output. Using a sample of Italian manufacturing firms over the period 2007–2009, we estimate the effect of R&D collaboration with the aim to detect differences …

Francesco Aiello, Paola Cardamone, Lidia Mannarino, Valeria Pupo

21-07-2020 Open Access

New and small firms in a modern working life: how do we make entrepreneurship healthy?

The interplay between health, entrepreneurship and small and emerging businesses is a research field receiving growing interest. Studies point to both health-related risks and opportunities, which have implications for the social and economic …

Magnus Klofsten, Ellen MacEachen, Christian Ståhl

21-07-2020 Open Access

Toward artificial governance? The role of artificial intelligence in shaping the future of corporate governance

The article explores the impact of the ongoing progress and adaptation of artificial intelligence on the practice of the corporate governance. It applies three lenses to artificial governance—the business, technology and society lenses—to assess …

Michael Hilb

21-07-2020 | Original Paper Open Access

Psychology in management accounting and control research: an overview of the recent literature

For decades, management accounting and control (MAC) researchers have employed a diverse set of source disciplines to predict and examine behavior, and psychology is among the most frequently drawn upon. Although the literature confirms that …

Lisa-Marie Wibbeke, Maik Lachmann

21-07-2020 | Original Paper Open Access

Corona and value change. The role of social media and emotional contagion

People share their emotions on social media and evidence suggests that in times of crisis people are especially motivated to post emotional content. The current Coronavirus pandemic is such a crisis. The online sharing of emotional content during …

Steffen Steinert

21-07-2020 Open Access

Security, Privacy and Risks Within Smart Cities: Literature Review and Development of a Smart City Interaction Framework

The complex and interdependent nature of smart cities raises significant political, technical, and socioeconomic challenges for designers, integrators and organisations involved in administrating these new entities. An increasing number of studies …

Elvira Ismagilova, Laurie Hughes, Nripendra P. Rana, Yogesh K. Dwivedi

20-07-2020 | Issue 3-4/2020

Legal corruption?

“Legal corruption” may strike many scholars as a contradiction in terms, but in fact the concept can be essential if we are to understand the sources and consequences of corruption issues in politics. The analytical definition of corruption, as …

Oguzhan Dincer, Michael Johnston


A Multivariate Minimum Cost Consensus Model for Negotiations of Holdout Demolition

Incidences of holdouts, as group events, have appeared most frequently in many countries. The underlying cause of these occurrences of high frequency has been closely related to multiple objectives or various conflicts of interest of stakeholders.

Yong Liu, Ting Zhou, Jeffrey Yi-Lin Forrest

20-07-2020 | Original Paper

The impacts of organizational structure on operational performance through innovation capability: innovative culture as moderator

This study aims to test the impact of organizational structure on the innovation capability and operational performance of manufacturing firms considering innovation capability as a moderator. Data were collected through a survey completed by 212 …

Mohammad Iranmanesh, Kavigtha Mohan Kumar, Behzad Foroughi, Reza Kian Mavi, Ng Hui Min

20-07-2020 | ARTICLES Open Access

Malcolm X and the Philosophical Theology of James H. Cone

Malcolm X emerged as one of the foremost and formidable leaders of the late 50s and early 60s. He esteemed and affirmed black culture, history, and beauty, thus igniting a nationalistic movement that injected “Black Power” and “Black Pride” into …

Maurice Pugh


Democracy, Natural Resources, and Infectious Diseases: the Case of Malaria, 1990–2016

Recently, work on the natural resource curse thesis has extended to testing the effects of natural resources on public health. Focusing on the case of malaria, this paper examines the effects of the interaction between resource dependence and …

Wen-Yang Chang

20-07-2020 | ARTICLES

Dreaming Differently About Freedom: Malcolm X and Muhammad Speaks

This essay traces the emancipatory imagination of Malcolm X and the newspaper Muhammad Speaks. As a minister in the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X laid the foundation for the newspaper’s style, content, and grassroots approach. Even after Malcolm X’s …

Khuram Hussain

20-07-2020 | Original Research

Influence of Employee Attributes, Work Context and Human Resource Management Practices on Employee Job Engagement

Scholars have suggested that employee engagement depends on their personal attributes, as well as the work contexts and human resources management practices of organizations. Little study however exists in professional firm contexts. This study …

Adedapo Adewunmi Oluwatayo, Olufunmilayo Adetoro

19-07-2020 | Symposium: Reflections Before, During, and Beyond COVID-19 Open Access

Present-Day Mass Tourism: its Imaginaries and Nightmare Scenarios

Present-day mass tourism uncannily resembles an auto-immune disease. Yet, self-destructive as it may be, it is also self-regenerating, changing its appearance and purpose. They are two modes that stand in contrast to each other. We can see them as …

Rob Kroes

18-07-2020 | ARTICLES Open Access

The Ideological and Spiritual Transformation of Malcolm X

This paper explores the nexus between incarceration, spirituality, and self-discovery through the literary lens of The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Trevin Jones

18-07-2020 | Original Article

Implementing a national policy initiative to support education for sustainable development: lessons from Taiwan’s Environmental Education Act

This policy ethnography focuses on a nationwide environmental and sustainability education policy that was developed and enacted in response to United Nations’ call for mainstreaming Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The framework of …

Ying-Syuan Huang, Anila Asghar, Naomi E. Nichols


Do student ratings provide reliable and valid information about teaching quality at the school level? Evaluating measures of science teaching in PISA 2015

Large-scale educational surveys, including PISA, often collect student ratings to assess teaching quality. Because of the sampling design in PISA, student ratings must be aggregated at the school level instead of the classroom level. To what …

Anindito Aditomo, Carmen Köhler

17-07-2020 | Research Article

Budget Structure Discontinuity: Unveiling Mechanism and Connecting Logic in China’s Context

While budget structure discontinuity signals decisional shifts, it has not been studied in depth in China’s context. We identify and explain budget structure discontinuity in 31 Chinese provinces between 1996 and 2018. We identify that fiscal …

Dongmin Yao, Wenhong Yan, Yongyi Zhu

17-07-2020 | Research Article

Evaluation of the dynamic energy performance gap of green buildings: Case studies in China

The green building concept originated from the need and desire for more energy efficient and environmentally friendly construction practices. With a boom in certified green buildings in recent decades, however, various stakeholders have raised …

Dan Wang, Xiufeng Pang, Wei Wang, Zewei Qi, Ying Ji, Rongxin Yin

16-07-2020 | Research Article-Civil Engineering

Probabilistic Seismic Resilience-Based Cost–Benefit Analysis for Bridge Retrofit Assessment

This paper explores a probabilistic resilience-based cost–benefit model that can be used to identify the best retrofit measures for bridges. In the model, the increase in resilience is considered to be the benefit of seismic retrofit. A bridge …

Zhijun Fu, Rui Gao, Yiming Li


The influence of board experience on firm performance: does the director’s role matter?

This paper examines how company board characteristics (directors’ quoted boards to date, quoted boards currently, board tenure and age) influence firm performance in a sample of Spanish listed companies for the period 2005–2015. Among the main …

Fernando A. Tejerina-Gaite, Miguel A. Fernández-Temprano

15-07-2020 | ARTICLES Open Access

Interrogating Malcolm X’s “Ballot or the Bullet”

This article examines Malcolm X’s 1964 speech titled the “Ballot or the Bullet.” He used both managerial and confrontational rhetoric in this text; however, Malcolm X’s background, the events preceding the speech, the themes Malcolm X used, and …

Daryl Farrah


Keyword analysis of the mass media’s news articles on maker education in South Korea

The goal of this study was to investigate—using text network analysis—how key Korean mass media outlets present issues of maker education. To accomplish this goal, 1303 news articles (associated with maker education) were collected as issued by 54 …

Dongkuk Lee, Hyuksoo Kwon


Smarter organizations: insights from a smart city hybrid framework

Smart cities (SC) are communities that use digital technology infrastructure to improve the lives of the individuals and groups, while increasing the productivity and competitiveness of their organizations. This paper suggests that innovative …

Marcos Lima

14-07-2020 | Original Paper

Risk-based, multistage stochastic energy project selection

Energy conservation through the implementation of energy efficient retrofit projects can be viewed as a series of investments with annual returns. These returns can be used to fund additional projects. However, planning for energy conservation …

Billy R. Champion, Steven A. Gabriel, Ahti Salo

14-07-2020 Open Access

Contemplative insight as an opinion conflict and a search for meaning in the context of innovative elements of the revolution industry 4.0

The aim of this study is to present an insight into the issue of technology and innovation reform with an emphasis on their integration into the social sciences. Using discourse analysis, we have reconstructed the basic elements of reforms and …

Stefan Chudy, Pavel Neumeister, Iva Koribska, Martin Strouhal, Denisa Selicka

14-07-2020 | Special Issue

Development of statistical estimators for speech enhancement using multi-objective grey wolf optimizer

Statistical Estimation using the SNR uncertainty technique is one of the effective Speech Enhancement (SE) algorithms. In this method, the Gain function plays a crucial role and it depends on the proper selection of the smoothing and threshold …

Tusar Kanti Dash, Sandeep Singh Solanki, Ganapati Panda, Suresh Chandra Satapathy

13-07-2020 | Original Article

A hybrid grey wolf optimizer for solving the product knapsack problem

The product knapsack problem (PKP) is a new variation of the knapsack problem which arises in social choice computation. Although some deterministic algorithms have been reported to handle small-scale problems, the solution to the middle and …

Zewen Li, Yichao He, Ya Li, Xiaohu Guo

13-07-2020 | Original Research Open Access

CEO chairman controversy: evidence from the post financial crisis period

Regulators generally discourage bank CEOs also holding the role of board Chairman, as this governance structure can hinder independent decision-making and effective risk oversight. This study examines the issue of CEO Duality, identifying a …

Walter Gontarek, Yacine Belghitar


Visualizing the evolution and landscape of socio-economic impact research

One of the vital tasks to advance a specific line of research is synthesizing past research findings. Supplementing former quantitative and qualitative assessments of socio-economic impact research; an under-represented area, this study aims to …

Nauman Majeed, Sulaiman Ainin

13-07-2020 | OPEN FORUM

Context, design and conveyance of information: ICT-enabled agricultural information services for rural women in Bangladesh

ICT for development projects often focus on integrating social factors in information systems design. A well-designed ICT4D solution must be tailored to the needs of the people who will use them and subsequently, requires an extensive …

Tahmina Khan Tithi, Tapas Ranjan Chakraborty, Pinash Akter, Humayra Islam, Amina Khan Sabah

12-07-2020 | ARTICLES

Malcolm X’s 1964 Critique of American Law: a Call for Legal Revision

Malcolm X delivered 2 speeches less than a month apart in the spring of 1964, directly after his break from the nation of Islam. In these talks, Malcolm tied American law to injustice, highlighting the legal deceptions that often prevent full …

Robert Betts


An exploration of eLearning adoption in the educational ecosystem

Teaching and learning processes have not experienced major changes during the last centuries. However, eLearning platforms may transform these processes, turning the classroom from a teacher-centered and standardized space into a student-centered …

Marco Aurélio de Souza Rodrigues, Paula Chimenti, Antonio Roberto Ramos Nogueira

12-07-2020 | Original Paper

Good Barrels Yield Healthy Apples: Organizational Ethics as a Mechanism for Mitigating Work-Related Stress and Promoting Employee Well-Being

Little is known about how ethical organizational contexts influence employees’ perceived stress levels and well-being. This study used two theoretical lenses, ethical impact theory (Promislo et al. in Handbook of Unethical Work Behavior, M.E.

Charles H. Schwepker Jr., Sean R. Valentine, Robert A. Giacalone, Mark Promislo

12-07-2020 | Original Research | Issue 3/2020

Strategies for Managing the Impacts of Disruptions During COVID-19: an Example of Toilet Paper

Due to the recent pandemic of coronavirus, known as the COVID-19 outbreak, the supply chains have been impacted most significantly. Manufacturers of certain items have experienced a substantial increase in demand, and on the other hand, raw …

Sanjoy Kumar Paul, Priyabrata Chowdhury

11-07-2020 | Methodologies and Application

High utility itemset mining: a Boolean operators-based modified grey wolf optimization algorithm

In data mining, mining high utility itemset (HUI) is one among the recent thrust area that receives several approaches for solving it in an effective manner. In the past decade, addressing optimization problems using evolutionary algorithms are an …

N. Pazhaniraja, S. Sountharrajan, B. Sathis Kumar

10-07-2020 | Original Article

A multi-strategy enhanced salp swarm algorithm for global optimization

As a typical nature-inspired swarm intelligence algorithm, because of the simple framework and good optimization performance, salp swarm algorithm (SSA) has been extensively applied to a lot of practical problems. Nevertheless, when facing a …

Hongliang Zhang, Zhennao Cai, Xiaojia Ye, Mingjing Wang, Fangjun Kuang, Huiling Chen, Chengye Li, Yuping Li

10-07-2020 | ARTICLES

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz: the Continuity and Legacy of a Critical Africana Human Rights Consciousness

This article places El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz’s praxis, as well as the Africana [Black] movement for freedom, into a human rights discourse. Exploring his evolution into an internationalist activist-theoretician in five rhythmic movements, if you …

James Pope

10-07-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools Open Access

Using an implementation science approach to implement and evaluate patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) initiatives in routine care settings

Patient-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs/PREMs) are well established in research for many health conditions [ 1 , 2 ], but barriers persist for implementing them in routine care. PROMs are reports of how patients feel and function …

Angela M. Stover, Lotte Haverman, Hedy A. van Oers, Joanne Greenhalgh, Caroline M. Potter, On behalf of the ISOQOL PROMs/PREMs in Clinical Practice Implementation Science Work Group


Monopoly or competition: strategic analysis of a retailing technology service provision

To improve the consumer shopping experience and to remain competitive, an increasing number of retailers continue to increase their investment in technology services and actively seek help from technology service providers to transform and upgrade …

Fengying Hu, Zhenglong Zhou

09-07-2020 | ARTICLES

A Disciple of Malcolm X: Clarence 13X Smith’s Embodied Black God Rhetoric

This essay links Clarence 13X Smith and the Five Percent Nation of the Gods and Earths to Malcolm X’s rhetoric about the Black Man as God. Smith, one of Malcolm’s earliest students and chief lieutenants, demonstrates the use of Malcolm’s “Black …

Armondo R. Collins

09-07-2020 | Original Paper Open Access

Personality traits as drivers of social preferences: a mixed logit model application

Currently, social consumption constitutes a rapidly increasing trend with significant potential for companies; moreover, the characterization of social consumers is highly relevant. To date, sociodemographic variables have been widely studied but …

Friederike Paetz

09-07-2020 | Hauptbeiträge - Thementeil | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Wie authentisch führe ich? Prüfung der Selbsteinschätzungsform des Deutschen Inventars Authentischer Führung

Dieser Beitrag der Zeitschrift „Gruppe. Interaktion. Organisation. (GIO)“ beschäftigt sich mit der Prüfung und Validierung der Selbsteinschätzungsform des Deutschen Inventars Authentischer Führung.Authentische Führung hat sich in den letzten …

Magdalena Reineboth, Nensy Le Thu Ha, Luise Franke-Bartholdt, Dirk Frömmer, Jürgen Wegge, Anja Strobel

09-07-2020 | Methodologies and Application

Grey Wolf optimization-Elman neural network model for stock price prediction

Over the past two decades, assessing future price of stock market has been a very active area of research in financial world. Stock price always fluctuates due to many variables. Thus, an accurate prediction of stock price can be considered as a …

S. Kumar Chandar

08-07-2020 Open Access

Security of passenger transport in the Baltic Sea in the context of foreign terrorist fighters

The Baltic Sea basin is one of the busiest areas in Europe in terms of the passenger transport and is considered as a domestic sea of the European Union, very important for the development and prosperity of all citizens. A high number of ferries …

Katarzyna Wardin


Have your cake and eat it too: PLSe2 = ML + PLS

PLSe1 and PLSe2 methods were developed in 2013. While the performance of PLSe1 under normality and non-normality conditions has been confirmed, the performance of PLSe2, proposed to provide an avenue for the resurrection of PLS as a fully …

Majid Ghasemy, Hazri Jamil, James E. Gaskin

08-07-2020 | Original Article

Optimal Deep Learning based Convolution Neural Network for digital forensics Face Sketch Synthesis in internet of things (IoT)

The rapid development in 5G cellular and IoT technologies is expected to be deployed widespread in the next few years. At the same time, crime rates are also increasing to a greater extent while the investigation officers are held responsible to …

Mohamed Elhoseny, Mahmoud Mohamed Selim, K. Shankar


Enacting Organizational Justice and Institutional Learning in Faculty Dispute Resolution Processes: Lessons Learned from a Study of the UNC System

This study examines dispute resolution processes available to higher education faculty in a nonunion context who are attempting to resolve adverse employment conditions. It assesses the efficacy of those processes for producing outcomes of value …

Sandie Gravett, Stella Anderson


Does behavior simulation based on augmented reality improve moral imagination?

Innovative learning techniques are needed, to match the expectations of the current audience to improve business ethics education for the twenty-first century. One of the innovative technologies which is believed to have a big effect on a …

Ratna Candra Sari, Mahfud Sholihin, Nurhening Yuniarti, Ida Ayu Purnama, Hardika Dwi Hermawan

08-07-2020 | Original Paper

If You Can’t Join ‘Em, Report ‘Em: A Model of Ostracism and Whistleblowing in Teams

Unethical behavior coordinated and concealed by teams continues to represent a troubling and all-too-frequent occurrence in organizations. Unfortunately, those who are most knowledgeable about this behavior and thereby best suited to report it to …

Trevor M. Spoelma, Nitya Chawla, Aleksander P. J. Ellis

08-07-2020 | Perspectives

From jugaad to jugalbandi: Understanding the changing nature of Indian innovation

In this perspectives paper, I employ the term jugalbandi to describe the ways in which many contemporary Indian organizations engage in innovation. Through a description of three Indian organizations – ISRO, Amul and Aadhaar – I illustrate how …

Sanjay Jain

07-07-2020 | Original Paper

How Moral Motives Link Party Stereotypes

Citizens hold robust stereotypes about the parties and their leaders, including the issues they are most competent at handling and the character traits they exemplify. Yet, we know less about whether and how party stereotypes are linked in the …

Scott Clifford


Long live the doge? Death as a term limit on Venetian chief executives

Can an electorate use the projected life expectancy of a lifetime-appointed chief executive to enforce binding, informal term limits? Informal term limits based on the life expectancy of a chief executive candidate at election would enable an …

Daniel J. Smith, George R. Crowley, J. Sebastian Leguizamon

07-07-2020 Open Access

Four Cultural Narratives for Managing Social-ecological Complexity in Public Natural Resource Management

Public Natural Resource Management (NRM) agencies operate in complex social-ecological domains. These complexities proliferate unpredictably therefore investigating and supporting the ability of public agencies to respond effectively is …

Nick A. Kirsop-Taylor, Adam P. Hejnowicz, Karen Scott


Transportation security officer motivation: antecedents and consequences (a theoretical model)

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) faces daunting challenges in the form of employee retention and attrition, as well as the mandate to successfully and effectively integrate new technologies and constant changes to screening …

Teresa Z. Taylor, Emily A. Austin, Katie Harrup, Cameron Lennon, Vivian Williams

07-07-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Intrinsic vs. extrinsic incentives for reform: An informational mechanism of E(M)U conditionality

How does the prospect of accession to an international union affect a non-member-state government’s incentives to implement political and economic liberalization reforms? To answer this question, we propose an informational mechanism of …

Nikitas Konstantinidis, Yannis Karagiannis

07-07-2020 | Original Paper

Philanthropic Nation Branding, Ideology, and Accumulation: Insights from the Canadian Context

In this article, I make the case for—and begin the task of—examining the role of nation branding in the philanthropic sector. Using a series of cases drawn from Canadian organized philanthropy, I explore the ideological work that philanthropic …

Adam Saifer

07-07-2020 | Original Article | Issue 2/2020

Software-Illustrated Explanations of Econometrics Contributions by CR Rao for his 100-th Birthday

Since the vast array of scientific contributions by Dr. C. R. Rao are difficult to summarize in a short paper, we focus on (1) concepts relevant for applied statisticians including econometricians, (2) using the R software to explain the concepts …

H. D. Vinod


Bio-inspired VANET routing optimization: an overview

A taxonomy of notable VANET routing problems, overview, advancement state, and future perspective under the bio-inspired optimization approaches

This paper demonstrates a recapitulated historic evolution further to a future overview of all vehicular ad-hoc network (VANET) routing problems that concern either directly related routing tasks or targeting a set of diverse routing-related …

Youcef Azzoug, Abdelmadjid Boukra

06-07-2020 | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Capturing the participation and social dimensions of computer-supported collaborative learning through social network analysis: which method and measures matter?

The increasing use of digital learning tools and platforms in formal and informal learning settings has provided broad access to large amounts of learner data, the analysis of which has been aimed at understanding students’ learning processes …

Mohammed Saqr, Olga Viberg, Henriikka Vartiainen


The Digital/Technological Connection with COVID-19: An Unprecedented Challenge in University Teaching

In March 2020, due to the COVID19 virus that is spreading throughout the world, Spain lives an anomalous situation concerning the normal course of basic, secondary, and higher education. On March 2nd, 2020, the state authorities announced the end …

Silvia Nuere, Laura de Miguel

06-07-2020 | Original Research | Issue 3/2020

Identification of Critical Factors and Their Interrelationships to Design Agile Supply Chain: Special Focus to Oil and Gas Industries

This research identifies the critical factors that drive agile supply chain management, especially to oil and gas industries. An extensive literature review and questionnaire survey was conducted within the oil and gas industries supply chain to …

Sujan Piya, Ahm Shamsuzzoha, Mohammad Khadem, Nasr Al-Hinai

06-07-2020 | Focus

Identification and prioritization of DevOps success factors using fuzzy-AHP approach

DevOps (development and operations) is a collaborative and multidisciplinary organizational effort to automate continuous delivery of a software project with an aim to improve software quality. The implementation of DevOps practices is not …

Muhammad Azeem Akbar, Sajjad Mahmood, Muhammad Shafiq, Ahmed Alsanad, Abeer Abdul-Aziz Alsanad, Abdu Gumaei


From enforcement to financial reporting controls (FRCs): a country-level composite indicator

This paper proposes a broad measure of the country-level intensity of the main monitoring activities that are likely to affect financial reporting quality. The overall indicator (FRC) is a composite indicator combining three components, which …

Alberto Quagli, Corrado Lagazio, Paola Ramassa

04-07-2020 | Original Research Open Access

Agency in the face of path dependence: how organizations can regain scope for maneuver

This paper tackles a key problem in path dependence research: how can locked-in organizations regain their scope for maneuver? Leveraging insights from two surprising and thus revelatory cases of organizations that have successfully escaped from …

Johann Fortwengel, Arne Keller

04-07-2020 | Original Paper

The Impact of Social Media Political Activists on Voting Patterns

This paper investigates how social media affects general voting patterns. Unlike previous studies investigating whether citizens’ use of social media affects political participation, this paper considers the connections that social media users …

Adasa Nkrumah Kofi Frimpong, Ping Li, Gabriel Nyame, Md Altab Hossin


Emotional competencies and entrepreneurship: modeling universities

The goal of this study is to analyze the effect of emotional competencies on the entrepreneurial training received by students at a private university ecosystem using a modified version of Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior. The results are …

Lizette Huezo-Ponce, Virginia Fernández-Pérez, Lázaro Rodríguez-Ariza

04-07-2020 | Original Paper

Leaning in: A Historical Perspective on Influencing Women’s Leadership

The term “lean in” was popularized by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, via her #1 Best Seller encouraging women to defy their fears and dare to be leaders in their fields. She received criticism because although admitting to external barriers …

Simone T. A. Phipps, Leon C. Prieto

04-07-2020 | Original Paper

Start ‘Em Early: Pastoral Power and the Confessional Culture of Leadership Development in the US University

We apply a critical perspective on leadership development discourses and practices to the case of student leadership development programs in the US universities and colleges. We leverage the first author’s personal experiences as a facilitator in …

Nicole Ferry, Eric Guthey


Exploring the relationship between in-service teachers’ beliefs and technology adoption in Brazilian primary schools

The paper analyses possible reasons for the gap between teachers’ actions and intentions, reported by research on practices with the use of ICT. The theoretical approach is informed by teachers’ beliefs, which are discriminated in two categories: …

Magda Pischetola

04-07-2020 | Invited paper | Issue 3/2020

Super-Flexibility in Practice: Insights from a Crisis

Flexibility is intuitively valued as a means of dynamically adapting to uncertainty. Historically, it has been especially prized during times of crisis. This is clearly demonstrated today as the current Coronavirus crisis is unfolding; there are …

Stuart Evans, Homa Bahrami

03-07-2020 | Review Paper

How CEO/CMO characteristics affect innovation and stock returns: findings and future directions

Investor stock market response has received a great deal of attention in the marketing literature. However, firms are not faceless corporations; individuals such as CEOs set their strategies. Upper echelon and strategic leadership theories hold …

Ya You, Shuba Srinivasan, Koen Pauwels, Amit Joshi


Exclusive talent management and its consequences: a review of literature

The aim of this paper is twofold, i.e. first to explore the ethical ambiguity arising out of exclusive approach to talent management practices and second to take into consideration the employees’ reaction of such practices. Workforce …

Rajneet Bhatia, Papori Baruah

02-07-2020 | Empirical article

The effects of culture shock on foreign employees in the service industry

This study explores the effects of culture shock on emotional labor, job satisfaction, and the turnover intentions of service employees. It further examines the moderating role of perceived managerial support on the relationships between culture …

Hung-Sheng Lai, Hsin-Hui Hu, Zhang-Yu-Jing Chen

02-07-2020 | Original Paper

Proactive Personality and Creative Behavior: Examining the Role of Thriving at Work and High-Involvement HR Practices

This study examines the link between proactive personality and creative behavior by focusing on employee thriving at work as a mediator. Data from 438 employees and their supervisors were collected and examined by conducting structural equation …

Albi Alikaj, Wei Ning, Bingqing Wu


State, Security, and People along Urban Frontiers: Juxtapositions of Identity and Authority in Quetta

Quetta is a postcolonial city in Pakistan on the frontiers of global warfare where terrorism—as an extreme or extraordinary condition—is juxtaposed alongside “ordinary” urban social and political dynamics. This combination shapes the nature of and …

Faizaan Qayyum

02-07-2020 | Original Paper

The Influence of Interorganizational Collaboration on Logic Conciliation and Tensions Within Hybrid Organizations: Insights from Social Enterprise–Corporate Collaborations

An increasing amount of research has examined the management of competing logics, and possible tensions arising between them, within “hybrid organizations.” However, the ways in which the relationships of hybrids with other organizations shape the …

Claudia Savarese, Benjamin Huybrechts, Marek Hudon

02-07-2020 | Original Paper

Espoused Values of the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For”: Essential Themes and Implementation Practices

This study identifies and describes the values espoused by the 62 companies that have consistently (2014–2018) appeared on the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” (FBCWF) list. We identify 24 separate values and offer an analysis of the …

Peter G. Dominick, Dimitra Iordanoglou, Gregory Prastacos, Richard R. Reilly

02-07-2020 | Catchword

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has become a trendy IT topic in the past few years. When Steven Spielberg turned Ernest Cline’s popular novel, Ready Player One , into a film, VR became known to an audience of millions. Still, few people are aware that core VR …

Isabell Wohlgenannt, Alexander Simons, Stefan Stieglitz

01-07-2020 Open Access

Juxtapositions in Jakarta: How Flood Interventions Reinforce and Challenge Urban Divides

This paper traces the interplay of spatially, socially and legally juxtaposed differences between different groups of Indonesia’s residents: (1) a group of riverbank settlers in Jakarta, (2) political decision-makers and urban planners that evict …

Roanne van Voorst

01-07-2020 | Wissen – Data Science | Issue 3/2020

KI, ick hör dir trapsen. Ein Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen als Antwort?

Lioba Gierke, Jens Nachtwei

01-07-2020 | Interview | Issue 3/2020

Ein Generationenwechsel der Superlative

Ingolf Wittmann über den Computer von morgen
Hannes Mittermaier

01-07-2020 | Special Issue Paper

The contribution of social capital on rural livelihoods: Malawi and the Philippines cases

This paper explores the efficacy of a development model designed to enhance social capital where social capital is seen as a catalyst to increased economic opportunities. The study covers smallholder livestock producers in Malawi and the …

Ellen Fitzpatrick, Sedef Akgungor

01-07-2020 | Powder Coating | Issue 2/2020

End-to-End Automation for a Highly Reliable Process

In the past, Scandinavian companies have often played a pioneering role in the automation of surface technology processes. A foundry in Denmark is continuing this tradition by fully automating both its electrocoating line and its new powder …

Gema Switzerland

01-07-2020 | Aus der Branche | Issue 7-8/2020

Vom Know-how zum Know-why

Die Arbeitswelt befindet sich global in einem Wandlungsprozess, den die Corona-Krise nochmal beschleunigt hat. Auf dem Weg in die Wissensgesellschaft löst Agilität das Controll-and-drill-Prinzip des vorigen Jahrhunderts ab. Der Mensch rückt in …

Vanessa Ast

30-06-2020 Open Access

Understanding digitalization and educational change in school by means of activity theory and the levels of learning concept

As shown in research and practice digitalization processes are many times limited to implementation of digital technologies without pedagogical and organizational change. In this study it is argued for a broader perspective on the concept of …

Fanny Pettersson

30-06-2020 | Original Article Open Access

Teachers’ views on effective classroom management: a mixed-methods investigation in Western Australian high schools

Teachers’ views about teaching, learning and school experiences are important considerations in education. As the central participants in classroom interactions, students and teachers naturally have strong views about what it takes to manage …

Helen Egeberg, Andrew McConney, Anne Price

30-06-2020 | Original Paper

Corporate Governance and Supplemental Environmental Projects: A Restorative Justice Approach

Firms have traditionally responded to environmental violations by increasing information disclosure and/or communication to manage stakeholder perceptions. As such, these approaches may be symbolic in nature, with no genuine intention to improve …

Muhammad Nadeem


LGBTQIs in Turkey: the Challenges and Resilience of This Marginalized Group

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ) individuals constitute a large group of minority groups in Turkey. Because of the scarcity of non-existent systematic reviews on the sexual orientation discrimination of LGBTIQ …

Meltem Ince Yenilmez


Unintended Restrictions: Women’s Rights INGOs and Women’s Civil Society Restrictions

How does the presence of women’s INGOs relate to restrictions on women’s civil society? Although women’s INGOs may help protect against civil society restrictions in most situations, we contend that the presence of women’s INGOs within a country …

Ghashia Kiyani, Amanda Murdie


Examining barriers and desired supports to increase faculty members’ use of digital technologies: perspectives of faculty, staff and administrators

Faculty members at Institutions of Higher Education have access to more technology than ever before and are teaching college and university students who use technology constantly in their personal lives. However, barriers still exist that limit …

Drew Polly, Florence Martin, T. Christa Guilbaud

26-06-2020 Open Access

Does NGOs’ Commercialization Affect Volunteer Work? The Crowding out or Crowding in Effect

The aim of this article is to identify whether the commercialization of NGOs has an influence on the crowding out or crowding in effect of volunteer work, and to indicate the factors affecting volunteers’ regular involvement in NGO activity. The …

Paweł Mikołajczak, Piotr Bajak


Integrating ICT into schools in Sub-Saharan Africa: from teachers’ capacity building to classroom implementation

This study followed up on a selected cohort of 4945 Science, Technology, English and Mathematics (STEM) teacher participants from six Sub-Saharan African countries namely: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana and Nigeria. The teachers were …

Douglas Darko Agyei

26-06-2020 | Original Paper Open Access

Laissez-Faire Leadership and Affective Commitment: the Roles of Leader-Member Exchange and Subordinate Relational Self-concept

Although the detrimental effects of laissez-faire leadership are well documented, research on the underlying mechanisms and the boundary conditions associated with these effects remains scarce. Using the identity orientation framework and social …

Véronique Robert, Christian Vandenberghe


Informal Control and Safety Measures of Street Hawkers: Narratives from Costermongers

The risk and livelihood challenges of street traders have been a major concern for governments in African countries. The number of young people and adults who engage in street-related commerce continues to increase daily within major cities in …

Alhassan Abdullah, Hajara Bentum, Peter Dwumah, Nelson Gyasi-Boadu, Mohammed Nurudeen Musah

26-06-2020 | Research Article

Using air curtains to reduce short-range infection risk in consulting ward: A numerical investigation

Air curtains is promising in reducing the short-range infection risk in hospitals. To quantitatively evaluate its performance, this paper explores air curtains equipped on normal consulting desk to avoid doctor’s direct exposure to the patient …

Jin Ye, Hua Qian, Jianchao Ma, Rong Zhou, Xiaohong Zheng

25-06-2020 | Original Research

Political Argumentation by Reciting Poems in the Spring and Autumn Period of Ancient China

This paper introduces the Generalized Argumentation Theory which takes argumentation as a locally rational socio-cultural interaction governed by social norms and carried out through discourse between the members of a socio-cultural community in …

Shi-er Ju, Zhi-xi Chen, Yang He


The Relevance of Spirituality and Corporate Social Responsibility in Management Education: Insights from Classical Indian Wisdom

In this technology-driven Digital Age, Management Education is primarily engaged in development of skills and techno-economic competence of students with dominant thrust on sharpening their rational faculties and quantitative ability. Deeper …

Sumona Ghosh, Sanjoy Mukherjee

25-06-2020 | ARTICLES | Issue 2/2020

African American Professional and Managerial Women’s Journeys Through Caregiving for Elderly Parents

This study explored caregiving among African American women baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, who are caring for older parents and who are working in professional and managerial positions. The purpose of this study was to describe the …

Claudia C. Thorne

25-06-2020 | Original Paper

“Democracy is the Cure?”: Evolving Constructions of Corruption in Indonesia 1994–2014

Corruption is of central interest to business ethics but its meaning is often assumed to be self-evident and universal. In this paper we seek to re-politicize and unsettle the dominant meaning of corruption by showing how it is culturally …

Kanti Pertiwi, Susan Ainsworth


Strategic planning as inter-unit coordination: An in depth case study in Thailand

We extend strategy-as-practice and strategy process studies of strategic planning by detailing empirically how its execution can take on an inter-unit coordination role in multi-business, multi-unit firms. In our case study of a firm in Bangkok …

Paul Knott, Chatchai Thnarudee

24-06-2020 | Research Article | Issue 3/2020

Ambidextrous Knowledge Sharing within R&D Teams and Multinational Enterprise Performance: The Moderating Effects of Cultural Distance in Uncertainty Avoidance

Current debates on organizational learning distinguish between two distinct and mutually exclusive learning modes: exploration and exploitation. This paper deals with the concept of ambidextrous routines in knowledge management (KM) initiatives.

Jeoung Yul Lee, Vasyl Taras, Alfredo Jiménez, Byungchul Choi, Chinmay Pattnaik

24-06-2020 | Original Paper

Who Emerges into Virtual Team Leadership Roles? The Role of Achievement and Ascription Antecedents for Leadership Emergence Across the Virtuality Spectrum

Leadership emergence theory discusses two pathways to leadership emergence—achievement (i.e. leaders’ behaviors) and ascription (i.e. leaders’ traits). Drawing from multilevel leadership emergence theory (Acton, Foti, Lord, & Gladfelter, 2019) …

Radostina K. Purvanova, Steven D. Charlier, Cody J. Reeves, Lindsey M. Greco


Using the hope-centered career inventory (HCCI)—Italian version with healthcare professionals

To address twenty-first century challenges, Niles, Amundson, and Neault (2011) developed the Hope-Centered Model of Career Development (HCMCD) from which they derived the Hope-Centered Career Inventory (including domains of hope, self-reflection …

Sara Santilli, Maria C. Ginevra, Lea Ferrari, Teresa Maria Sgaramella, Spencer Niles, Laura Nota, Salvatore Soresi

23-06-2020 | Invited Article | Issue 3/2020

How a Flexible Matrix Structure Could Create Ambidexterity at the Macro Level of Large, Complex Organizations Like MNCs

It is difficult to make large, complex organizations like MNCs ambidextrous—to make them efficient so that they succeed in the short run and in sync with their changing environments so that they succeed and survive in the long run. The two types …

William G. Egelhoff

23-06-2020 | S.I. : DPTA Conference 2019

Optimizing deep learning and neural network to explore enterprise technology innovation model

The technological innovation capabilities of enterprises have a greater impact on regional economic development, and the evaluation of technological innovation capabilities of enterprises has a certain guiding role in the formulation of regional …

Zhen Zhen, Yanqing Yao

23-06-2020 Open Access

Enterprise risk management in small and medium family enterprises: the role of family involvement and CEO tenure

Taking the right amount of risk is essential for successful business. As a response to the importance of risk management, the effectiveness and implementation of enterprise risk management (ERM) systems are recently discussed in literature.

Gundula Glowka, Andreas Kallmünzer, Anita Zehrer


How do TMT shared cognitions shape firm performance? The roles of collective efficacy, trust, and competitive aggressiveness

This study examines the role of competitive aggressiveness in the relationship between top management team (TMT) collective efficacy and firm performance under the contextual influence of TMT trust. Based on a sample obtained from 376 top …

Sicheng Luo, Hao-Chieh Lin


State-of-the-art approach to clustering protocols in VANET: a survey

Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) assists in improving road safety, traveller comfort, and intelligent transportation systems to a great extent. Dedicated short-range communications technology is specially designed for VANET to form communication …

Abhay Katiyar, Dinesh Singh, Rama Shankar Yadav


Strategies for Coping with LGBT Discrimination at Work: a Systematic Literature Review

Goal 8 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) about Decent Work and Economic Growth claims that one of its targets is to “protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers.” See Target …

Liviu-Catalin Mara, Matías Ginieis, Ignasi Brunet-Icart

21-06-2020 | Research Article

Driving Customer Analytics From the Top

Customer analytics has moved to center stage and customer analytics budgets are rising rapidly. It is surprising, then, that many chief marketing officers (CMOs) are uncertain about whether these investments improve firm performance. We address …

Frank Germann, Gary L. Lilien, Christine Moorman, Lars Fiedler, Till Groβmaβ

21-06-2020 | Original Paper

Saudi science teachers’ perceptions of the cultural factors influencing elementary students’ science learning

This mixed-methods research study explored Saudi Arabian elementary science teachers’ perceptions about and conceptualizations of cultural factors (i.e., social, parental, and school) that influence students’ engagement with and learning of …

Amani K. Hamdan Alghamdi, Majid Malikan


Tax-savvy executives

We investigate why firms include individuals with significant professional tax experience on their senior management team and the consequences associated with the presence of these tax-savvy executives. We find that past performance, network …

Thomas R. Kubick, Yijun Li, John R. Robinson


Robotics in the international educational space: Integration and the experience

Nowadays robotics is one of promising avenues in the sphere of emerging technologies. In the teaching/learning environment we deal with educational robotics, which is a mixture of theory and practice, knowledge of computer technology, Mathematics …

Nurassyl Kerimbayev, Nurbol Beisov, Аnatoly Kovtun, Nurdaulet Nurym, Aliya Akramova


Critical success factors influencing the adoption of digitalisation for teaching and learning by business schools

The world is transforming through digitalisation and business schools are predisposed to this transition. Some universities have slickly sailed through the digitalisation challenge, while others have been left behind. The purpose of this research …

Ritu Gupta, A. Seetharaman, K. Maddulety

20-06-2020 | Original Article

A novel hybrid extreme learning machine–grey wolf optimizer (ELM-GWO) model to predict compressive strength of concrete with partial replacements for cement

Compressive strength of concrete is one of the most determinant parameters in the design of engineering structures. This parameter is generally determined by conducting several tests at different ages of concrete in spite of the fact that such …

Mahdi Shariati, Mohammad Saeed Mafipour, Behzad Ghahremani, Fazel Azarhomayun, Masoud Ahmadi, Nguyen Thoi Trung, Ali Shariati


Higher education in a material world: Constraints to digital innovation in Portuguese universities and polytechnic institutes

Over the past decade, the societal impact of digital transformation, with the prospects of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, has led to an innovation imperative in European policymaking regarding higher education institutions (HEIs). However, not …

Paulo Nuno Vicente, Margarida Lucas, Vânia Carlos, Pedro Bem-Haja

19-06-2020 | Research Article

The price leadership share: a new measure of price discovery in financial markets

We propose a new measure to establish price leadership among multiple related price series using a multivariate Markov chain model. This new measure, the price leadership share (PLS), can easily be calculated when price series are related but not …

Riccardo De Blasis

19-06-2020 | Original Paper

A theory of revolutionary organizations

This paper models a revolutionary organization committed to a project of radical social change over a long time horizon, and therefore, engaged in selling promises to both customers and workers in exchange for current effort and support. To build …

Mario Ferrero

19-06-2020 | Original Article

Dragonfly-based swarm system model for node identification in ultra-reliable low-latency communication

Latency and reliability are essential parameters for enabling ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC). Therefore, an approach for node identification that satisfies the requirements of latency and reliability for URLLC based on the …

Sanjay Bhardwaj, Dong-Seong Kim

19-06-2020 | Original Research

The Political Economy of Football: Democracy, Income Inequality, and Men’s National Football Performance

The reasons why some countries outperform others in international football games warrant exploration. In this article, we argue that the synergy of economic development, democratic experience, football association duration, and low income …

Kin-Man Wan, Ka-U Ng, Thung-Hong Lin

19-06-2020 | Issue 3/2020

The Ebb and Flow of Federal Sector Labor-Management Relations Policies under Four Successive Presidents

Federal sector labor-management relations policies ebb and flow with changes in presidential administrations. As the nation’s Chief Executive, the president exercises considerable influence over both policy and practice in this domain. We review …

Marick F. Masters, Robert Albright, Raymond F. Gibney


Exploring the Dynamics of Social Networks in Urban Informal Settlements: the Case of Mathare Valley, Kenya

This paper pilots a different approach to the study of informal settlements, typically conceived as chaotic, disorganised and lacking social cohesion. We provide a different reading of social life in an informal settlement. While its social life …

Christian Morgner, Amollo Ambole, Christer Anditi, Daniel Githira

18-06-2020 | Original Paper

Addressing underrepresentation of young women of color in engineering and computing through the lens of sociocultural theory

In the past several decades, women have made considerable progress toward gender equity in the USA, but women in general and women of color in particular continue to be underrepresented in some fields of STEM, notably engineering and computing.

Margaret Eisenhart, Carrie D. Allen

18-06-2020 | Original Paper

Pedagogical challenges involving race, gender and the unwritten rules in settings of higher education

In this discussion paper, we highlight a few interesting and important concerns that have been identified in a diverse number of scholars’ work. The successive upsurges of racism and sexism in our spaces of coexistence require us to reflect and …

Gillian U. Bayne, Eduardo Dopico


Marketing Communist Party membership in China

The selection of political officials is under-studied in economic analysis of authoritarian politics. In the absence of elections, the autocracy alone is burdened with the task of selecting the right candidate for every political position. This …

Li Han, Tao Li

18-06-2020 | Original Research

Information flow and price discovery dynamics

Non-homogeneous and time-varying information flow that affects the price discovery processes within and across markets is a common occurrence in reality but is often neglected in the literature of price discovery. To analyze such information flow …

Lei Wu, Kuan Xu, Qingbin Meng

18-06-2020 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 9-10/2020

Implementation barriers to lean-agile manufacturing systems for original equipment manufacturers: an integrated decision-making approach

The purpose of this research is to determine barriers to the implementation of lean-agile manufacturing systems in the context of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Through literature review and expert opinions, 12 critical barriers were …

Balkrishna E. Narkhede, Rakesh D. Raut, Matthew Roy, Vinay Surendra Yadav, Bhaskar Gardas
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