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01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Characterizing network dynamics of online hate communities around the COVID-19 pandemic

Hate speech has long posed a serious problem for the integrity of digital platforms. Although significant progress has been made in identifying hate speech in its various forms, prevailing computational approaches have tended to consider it in …

Joshua Uyheng, Kathleen M. Carley

01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

World impact of kernel European Union 9 countries from Google matrix analysis of the world trade network

We use the United Nations COMTRADE database for analysis of the multiproduct world trade network. With this data, considered for years 2012–2018, we determined the world trade impact of the Kernel of EU 9 countries (KEU9), being Austria, Belgium …

Justin Loye, Leonardo Ermann, Dima L. Shepelyansky

01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Using a novel genetic algorithm to assess peer influence on willingness to use pre-exposure prophylaxis in networks of Black men who have sex with men

The DeGroot model for opinion diffusion over social networks dates back to the 1970s and models the mechanism by which information or disinformation spreads through a network, changing the opinions of the agents. Extensive research exists about …

Kara Layne Johnson, Jennifer L. Walsh, Yuri A. Amirkhanian, John J. Borkowski, Nicole Bohme Carnegie

01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Geographic impressions in Facebook political ads

Online political advertising is becoming increasingly popular as political campaigns recognize the utility of social network platforms, like Facebook, for reaching and engaging with voters. Yet, contrary to the wealth of information about campaign …

Adina Gitomer, Pavel V. Oleinikov, Laura M. Baum, Erika Franklin Fowler, Saray Shai

01-12-2021 | Original Article | Issue 1/2021

Creative social media use for Covid-19 prevention in Bangladesh: a structural equation modeling approach

In recent years, information dissemination has been quicker than earlier years with the sky-high development of diverse social media platforms, e.g., Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube and so on, which are more used in creative production. This …

Md. Monirul Islam, Md. Mazharul Islam, Faroque Ahmed, Afrin Sadia Rumana

01-12-2021 | Original Article | Issue 1/2021

Big data analytics of social network marketing and personalized recommendations

A fan page is a kind of a social network. Social network marketing (SNM) is a form of Internet marketing involving the creation and sharing of content on social media networks to achieve marketing and selling goals. In addition, precise SNM …

Shu-Hsien Liao, Ching-An Yang

01-12-2021 | Original Article | Issue 1/2021

Probabilistic reasoning system for social influence analysis in online social networks

People interact with other people in their daily life, either for work or for personal reasons. These interactions are often complex. Thus, interactions that an individual has with other individuals, to some extent, influence the decisions they …

Lea Vega, Andres Mendez-Vazquez, Armando López-Cuevas

01-12-2021 | Original Article | Issue 1/2021

Studying leaders & their concerns using online social media during the times of crisis - A COVID case study

Online social media (OSM) has emerged as a prominent platform for debate on a wide range of issues. Even celebrities and public figures often share their opinions on a variety of topics through OSM platforms. One such subject that has gained a lot …

Rahul Goel, Rajesh Sharma

01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Analysis of Bayesian optimization algorithms for big data classification based on Map Reduce framework

The process of big data handling refers to the efficient management of storage and processing of a very large volume of data. The data in a structured and unstructured format require a specific approach for overall handling. The classifiers …

Chitrakant Banchhor, N. Srinivasu

01-12-2021 | Short Report | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Improving the accuracy of text classification using stemming method, a case of non-formal Indonesian conversation

As social beings, humans always interact with one another. The interactions were carried out in verbal or non-verbal language. Language is an arbitrary sound symbol system, which is used by members of a community to cooperate, interact, and …

Rianto, Achmad Benny Mutiara, Eri Prasetyo Wibowo, Paulus Insap Santosa

01-12-2021 | Original Article | Issue 1/2021

Making sense of tweets using sentiment analysis on closely related topics

Microblogging has taken a considerable upturn in recent years, with the growth of microblogging websites like Twitter people have started to share more of their opinions about various pressing issues on such online social networks. A broader …

Sarvesh Bhatnagar, Nitin Choubey

01-12-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Identifying port maritime communities: application to the Spanish case

The aim of this paper is to detect port maritime communities sharing similar international trade patterns, by a modelisation of maritime traffic using a bipartite weighted network, providing decision-makers the tools to search for alliances or …

Nicanor García, Belarmino Adenso-Díaz, Laura Calzada-Infante

01-12-2021 | Original article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Talent management related concepts and debates in container shipping industry by an emerging market perspective

Talent management (TM) is referred as a young and developing field and it is claimed to be require more contribution from the different industry and country perspectives. Because of the highly dynamic and competitive nature of the container …

Ramazan Özkan Yildiz, Soner Esmer

01-12-2021 | Original article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Analysis of determinants of work performance for seafarers based on fuzzy Electre model

Nowadays, most shipping companies are aware of the importance of analysing seafarers’ work performance. Thus, improving seafarers’ work performance or finding out the ways by which seafarers’ work performance can be enhanced is becoming one of the …

Erick P. Massami, Malima M. Manyasi

01-12-2021 | Original Article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Improving team performance prediction in MMOGs with temporal communication networks

Virtual teams are becoming increasingly important. Since they are digital in nature, their “trace data” enable a broad set of new research opportunities. Online Games are especially useful for studying social behavior patterns of collaborative …

Raji Ghawi, Siegfried Müller, Jürgen Pfeffer

01-12-2021 | Research article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence and robots on higher education through literature-based design fictions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are likely to have a significant long-term impact on higher education (HE). The scope of this impact is hard to grasp partly because the literature is siloed, as well as the changing meaning of the …

A. M. Cox

01-12-2021 | Research article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

How role-taking in a group-work setting affects the relationship between the amount of collaboration and germane cognitive load

This research investigates how learning groups affect student learning from two perspectives: first, the amount of group work students do, and second, the role that they take within the group. It is not clear from the current research how a …

Jamie Costley

01-12-2021 | Research article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Deep learning elements in maritime simulation programmes: a pedagogical exploration of learner experiences

In this paper, we explore the learning and teaching of a maritime simulation programme to understand its deep learning elements. We followed the mixed methods approach and collected student perception data from a maritime school, situated within a …

Md Golam Jamil, Zakirul Bhuiyan

01-12-2021 | Research article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Gamification and active learning in higher education: is it possible to match digital society, academia and students' interests?

This study aims to examine whether it is possible to match digital society, academia and students interests in higher education by testing to what extent the introduction of gamification into active learning setups affects the skills development …

Luis R. Murillo-Zamorano, José Ángel López Sánchez, Ana Luisa Godoy-Caballero, Carmen Bueno Muñoz

01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

A smart learning ecosystem design for delivering Data-driven Thinking in STEM education

This paper proposes an Internet of Things device (IoT)-based ecosystem that can be leveraged to provide children and adolescent students with STEM educational activities. Our framework is general and scalable, covering multi-stakeholder …

Francisco Benita, Darshan Virupaksha, Erik Wilhelm, Bige Tunçer

01-12-2021 | Original article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Toward a behavioral approach of international shipping: a study of the inter-organisational dynamics of maritime safety

Classification societies play a major role in maritime safety and the regulation of the international shipping market. They have a dual mission, namely the classification and certification of ships. Paradoxically, the academic literature on the …

François Fulconis, Raphael Lissillour

01-12-2021 | Original Article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Cultural influence on innovativeness - links between “The Culture Map” and the “Global Innovation Index”

In the ongoing debate on the relation of cultural differences and national innovativeness this research aims to find out which of the seven cultural dimensions of The Culture Map (communicating, evaluating, leading, deciding, trusting …

Viola Isabel Nyssen Guillén, Carsten Deckert

01-12-2021 | Original Article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Corporate social responsibility and stakeholder engagement in Ghana’s mining sector: a case study of Newmont Ahafo mines

Even though the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been applauded for several decades, the concept of stakeholder engagement is relatively new to the Ghanaian mining sector. This study investigates the CSR process of an …

Peter Ansu-Mensah, Emmanuel Opoku Marfo, Lyon Salia Awuah, Kwame Oduro Amoako

01-12-2021 | Original Article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Do Millennials pay attention to Corporate Social Responsibility in comparison to previous generations? Are they motivated to lead in times of transformation? A qualitative review of generations, CSR and work motivation

The purpose of this qualitative review is to analyze empirical studies on whether the existing generations differ in their work beliefs, i.e. in their internal CSR perceptions and their leadership motivation, especially Generation Y (born after …

Susanne Rank, Francoise Contreras

01-12-2021 | Original Article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

CSR reporting by Chinese and Western MNEs: patterns combining formal homogenization and substantive differences

In light of the growing economic might and intensification of global activities of Chinese multinational enterprises (MNE), this paper looks into the nature of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting. CSR communications of the …

Irina Ervits

01-12-2021 | Regular article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Analysing global professional gender gaps using LinkedIn advertising data

Although women’s participation in tertiary education and the labour force has expanded over the past decades, women continue to be underrepresented in technical and managerial occupations. We analyse if gender inequalities also manifest themselves …

Ridhi Kashyap, Florianne C. J. Verkroost

01-11-2021 | Issue 2/2021

IIAG: a data-driven and theory-inspired approach for advising how to interact with new remote collaborators in OSS teams

Open source software development (OSS) team members often need to figure out how to initiate a collaboration with a new remote collaborator. An inappropriate strategy could lead to failures in developing cooperation. In this paper, we propose an …

Yi Wang, David Redmiles

01-09-2021 | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

Individual differences limit predicting well-being and productivity using software repositories: a longitudinal industrial study

Reports of poor work well-being and fluctuating productivity in software engineering have been reported in both academic and popular sources. Understanding and predicting these issues through repository analysis might help manage software …

Miikka Kuutila, Mika Mäntylä, Maëlick Claes, Marko Elovainio, Bram Adams

01-09-2021 | Issue 5/2021

The entrepreneurial logic of startup software development: A study of 40 software startups

More and more software is developed by startup companies with limited resources and little operating history. Successful companies like Uber, Spotify, and Kahoot developed their software products during their startup stages. According to …

Anh Nguyen-Duc, Kai-Kristian Kemell, Pekka Abrahamsson

01-09-2021 | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

Finding the sweet spot for organizational control and team autonomy in large-scale agile software development

Agile methods and the related concepts of employee empowerment, self-management, and autonomy have reached large-scale software organizations and raise questions about commonly adopted principles for authority distribution. However, the optimum …

Nils Brede Moe, Darja Šmite, Maria Paasivaara, Casper Lassenius

01-09-2021 | Issue 5/2021

Perceived diversity in software engineering: a systematic literature review

We define perceived diversity as the diversity factors that individuals are born with. Perceived diversity in Software Engineering has been recognized as a high-value team property and companies are willing to increase their efforts to create more …

Gema Rodríguez-Pérez, Reza Nadri, Meiyappan Nagappan

01-08-2021 | Short Paper | Issue 4/2021

Engineering Swarms of Cyber-Physical Systems with the CPSwarm Workbench

Engineering swarms of cyber-physical systems (CPSs) is a complex process. We present the CPSwarm workbench that creates an automated design workflow to ease this process. This formalized workflow guides the user from modeling, to code generation …

Micha Sende, Melanie Schranz, Gianluca Prato, Etienne Brosse, Omar Morando, Martina Umlauft

01-08-2021 | Aufsätze | Issue 8/2021

Zur Blackbox-Problematik im Bereich Mobilfunkforensik

Auf Smartphones sind viele Daten gespeichert, die im Zuge einer strafrechtlichen Ermittlung von Interesse sein können. Die Mobilfunkforensik ist das Teilgebiet der forensischen Informatik, die die Techniken der forensischen Analyse von Smartphones …

M.Sc. Jenny Ottmann, M.Sc. Johannes Pollach, Nicole Scheler, M.Sc. Janine Schneider, Dr. Christian Rückert, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Felix Freiling

01-08-2021 | Original article | Issue 6/2021 Open Access

Understanding institutional barriers in the climate change adaptation planning process of the city of Beirut: vicious cycles and opportunities

Cities around the world are confronted with the need to put in place climate adaptation policies to protect citizens and properties from climate change impacts. This article applies components of the framework developed by Moser and Ekström (2010) …

Leonardo Zea-Reyes, Veronica Olivotto, Sylvia I. Bergh

29-07-2021 | Original Paper

Female Representation on Corporate Boards in Europe: The Interplay of Organizational Social Consciousness and Institutions

We examine the role of alignment between organizational social consciousness and the informal and formal institutions of a country in increasing female representation on boards. Using fixed-effects and Hausman Taylor regression methodology for …

Cynthia E. Clark, Punit Arora, Patricia Gabaldon

29-07-2021 | ARTICLES

The Status of Black Studies at Public Institutions After the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Academic Scandal

This study examines the progress of Black Studies at public universities toward incorporation into mainstream higher education following the academic scandal at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2011–2014). Drawing upon data from …

Marvin P. Dawkins, Jomills Henry Braddock II, Felecia Theune, Shelby Gilbert

29-07-2021 Open Access

We do not measure what we aim to measure: Testing Three Measurement Models for Nationalism and Patriotism

The measurement models for both nationalism and patriotism originally developed by Blank and Schmidt are broadly established. Despite their widespread usage in Germany and beyond, concerns have been voiced about the operationalisation of these …

Marlene Mußotter


Expanded Ethical Principles for Research Partnership and Transdisciplinary Natural Resource Management Science

Natural resource researchers have long recognized the value of working closely with the managers and communities who depend on, steward, and impact ecosystems. These partnerships take various forms, including co-production and transdisciplinary …

Hailey Wilmer, Alison M. Meadow, Amanda Bentley Brymer, Stephanie Russo Carroll, Daniel B. Ferguson, Ibrahim Garba, Christina Greene, Gigi Owen, Dannele E. Peck

29-07-2021 | Original Paper

How Instructional Design Is Operationalized in Various Industries for job-Seeking Learning Designers: Engaging the Talent Development Capability Model

In 2020, as COVID-19 impacted the world, instructional designers quickly came to the forefront of higher education, consulting, and corporate settings. Additionally, in early 2020, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) globally launched …

Cara North, Mitchell Shortt, Margaret A. Bowman, Babatunde Akinkuolie

28-07-2021 | Focus

Security management in smart home environment

A smart home environment comprises various luxurious things which makes us very comfortable to live our lives happily and securely. The only problem that smart homes are facing is “SECURITY.” Security for smart homes is the biggest task to …

L. Mary Gladence, V. Maria Anu, S. Revathy, P. Jeyanthi


Determinants of firm’s holding female directors: evidence from Australia

This research paper aims to examine the association between product market competition and gender diversity on the corporate board. More specifically, this paper examines the likely corporate governance determinants of firms operating by female …

Ummya Salma, Aimin Qian

28-07-2021 | Original Paper

Wellbeing in initial teacher education: using poetic representation to examine pre-service teachers’ understanding of their self-care needs

Creating psychologically safe spaces for pre-service teachers to talk about their hopes, dreams and tensions of becoming teachers is complex work that requires teacher educators to engage with a range of pedagogical practices. A teacher educator …

Narelle Lemon

27-07-2021 | Research Article

Enhancing International Buyer-Seller Relationship Quality and Long-Term Orientation Using Emotional Intelligence: The Moderating Role of Foreign Culture

Building on Emotion Regulation Theory, we examine the role of an exporter’s emotional intelligence (EI) in enhancing the quality and boosting the long-term orientation of the working relationship with its import buyers. Using data gathered from …

Leonidas C. Leonidou, Bilge Aykol, Jorma Larimo, Lida Kyrgidou, Paul Christodoulides

27-07-2021 | Original Paper

Exploring the Cognitive Foundations of Managerial (Climate) Change Decisions

Climate change is a complex, multilevel challenge with implications of failure unimaginable for current and future generations. However, despite the Paris Agreement supporting the imperative for action in an atmosphere of scientific consensus …

Belinda Wade, Andrew Griffiths


Dynamic anarchy: the evolution and economics of the beguny sect in eighteenth-twentieth century Russia

The paper investigates the possibility of evolution in superstitions that support self-governance arrangements. To show that superstitions may adapt to changes in economic constraints, I study a Russian religious sect called the beguny. The sect …

Vladimir Vladimirovich Maltsev


The more you exploit, the more expedient I will be: A moral disengagement and Chinese traditionality examination of exploitative leadership and employee expediency

Drawing on social cognitive theory, we build a comprehensive understanding of how, why, and when exploitative leadership relates to employee expediency by identifying moral disengagement as one psychological mechanism and Chinese traditionality as …

Ken Cheng, Limin Guo, Jinlian Luo

25-07-2021 | Feature Article

Latest research progress for LBE coolant reactor of China initiative accelerator driven system project

China’s accelerator driven subcritical system (ADS) development has made significant progress during the past decade. With the successful construction and operation of the international prototype of ADS superconducting proton linac, the lead-based …

Long Gu, Xingkang Su

25-07-2021 | Original Article

An improved elephant herding optimization for global optimization problems

This study proposes a modified Elephant Herding Optimization algorithm to enhance the capability of a classical algorithm for convalescent convergence rate and precision to solve global optimization problems. The proposed Improved Elephant Herding …

Harpreet Singh, Birmohan Singh, Manpreet Kaur

25-07-2021 | Open Forum

AI as a boss? A national US survey of predispositions governing comfort with expanded AI roles in society

People’s comfort with and acceptability of artificial intelligence (AI) instantiations is a topic that has received little systematic study. This is surprising given the topic’s relevance to the design, deployment and even regulation of AI …

Kate K. Mays, Yiming Lei, Rebecca Giovanetti, James E. Katz


Federal reserve appointments and the politics of senate confirmation

This paper examines the politicization of Federal Reserve (Fed) appointments. In contrast to the extant appointment literature’s almost exclusive focus on ideological proximity as a predictor of Fed nominations and confirmations, I theorize that …

Caitlin Ainsley

24-07-2021 | Research Article Open Access

Challenges and Paradoxes in Decolonising HCI: A Critical Discussion

The preponderance of Western methods, practices, standards, and classifications in the manner in which new technology-related knowledge is created and globalised has led to calls for more inclusive approaches to design. A decolonisation project is …

Shaimaa Lazem, Danilo Giglitto, Makuochi Samuel Nkwo, Hafeni Mthoko, Jessica Upani, Anicia Peters

24-07-2021 | SOFTWARE–HARDWARE SYSTEMS | Issue 4/2021

Solving Environmental Problems According to the Concept of Sustainable Development of the Earth

The scientific foundation for the development and implementation of automated control systems (ACS) in the USSR are discussed and the results obtained at the V. M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in …

A. Kalenchuk-Porkhanova, V. Tulchinsky


To resist, or to align? The enactment of data-based school governance in Italy

The diffusion of national standardized testing, large-scale survey assessments and the promotion of policies of self-evaluation are making large amounts of data on education systems available and transforming schools into collecting units for a …

Paolo Landri


Supply chain sustainability during turbulent environment: Examining the role of firm capabilities and government regulation

The turbulent environment like COVID-19 has forced many firms to the brink of collapse. It has a devastating impact on the supply chain management and its sustainability. Many firms were forced to close due to unavailability of raw materials …

Sheshadri Chatterjee, Ranjan Chaudhuri

22-07-2021 | Research Article Open Access

Archetypes of Driver Combinations Leading to Foreign Market Exit: An Investigation into European Grocery Retailing

Existing research into retailers’ foreign market exits has uncovered a number of drivers that lead multinational retailers to divest from certain countries. While scholars have investigated these drivers in isolation from one another, combinations …

David Schmid, Finn de Thomas Wagner, Dirk Morschett

22-07-2021 | Original Research

CEO career concerns and the precision of management earnings forecasts

We extend the research on how CEOs address career concerns during their early tenure in firms and we argue that CEOs use a forecast precision strategy to highlight or obfuscate information in a way that may help them convey favorable signals on …

Kexing Ding, Bikki Jaggi


The Effect of Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Human Resources on Employee Engagement with the Moderating Role of the Employer Brand

Employee Engagement (EE) is an important aspect of human resources management, which is instrumental in the financial success of an organization. While an internal aspect, EE is also influenced by organizational factors. As a descriptive study …

Seyede Asma Hosseini, Alireza Moghaddam, Hossein Damganian, Mohsen Shafiei Nikabadi

22-07-2021 | Original Paper

Leading When Overweight: the Influence of Supervisor Body Weight on Subordinates’ Perceptions and Citizenship Behaviors

Integrating the stereotype content model, attribution theory, and social exchange theory, we examined the perceptions underlying bias towards overweight supervisors and the effect of supervisor weight on the workplace behaviors of subordinates.

Alexandra A. Henderson, Russell A. Matthews, Sara J. McKersie, Marilyn V. Whitman


The status quo of omani female entrepreneurs: a story of multidimensional success factors

While the Omani government’s endeavours over two decades to support entrepreneurship, particularly among women, have been significant, research has not substantiated their impacts; even so, the number of female entrepreneurs has substantially …

Samir Marwan Hammami, Tareq Muhammad Alhousary, Ahmad Taha Kahwaji, Syed Ahsan Jamil

21-07-2021 Open Access

Responsible Management Education in Time of Crisis: A Conceptual Framework for Public Business Schools in Egypt and Similar Middle Eastern Context

Recent studies show that the adoption of RME scenarios is still a matter of concern for non-western countries ((Mousa et al., Journal of Management Development 38:681–696, 2019), 2021a, 2021b). In this paper, we theoretically propose the potential …

Mohamed Mousa, Hiba Massoud, Rami Ayoubi


Trust and Envy: the Political Economy of Business Groups in Developing Countries

Diversified business groups play a major role in the economies of many developing countries. Business group members, often from the same communal, ethnic, or tribal group, have or develop interpersonal relations that make it easier to obtain …

Nathaniel H. Leff, Rachael Behr, Jeffry Frieden, Shelby Grossman


Learning and development roles and competency domains in higher education: a content analysis of job announcements

Learning and Development (L&D) roles are important to organizations for improving employee’s knowledge and skills. This study examined various roles and competency domains required of learning and development professionals in higher education. Ten …

Florence Martin, Yan Chen, Beth Oyarzun, Mark Lee


A Picture Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Approach Based on the Combined TODIM-VIKOR and Entropy Weighted Method

Picture fuzzy set (PFS) is more effective tool for handling the uncertainty and vagueness in the real world and it can contain more information than intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS). In this paper, we proposed a new entropy measure in terms of PFSs …

Vikas Arya, Satish Kumar

21-07-2021 | Original Empirical Research

Self-oriented competitiveness in salespeople: sales management implications

We explore the complexity of salesperson competitiveness and the concept of self-oriented competitiveness (SOC). Study 1 develops and validates a measure of SOC within a nomological network of achievement-related and personality constructs. Study …

Wyatt A. Schrock, Douglas E. Hughes, Yanhui Zhao, Clay Voorhees, John R. Hollenbeck

20-07-2021 | THERMOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 2/2021

Measuring Isobaric Heat Capacity of Fluids in the Critical Region by Continuous-Flow Adiabatic Calorimetry Method

Considering the importance of refining the fundamental equations of state for hydrocarbons, the authors discuss the methodological and design features of experimental measurement of isobaric heat capacity in the critical region by using the …

A. A. Gerasimov, B. A. Grigoriev, M. A. Kuznetsov, A. D. Kozlov

20-07-2021 | Original Paper

Improving Ethics: Extending the Theory of Planned Behavior to Include Moral Disengagement

We extend the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) for ethics in the workplace. Using a path modeling methodology, we find evidence that, for ethics, moral disengagement is an antecedent to the TPB predictors of attitude, subjective norms, and …

Ervin L. Black, F. Greg Burton, Joshua K. Cieslewicz

20-07-2021 | Original Paper Open Access

The Moral Duty to Love One’s Stakeholders

Much has been written about the general moral duty to love one’s neighbors. In this article, I explore the specific application of this moral duty in the work setting. I argue from a secular perspective that individuals have the moral duty to love …

Muel Kaptein

20-07-2021 | Original Research

Proposed Mathematical Model to Study and Analyze the Relationship Between Operational Flexibility Dimensions and Hospital Performance

The objective of this work is to create an active interaction between real and theoretical results. Study design was a cross-sectional study, and the opinion of 100 leaders against the hospital operation was used. The data sources were primary …

Main Naser Alolayyan, Ahmmed Saadi Ibrahem

20-07-2021 | Original Paper

Learning value-based leadership in teams: the moderation of emotional regulation

Drawing upon value-based leadership theory, this research proposes a model to elaborate how value-based leadership can be learned by leaders to influence team performance. In the model, team performance is indirectly influenced by benevolent …

Chieh-Peng Lin, Chi Jhang, Yu-Min Wang

20-07-2021 | Original Article

The Climate Leadership Council’s Carbon Dividends Plan: Polanyi’s Market Embeddedness, Fictitious Commodities, and Double Movement

In 2017, large oil and gas companies formed the Climate Leadership Council (CLC) in response to increased social pressure to reduce their emissions to combat climate change. The CLC developed the Carbon Dividends Plan (CDP), which proposes a …

Amber M. Blazek

19-07-2021 | Focus

IoT-based analysis for controlling & spreading prediction of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia

Presently, novel coronavirus outbreak 2019 (COVID-19) is a major threat to public health. Mathematical epidemic models can be utilized to forecast the course of an epidemic and cultivate approaches for controlling it. This paper utilizes the real …

Sunil Kumar Sharma, Sameh S. Ahmed

19-07-2021 Open Access

The influence of cronyism on entrepreneurial resource acquisition

This research focuses on how entrepreneurs utilize cronyism to acquire resources. A case study method allowed us to explore three firms in the private property development industry in China. These firms uniquely cultivated cronyism and achieved …

Junfan Yu, Saskia De Klerk, Michael Hess

19-07-2021 Open Access

Practical and Theoretical Wisdom in Management Scholarship: Re-assesing the Use and Appropriations of Aristotle’s Philosophy

Within contemporary discussions on organizational wisdom, management scholars frequently turn to Aristotle’s work to conceptualize wisdom as phronesis, or practical wisdom. Contrary to the prevailing view, this paper argues that Aristotle did not …

Tuomo Peltonen


Application of edge computing and cloud service data system for doctors' psychological reconstruction after the epidemic

In response to the problems that the new crown pneumonia epidemic may bring to doctors in schools of Chinese medicine, such as information overload, traumatic stress, changes in mentality, crisis of trust, safety when going abroad, and employment …

Xiujun Zhai

19-07-2021 | Original Paper

A short history of liberalism in contemporary Iran

The present article explores how liberalism and modern thoughts entered Iran and how they influenced political thought and institutions in contemporary Iran. It also briefly considers how Iran’s traditional religious and historical discourse …

Aref Barkhordari

18-07-2021 | Original Paper

Closing the Gender Gap in Legislative Debates: The Role of Gender Quotas

Democratic societies increasingly look into gender quotas as a means to increase women’s representation in politics. Yet even as women occupy more seats, meaningful barriers may remain to their incorporation in the legislature. Our paper draws on …

Jorge M. Fernandes, Mariana Lopes da Fonseca, Miguel Won

17-07-2021 | Original research

Technology and Multimodality in Teaching Pre-service Teachers: Fulfilling Diverse Learners’ Needs

The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of the use of multimodality during college level instruction. Using quantitative and qualitative methods, data were analyzed to determine the effectiveness of incorporating multimodality in …

Huda Almumen


An Inter-Temporal Comparison About the Effect of Institutional Changes on the Policy-Making Process in Chile’s Health Sector

Do institutional changes lead to changes in the policy formulation process (PFP)? The paper analyses the health sector PFP of the old Chilean democracy (in place until 1973), until mid 1950s, and contrasts its finding with that of the democratic …

Mauricio Olavarria-Gambi


Beyond perception: the role of gender across marketing scholars’ careers, in reply to Galak and Kahn (2021)

Galak and Kahn (2021), in their recent contribution on the organizational climate in Marketing academia, highlight important transgressions perceived by women and under-represented minorities. By focusing on gender, this article complements, and …

Ethan Pew, César Zamudio, Hua (Meg) Meng

16-07-2021 | Original Research

Female Excluded more than Male: Do Community Characteristics Matter?

Despite numerous studies on social exclusion which acknowledge gender disparity within the issue, very few are focused on widening the analysis into community-level factors. Considering the elderly as the most vulnerable age group, this study aims …

Riska Dwi Astuti, Bondan Sikoki, Ni Wayan Suriastini

16-07-2021 Open Access

Defense Sector Politics

The Political Economy of Transferring the Military’s Industries

Ownership and control of defense industrial firms affords the military power, autonomy, and a claim to economic rents. Why do some countries succeed at shifting some or all such firms from military to civilian ownership and control, while others …

Collin Grimes


A New HBS Model in Millimeter-Wave Beamspace MIMO-NOMA Systems Using Alternative Grey Wolf with Beetle Swarm Optimization

Beam selection is a major conflict in wireless communications. In the existing methods, the energy efficiency maximization problem is handled by the non-convex fractional programming algorithm. Yet, various traditional works have used the Single …

Satyanarayana Murthy Nimmagadda

15-07-2021 | Original Paper

Does Leader Same-sex Sexual Orientation Matter to Leadership Effectiveness? A Four-study Model-testing Investigation

Despite the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States (U.S.) and an increasing number of out gay and lesbian business leaders, we have little knowledge of the role played by leaders’ same-sex sexual orientation in the leadership …

Gang Wang, David S. Steffensen Jr, Pamela L. Perrewé, Gerald R. Ferris, Samantha L. Jordan

15-07-2021 | Original Paper

Riding the democracy train: incumbent-led paths to autocracy

In the twenty-first century, democracies are most often weakened, and even die, not by coups but by manipulation from within by democratically-elected officials. Yet, while democratic breakdown has become increasingly common, significant variation …

İpek Çınar


Understanding foreign language learners’ perceptions of teachers' practice with educational technology with specific reference to Kahoot! and Padlet: A case from China

This article reports on a classroom-based investigation into English as a foreign language (EFL) learners’ views on lessons which integrated m-learning tools for assessment (Kahoot!) and collaboration (Padlet). 289 Chinese university students’ …

Yi-Mei Chen


Mobile learning for early reading in Cambodia

This paper reports on a mixed-methods study of the Total Reading Approach for Children Plus (TRAC+) program, with a particular focus on its mobile learning element, where tablets and an app called Aan Khmer (Read Khmer) were introduced into …

Grace Oakley, Mark Pegrum, Thida Kheang, Krisna Seng

14-07-2021 | Original research

Integrating Technology in Qatar’s Higher Education Settings: What Helps Faculty Accomplish the Job

This qualitative, exploratory case study elicited faculty members’ perceptions of the factors that facilitate technology integration into their instruction. The sample for the study constituted 14 full-time male professors at a public midsized …

Ibrahim M. Karkouti

14-07-2021 | Original Paper

Supporting Cross-Cultural Pedagogy with Online Tools: Pedagogical Design and Student Perceptions

This paper is a report of a cross-cultural online collaboration between two cohorts of pre-service teachers in Hong Kong, China and an American university in St. Paul, Minnesota. It explicates the pedagogical design and implementation of online …

Liping Deng, Ying Wang Shen, Jackie W. W. Chan


Managing Sales Channel Selection for a Manufacturer in the Presence of Remanufacturing

Motivated by the fact that the product remanufacturing operations are increasingly performed as firms’ competitive advantage and may also play an important role in the choice of channel structure, we construct game-theoretical models to examine …

Benrong Zheng, Niu Yu, Jie Chu


Measuring populist ideology: anti-elite orientation and government status

In most contemporary conceptions of populist ideology, anti-elite orientation is considered to be one of its central components. Consequently, instruments designed to measure populism include items intended to capture anti-elitism. Such …

Bojan Todosijević, Zoran Pavlović, Olivera Komar

14-07-2021 | Original Paper

The organization of volunteer battalions in Ukraine

When war broke out in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, the government of Ukraine failed to provide adequate defense to maintain its territorial integrity. In the wake of this government failure, several private volunteer efforts arose to meet popular …

Garrett Ryan Wood

13-07-2021 Open Access

Donor-Funded Women’s Empowerment in Tajikistan: Trajectories of Women’s NGOs and Changing Attitudes to the International Agenda

This article investigates internationally funded women’s empowerment initiatives in Tajikistan. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent Tajik civil war (1992–1997), this newly independent, Muslim-majority country has …

Karolina Kluczewska


Navigating (and Disrupting) the Digital Divide: Urban Teachers’ Perspectives on Secondary Mathematics Instruction During COVID-19

This study examines the perspectives and lived experiences of 10 urban secondary mathematics teachers from two epicenters of COVID-19 in the United States regarding their transition to digital learning during the 2019–2020 academic year. We use …

Alesia Mickle Moldavan, Robert M. Capraro, Mary Margaret Capraro

13-07-2021 | Original Research

An Integrated QFD and Common Weight DEA-Based Fuzzy MCDM Framework for Performance Ranking of Countries

United Nations Development Program presented the Human Development Index for ranking the countries with regard to three dimensions, namely being knowledgeable, a long and healthy life, and having a proper standard of living. In order to provide …

Nazli Goker, E. Ertugrul Karsak, Mehtap Dursun


Principals may inflate teacher evaluation scores to achieve important goals

A concerning attribute of teacher evaluations across countries is the systemic leniency of principals during classroom observations. However, little is known about the motivations behind this phenomenon. The purpose of this study is to explore the …

Eli Jones, Christi Bergin, Bridget Murphy

13-07-2021 Open Access

Methods for analysing citizens’ attitudes: a hypothetical Italian referendum about the membership of the European Union as a case study

The European Union is an unprecedented unification project that successfully preserves political peace and integrates Europe’s countries into a supra-national model. However, recent economic and political crises have shown that there are …

Marino De Luca

13-07-2021 | Research Article Open Access

Do governments delay the implementation of parliamentary requests? Examining time variation in implementing legislative requests in Switzerland

This paper investigates time variations in the implementation of legislative requests by the Swiss government. Combining the literature on executive–legislative relations with findings from implementation research, we focus on the procedural level …

Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen, Dominique Oehrli, Adrian Vatter

12-07-2021 | RESEARCH ARTICLE - SPECIAL ISSUE - Frontiers in Parallel Programming Models for Fog and Edge Computing Infrastructures

Intelligent Decision Support System for Business Forecasting Using Artificial Intelligence

Business forecasting refers to the methods and strategies used to predict business trends, such as sales, expenditures, and profits. The purpose of business forecasting is to create better plans based on these informed predictions. Many businesses …

BiaoJun Li, Chuantao Yao, Feng Zheng, Lin Wang, Jiashui Dai, Quanzhou Xiang

12-07-2021 | Original Paper

The End of Meaningful Work in the Not-for-Profit Sector? A Case Study of Ethics in Employee Relations Under the New Business-Like Operation Regime

Developed from meaningful work and business ethics, we investigate the motivational effect of meaningful work on paid staff (not volunteers) with a “shortage” of ethical employment practices situated in the Not-for-Profit sector. We tested the …

Wen Wang, Roger Seifert

12-07-2021 | Original Paper

Organized Decoupling of Management Control Systems: An Exploratory Study of Traders’ Unethical Behavior

Enduring unethical behavior in trading has generated much research interest, and scholars disagree on the reasons for this situation. According to MacIntyre (2015), this has to do with the personal traits of traders, whereas Rocchi and Thunder …

Aziza Laguecir, Bernard Leca


Power Struggles on Urban Green Spaces in Kumasi, Ghana: Implications for Urban Policy and Planning

Managing urban green spaces effectively to a greater extent relies on the underlying powers (authority and resource capacities) entrusted to relevant stakeholder institutions. This paper assesses how power is regulated among major stakeholder …

Collins Adjei Mensah

10-07-2021 | Original Research

Does Trust Always Help Gender Role Attitudes? The Role of Individualism and Collectivism

Social trust has a complex interrelationship with attitudes toward gender equality. Social trust has its origins in exchange relationships in preindustrial societies, lowering uncertainty in transactions and easing interpersonal exchanges. The …

Nabamita Dutta, Lisa Giddings, Russell S. Sobel

10-07-2021 Open Access

Political competition and legislative shirking in roll-call votes: Evidence from Germany for 1953–2017

We analyze the impact of elected competitors from the same constituency on legislative shirking in the German Bundestag from 1953 to 2017. The German electoral system ensures at least one federal legislator per constituency with a varying number …

Marco Frank, David Stadelmann


When Do Strong Parties “Throw the Bums Out”? Competition and Accountability in South African Candidate Nominations

Existing accounts of centralized candidate selection argue that party elites tend to ignore constituent preferences in favor of internal party concerns, leading to accountability deficits. Yet this claim has been largely assumed rather than …

Evan Lieberman, Philip Martin, Nina McMurry


BESDDFFS: Blockchain and EdgeDrone based secured data delivery for forest fire surveillance

Forest fires have been disastrous to civilizations since time immemorial causing damage to life and property. The human civilization has lived with a pressing need to devise a method to quickly detect and safely transmit fire alerts to minimize …

Sreemana Datta, Ditipriya Sinha

09-07-2021 | Research Article

The effect of geometric layout of exit on escape mechanism of crowd

In dense crowd evacuation, especially in emergencies such as fires, the safe evacuation of large public facilities will face major challenges. At the same time, as cluster congestion tends to occur in the space where the flow rate drops sharply …

Jia Li, Jinghong Wang, Shuangyan Xu, Jiaojiao Feng, Jiachen Li, Zhirong Wang, Yan Wang

09-07-2021 | Original Research Open Access

Development of the India Patriarchy Index: Validation and Testing of Temporal and Spatial Patterning

While existing indices of gender equality measure the role of women’s status and position, they inadequately contextualize the broader construct of patriarchy, a social system that underlies many gender inequitable practices. An index capturing …

Abhishek Singh, Praveen Chokhandre, Ajeet Kumar Singh, Kathryn M. Barker, Kaushalendra Kumar, Lotus McDougal, K. S. James, Anita Raj

09-07-2021 | Original Paper

Transformational Leadership and Voice: When Does Felt Obligation to the Leader Matter?

Drawing on the notion that felt obligation is an important motivation variable that drives employees’ behavior, this study examines how leaders can evoke felt obligation in followers and to what extent such obligation can subsequently promote …

Jinyun Duan, Xiao-Hua (Frank) Wang, Onne Janssen, Jiing-Lih Farh

09-07-2021 | Original Paper

E-Commerce and Consumer Protection in India: The Emerging Trend

Given the rapid growth and emerging trend of e-commerce have changed consumer preferences to buy online, this study analyzes the current Indian legal framework that protects online consumers’ interests. A thorough analysis of the two newly enacted …

Neelam Chawla, Basanta Kumar

08-07-2021 | Research Paper

A comparative analysis of meta-heuristic optimization algorithms for feature selection and feature weighting in neural networks

Feature selection and feature weighting are frequently used in machine learning for processing high dimensional data. It reduces the number of features in the dataset and makes the classification process easier. Meta-heuristic algorithms are …

P. M. Diaz, M. Julie Emerald Jiju

08-07-2021 | Original Paper

Holding space for uncertainty and vulnerability: reclaiming humanity in teacher education through contemplative | equity pedagogy

In this manuscript we describe our journey as two White coteachers conducting interpretive research with Black and Brown students in a remote-learning teacher preparation course in New York City. In the context of uncertainty, during the twin …

Malgorzata Powietrzynska, Linda Noble, Sharda O’Loughlin-Boncamper, Aundrey Azeez

08-07-2021 | Research Article Open Access

Engines of learning? Policy instruments, cities and climate governance

This contribution investigates how combinations of instruments, often called policy mixes, enhance policy learning processes at different levels. It analyzes the European Union’s (EU) Covenant of Mayors (CoM) that is underpinned by a set of …

Ekaterina Domorenok, Anthony R. Zito

08-07-2021 | Construction Management

Fair Practice Evaluation Model for Public Construction Projects: Focusing on the Korean Construction Market

Despite the importance of client’s role in securing public trust, fairness, and equity in all transactions within the construction market, little is known about the current state of fair trade practices committed by the clients in public …

Minju Kim, Chanwoo Lee, Han Soo Kim, Hunhee Cho, Sangbum Kim, JeongWook Son

08-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Determination of Critical Points of Variable Composition Beta-Solidifying TiAl-Alloy

Temperatures of critical points for a new Russian intermetallic TiAl-alloy Ti–44.5Al–2V–1Nb–Zr/Cr–0.1Gd (at.%) are determined theoretically (using Thermo-Calc software) and experimentally taking account of Zr content variation from 0.5 to 1.5 at.% …

P. V. Panin, E. A. Lukina, A. S. Kochetkov, A. L. Yakovlev, S. I. Pakhomkin, K. A. Speransky

07-07-2021 | Hauptbeiträge Open Access

Agilität – ein Organisationsmodell für öffentliche Verwaltungen

Dieser Artikel zeigt auf, weshalb das Organisationsmodell Agilität als Reformkonzept für öffentliche Verwaltungen geeignet ist und einen wesentlichen Beitrag zu den noch offenen Themen aus bisherigen Reformen leisten kann. Dies wird entlang den …

Martina Musati

07-07-2021 | Original Research

Exploring the Influences of Job Satisfaction for Europeans Aged 50 + from Ex-communist vs. Non-communist Countries

The paper deals with the analysis of the influences of job satisfaction among Europeans aged 50 + (SHARE-ERIC’s data set-Wave7) filtered on main residences and education before 1989. Besides confirming the leading role of the workplace atmosphere …

Daniel Homocianu, Octavian Dospinescu, Napoleon-Alexandru Sireteanu


An advanced Hybrid Algorithm for Engineering Design Optimization

Among numerous meta-heuristic algorithms, Differential evolution (DE) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) are found to be an efficient and powerful optimization algorithm. Similarly, it has been observed that their hybrid algorithms provide a …

Pooja Verma, Raghav Prasad Parouha

07-07-2021 | Survey Paper Open Access

Technology-enhanced and game based learning for children with special needs: a systematic mapping study

Technology-based education of children with special needs has become the focus of many research works in recent years. The wide range of different disabilities that are encompassed by the term “special needs”, together with the educational …

Jose A. Gallud, Monica Carreño, Ricardo Tesoriero, Andrés Sandoval, María D. Lozano, Israel Durán, Victor M. R. Penichet, Rafael Cosio


An exploratory investigation of the use and effects of academic instant messaging groups among university students

The use of instant messaging groups for various academic purposes is a rising, but largely understudied, trend in higher education institutions. In the present study we investigate the use purposes and outcomes of three types of academic instant …

Daniel B. le Roux, Douglas A. Parry

06-07-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Kobe: Guardian of an American Cultural Institution

The presence of Kobe Bryant will forever loom tall in the annals of American basketball. While some describe it as a game, a business, a series of coupled industries, or an American pastime, we argue that basketball serves as a cultural …

John Thomas Mills, DeMond Shondell Miller


Tracking the maturity of industry 4.0: the perspective of a real scenario

To track industry 4.0 status, readiness models are used to analyze the state of industry 4.0 technologies’ implementation, allowing the quantification and qualification of its readiness level considering different dimensions. Not all companies are …

Vítor Alcácer, Carolina Rodrigues, Helena Carvalho, Virgilio Cruz-Machado


Grappling with professional ethics in instructional technology by participating in an online service-learning course

In this qualitative study, we engaged in a narrative inquiry to examine what graduate students in an online service-learning course grappled with while learning about professional ethics in instructional technology. This study took place in a …

Lisa C. Yamagata-Lynch, Erin R. Garty, Stephanie Teague Hostetter, Makhosazana L. Lunga

06-07-2021 | Original Paper

Preservice teachers’ perceptions of learning environments before and after pandemic-related course disruption

When the 2020 semester began in the USA in January, it was unimaginable that the near-total closure of educational system across the globe would become the new normal. To mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, teaching faculty hastily …

Christopher S. Long, Becky Barton Sinclair, Barry J. Fraser, Tiffany R. Larson, Pamela E. Harrell

06-07-2021 | Original Paper

Dehybridization in the Face of the Party-State: A Longitudinal Case Study of a Chinese SOE's Corporate Governance Responses to Institutional Change

This longitudinal case study identifies corporate governance responses in a Chinese state-owned enterprise facing institutional logic multiplicity and demands to shoulder sociopolitical responsibilities beyond economic responsibility. We find that …

Jun Jie Yang, Lai Si Tsui-Auch, Xueli Wang

05-07-2021 | Schwerpunkt

Verteilt arbeiten, gemeinsam gewinnen

Verteiltes Arbeiten muss heute jeder beherrschen. Aktuell zeigt die Covid-19 Pandemie die Vorteile verteilter Arbeit: Effizienz, Flexibilität, geringere Kosten und Overheads sowie weniger Reisen und damit ökologisches Verhalten. Doch viele …

Christof Ebert

05-07-2021 Open Access

Arch bridges subject to pier settlements: continuous vs. piecewise rigid displacement methods

Settlements severely affect historic masonry arch bridges worldwide. There are countless examples of structural dislocations and ruins in recent years due to severe settlements at the base of pier foundations, often caused by shipworm infestation …

Marialaura Malena, Maurizio Angelillo, Antonio Fortunato, Gianmarco de Felice, Ida Mascolo

05-07-2021 | ARTICLES

Revealing “The Struggle and the Dream”: Sterling A. Brown’s Role in Producing An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy

This article investigates the role of poet, critic and vanguard Black intellectual Sterling A. Brown in the production of An American Dilemma (Myrdal et al., 1944), a foundational book that would influence national policy in relation to race for …

Ruth Beecher


China’s anti-corruption campaign and stock returns of luxury goods firms

This paper uses the unexpected launch of the Chinese anti-corruption campaign in 2012 to study the stock market effects of political risk. Political risk is distinct from systematic sources of risk and hence reflected in risk-adjusted stock …

Thomas Nitschka

05-07-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Populism and the Past: Restoring, Retaining, and Redeeming the Nation

Populism and nationalism have been described as major threats to democracy. But ambiguities linger over their conceptual boundaries and overlaps. This article develops a typology of nationalist narratives to historically situate the recent global …

Iza Ding, Dan Slater, Huseyin Zengin

04-07-2021 | Original Article

Organizational commitment and professionalism to determine public satisfaction through good governance, public service quality, and public empowerment

This study aims to investigate factors related to the State Civil Apparatus that influence Public Empowerment and Public Satisfaction in Central Kalimantan Province. The variables involved in this study are Organizational Commitment …

Rojikin Nor, A. Juli Andi Gani, Choirul Saleh, Fadillah Amin

04-07-2021 | Original Paper

Preparing Teachers to Teach in K-12 Blended Environments: A Systematic Mapping Review of Research Trends, Impact, and Themes

Despite evidence concerning the widespread growth of K-12 blended teaching and the impact that emergency remote teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the spread of K-12 online and blended teaching, we could find no systematic reviews …

Cecil R. Short, Charles R. Graham, Theresa Holmes, Laura Oviatt, Hannah Bateman

04-07-2021 Open Access

Designing and developing smart production planning and control systems in the industry 4.0 era: a methodology and case study

In furtherance of emerging research within smart production planning and control (PPC), this paper prescribes a methodology for the design and development of a smart PPC system. A smart PPC system uses emerging technologies such as the internet of …

Olumide Emmanuel Oluyisola, Swapnil Bhalla, Fabio Sgarbossa, Jan Ola Strandhagen

03-07-2021 Open Access

Perceptions of Sexual Healthcare Provision in Tanzania: a Key Informant Qualitative Study

Health care services incorporate those delivered to target physical, mental, emotional, and sexual wellbeing and health. Sexual health covers a broad range of problems from HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs), and unwanted pregnancies …

Lucy R. Mgopa, Michael W. Ross, Gift Gadiel Lukumay, Stella Emmanuel Mushy, Ever Mkony, Agnes F. Massae, Dorkas L. Mwakawanga, Sebalda Leshabari, Inari Mohamed, Maria Trent, James Wadley, Zobeida E. Bonilla, B. R. Simon Rosser

03-07-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Populism, Nationalism, and Nationalist Populism

This article builds an original, analytical framework to understand one of the most important developments of our times — the global ascendance of leaders who fuse populist anti-elite rhetoric with nationalist appeals. In contrast to arguments …

Prerna Singh

03-07-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Populism and Hindu Nationalism in India

This article presents findings from the first-ever survey of populist attitudes in India. Historically, the Indian usage of the concept of populism was mostly confined to the fiscal handouts of governments for the lower-income groups, something …

Ashutosh Varshney, Srikrishna Ayyangar, Siddharth Swaminathan


Changes to The Productivity of Water Companies: Comparison of Fully Private and Concessionary Water Companies

The water industry encompasses a wide variety of water companies operating with different production technologies. This study evaluated and compared changes to the productivity of several fully private water companies (FPWCs) and concessionary …

Alexandros Maziotis, Ramon Sala-Garrido, Manuel Mocholi-Arce, Maria Molinos-Senante


The effect of the e-mentoring-based education program on professional development of preschool teachers

The qualification of a preschool teacher is one of the important factors that determine the quality of preschool education. To increase the quality in education, teachers should be equipped with the necessary knowledge starting from pre-service …

Serap Erdoğan, Gelengül Haktanır, Nalan Kuru, Nurbanu Parpucu, Demet Koç Tüylü

02-07-2021 | ARTICLES

A Historical Analysis of Racism Within the US Presidency: Implications for African Americans and the Political Process

This article examines the history of racism in the American presidency and the implications that it has had for Black residents of this country. The paper begins with a discussion of President Trump’s racist rhetoric towards Blacks but notes that …

Dewey M. Clayton, Sharon E. Moore, Sharon D. Jones-Eversley


Thirteen years of Operations Management Research (OMR) journal: a bibliometric analysis and future research directions

The journal of Operations Management Research (OMR) is a rigorous journal that started its publication in 2008. It publishes short, focused research studies that advance both the theory and practice of operations management. Considering the …

Mohamed M. Dhiaf, Osama F. Atayah, Nohade Nasrallah, Guilherme F. Frederico

02-07-2021 | Original Paper

Depoliticization of educational reforms: the STEM story

Education reforms are rarely successful or free of controversies. However, efforts to STEM-ify public education in the USA by positioning education in STEM fields and training of future workforce as the central purposes of public schooling is …

Ajay Sharma, Cheryl Hudson

02-07-2021 | Original Article Open Access

Automatic steel grades design for Jominy profile achievement through neural networks and genetic algorithms

The paper proposes an approach to the design of the chemical composition of steel, which is based on neural networks and genetic algorithms and aims at achieving a desired hardenability behavior possibly matching other constraints related to the …

Marco Vannucci, Valentina Colla

02-07-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Mapping Populism and Nationalism in Leader Rhetoric Across North America and Europe

We conceptualize populism and nationalism as vertical and horizontal discursive frames of sovereignty, and we investigate the prevalence of these frames in the speeches of chief executives (presidents and prime ministers) in Europe and North …

Erin K. Jenne, Kirk A. Hawkins, Bruno Castanho Silva

01-07-2021 | Research Article

Using hybrid artificial intelligence approach based on a neuro-fuzzy system and evolutionary algorithms for modeling landslide susceptibility in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran

Landslide susceptibility analysis is beneficial information for a wide range of applications, including land use management plans. The present attempt has shed light on an efficient landslide susceptibility mapping framework that involves an …

Solmaz Abdollahizad, Mohammad Ali Balafar, Bakhtiar Feizizadeh, Amin Babazadeh Sangar, Karim Samadzamini


Aspirations and investments in rural Myanmar

The aspirations gap is the distance between an individual’s current and aspired standard of livelihood. A growing theoretical literature predicts that aspirations both “too close” and “too far” away from current standards lead to less investment …

Jeffrey R. Bloem

01-07-2021 | Original Paper

Problems of portrayal: Hidden Figures in the development of science educators

The framing of characters by mainstream films can affect viewers’ perceptions of social groups, their histories, and their contributions. Using critical media analysis, I explore the film Hidden Figures and its portrayal of Katherine Goble …

Tara Nkrumah


Defining Success for A Declining Resource: Mental Models of Oyster Management in Apalachicola, Florida

Wild oyster populations are in decline globally, affecting communities of generational fishers and changing the cultural dynamics of coastal communities. Managers have employed a range of approaches to conserve and restore oyster populations and …

Hannah O. Brown, Susan K. Jacobson, Alison E. Adams

01-07-2021 | Issue 4/2021 Open Access

Reliability of self-rated experience and confidence as predictors for students’ performance in software engineering

Results from multiple controlled experiments on model comprehension with graduate and undergraduate students

Students’ experience is used in empirical software engineering research as well as in software engineering education to group students in either homogeneous or heterogeneous groups. To do so, students are commonly asked to self-rate their …

Marian Daun, Jennifer Brings, Patricia Aluko Obe, Viktoria Stenkova

01-07-2021 | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

The “Economic Battle” Now and Then: (E)valuation Patterns of Distributive Justice in Cuban State-Socialism

This article disentangles and explores some commonly made assumptions about egalitarian state-socialist ideologies. Based on the conceptual framework of the multiprinciple approach of justice, it presents the results of an in-depth analysis of …

Nina Jany

01-07-2021 | Issue 7/2021

Two-dimensions asymmetrically clipped optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing for screen to a camera communications system

Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) of the optical communication system is a known approach for light fidelity and the screen-to-a-camera (S2C) communication system is an innovative implementation for optical camera communication …

Noor J. Jihad, Sinan M. Abdul satar

30-06-2021 | Original Paper Open Access

Toward a better understanding of team decision processes: combining laboratory experiments with agent-based modeling

Despite advances in the field, we still know little about the socio-cognitive processes of team decisions, particularly their emergence from an individual level and transition to a team level. This study investigates team decision processes by …

Iris Lorscheid, Matthias Meyer


Proof of humanity: A tax-aware society-centric consensus algorithm for Blockchains

Blockchain technology brings about an opportunity to maintain decentralization in several applications, such as cryptocurrency. With the agents of a decentralized system operating independently, it calls for a consensus protocol that helps all …

Ali Arjomandi-Nezhad, Mahmud Fotuhi-Firuzabad, Ali Dorri, Payman Dehghanian

30-06-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Right-Wing Populism and Vigilante Violence in Asia

Right-wing populism is threatening pluralist underpinnings of diverse democracies around the world by staking claims of privilege for dominant ethnic groups and undermining minority rights. Existing scholarship has evaluated these threats in terms …

Sana Jaffrey


Designing international tax reform: lessons from TCJA

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA) introduced the most significant changes to the US international tax system in decades. The law changes have been criticized for reducing equity, benefiting wealthier business owners at the expense of individuals in …

Mindy Herzfeld


Factors to assess teacher design knowledge competencies: data literacies practice, design practice, and distributed epistemic practice (3Ds)

Teacher design work has gained increasing attention by re-conceptualizing teachers as designers rather than curriculum deliverers. However, assessing teacher design work can be challenging given that there are very few research tools to assess …

Mi Song Kim


Assessment of Telework in a Federal Agency at the Operational Phase

Telework as an optional work arrangement has gained significant popularity over the last few decades in organizations of all kinds. Private businesses and public agencies have found telework to be valuable for increasing work capacity while many …

Richard W. Monroe, James C. Haug


Do Transformational Leaders Affect Employee Performance and Normative Commitment Through General Self-Efficacy? Analysis in Ghanaian Public Sector Organizations

The study sought to evaluate whether transformational leaders affect employee performance and normative commitment through general self-efficacy in the public sector organizations. The study involved 330 cross-sectional respondents from public …

Francis Donkor

29-06-2021 | Research Article

The challenges on operating a zero net energy building facing global warming conditions

This study proposes a methodology to evaluate the energy performance of existing Zero Energy Buildings and to prospect retrofit strategies in a Savannah climate, concerning the A2 scenario of emissions from the Fourth Report of the …

Alberto Hernandez Neto, Luciane Cleonice Durante, Ivan Julio Apolonio Callejas, Emeli Lalesca Aparecida da Guarda, José Vinnicius Ranieri Moreira


Study on the incentive and coordination mechanism of tumor healthcare alliance based on evolutionary game

The healthcare alliance (HA) of malignant tumor specialist can promote the integration and development of tumor medical resources and play an important role in safeguarding people’s health. Nevertheless, conflicting interests between the involved …

Gengjun Gao, Zhen Wu, Shuyun Wang


A Little Representation Goes a Long Way: Minority Teacher Representation and District Performance in a Highly Homogenous Context

In this article data from Wisconsin school districts is used to test and expand upon the theory of representative bureaucracy. The author first develops a metric measuring representativeness, and then uses three years of data to test the link …

Michael R. Ford

28-06-2021 | Original Paper Open Access

Harmful Leader Behaviors: Toward an Increased Understanding of How Different Forms of Unethical Leader Behavior Can Harm Subordinates

Research on unethical leadership has predominantly focused on interpersonal and high-intensity forms of harmful leader behavior such as abusive supervision. Other forms of harmful leader behavior such as excessively pressuring subordinates or …

Juliana Guedes Almeida, Deanne N. Den Hartog, Annebel H. B. De Hoogh, Vithor Rosa Franco, Juliana Barreiros Porto

28-06-2021 | Original Paper Open Access

Drivers of Philanthropic Foundations in Emerging Markets: Family, Values and Spirituality

This article discusses the ethics and drivers of philanthropic foundations in emerging markets. A foundation organizes assets to invest in philanthropic initiatives. Previous scholarship has largely focused on developed countries, especially the …

Valeria Giacomin, Geoffrey Jones

28-06-2021 | Original Paper

When Moral Tension Begets Cognitive Dissonance: An Investigation of Responses to Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior and the Contingent Effect of Construal Level

Research on unethical pro-organizational behavior (UPB) has predominantly focused on its antecedents, while overlooking how engaging in such behavior might affect employees’ psychological experience and their downstream work behaviors. Integrating …

Na Yang, Congcong Lin, Zhenyu Liao, Mei Xue


Developing student connectedness under remote learning using digital resources: A systematic review

Online learning is negatively associated with student connectedness. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Higher Education (HE) institutions have pivoted to blended and online learning. Subsequently, HE institutions have seen a shift in student …

Elizabeth Hehir, Marc Zeller, Joanna Luckhurst, Tara Chandler

27-06-2021 | Original Paper

Group decision based on trapezoidal neutrosophic Dombi fuzzy hybrid operator

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the concepts of Dombi t-norm and Dombi t-conorm to aggregate trapezoidal neutrosophic fuzzy information. First, we have proposed some new operational laws of trapezoidal neutrosophic fuzzy number based on …

Aliya Fahmi

27-06-2021 | Original Paper

Seeing Through and Breaking Through: The Role of Perspective Taking in the Relationship Between Creativity and Moral Reasoning

Creativity and morality are key attributes that stakeholders demand of organizations. Accordingly, higher education institutions and professional training programs also seek to cultivate these attributes in future leaders. However, research has …

Pamsy P. Hui, Warren C. K. Chiu, Elvy Pang, John Coombes, Doreen Y. P. Tse

26-06-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2021

Technologies, Challenges and Needs of K-12 Teachers in the Transition to Distance Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, K-12 schools in the United States closed and teachers transitioned to distance learning. The purpose of this survey research study is to determine technology resources and strategies K-12 teachers have used in …

Gregory M. Francom, Sang Joon Lee, Halle Pinkney

26-06-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2021

A Research-Practice Partnership about K12 Technology Integration: Technology as a Catalyst for Teacher Learning through Failure and Creative Risk-Taking

Our contribution to this issue features a K12 school district + university partnership related to technology integration, and explores the connections between technology, teacher learning, creative risk taking, and failure. Austin Public Schools …

Cassandra Scharber, Lana Peterson, Katie Baskin, Jessica Cabeen, Derik Gustafson, John Alberts

25-06-2021 | Original Paper

From human resources to human rights: Impact assessments for hiring algorithms

Over the years, companies have adopted hiring algorithms because they promise wider job candidate pools, lower recruitment costs and less human bias. Despite these promises, they also bring perils. Using them can inflict unintentional harms on …

Josephine Yam, Joshua August Skorburg

25-06-2021 | Application of soft computing

Modeling the teacher job satisfaction by artificial neural networks

This article uses the artificial neural networks (ANNs) method to investigate the association between various dimensions of demographic and coaching leadership with the job satisfaction of teachers in Korean schools. ANN models demonstrate a …

Bang Won Seok, Kuk-hoan Wee, Ju-young Park, D. Anil Kumar, N. S. Reddy


Stock exchange trading optimization algorithm: a human-inspired method for global optimization

In this paper, a human-inspired optimization algorithm called stock exchange trading optimization (SETO) for solving numerical and engineering problems is introduced. The inspiration source of this optimizer is the behavior of traders and stock …

Hojjat Emami

24-06-2021 | Original Article Open Access

An architecture governance approach for Agile development by tailoring the Spotify model

The role of software architecture in large-scale Agile development is important because several teams need to work together to release a single software product while helping to maximise teams’ autonomy. Governing and aligning Agile architecture …

Abdallah Salameh, Julian M. Bass

24-06-2021 | Original Paper

Big Boys Don’t Cry: Evaluations of Politicians Across Issue, Gender, and Emotion

Emotional appeals are powerful motivators of political action. Yet the gender of a politician and the existing stereotypes held by audiences complicate the determination of which type of emotional appeal is best suited for different issue areas.

Kristyn L. Karl, Lindsey Cormack

24-06-2021 | Original research

A Framework for Classifying Replication Studies in Educational Technologies Research

Replicating research studies is considered one way of establishing validity and confidence of findings in a field of study. In this paper, we introduce a replication framework for classifying studies conducted in the area of educational technology …

Rhonda Christensen, Charles B. Hodges, J. Michael Spector


Ethics in corporate political action: can lobbying be just?

This article takes issue with the potential injustice of political systems in which the possibility of voicing specific interests depends on the availability of financial resources. Previous empirical analysis suggests that the interests of …

Edoardo Mollona, Guglielmo Faldetta


Academic Collaboration Recommendation for Computer Science Researchers Using Social Network Analysis

In order to improve the quality and quantity of the performance in computing in Nigeria Universities, there is need for a functioning research networking application through which they can exchange ideas. This is because academics tend to be more …

Ibukun T. Afolabi, Atinuke Ayo, Oluwole A. Odetunmibi

23-06-2021 | Original Paper Open Access

Responsible Leadership and the Reflective CEO: Resolving Stakeholder Conflict by Imagining What Could be done

In light of grand societal challenges, most recently the global Covid-19 pandemic, there is a call for research on responsible leadership. While significant advances have been made in recent years towards a better understanding of the concept, a …

Nicola M. Pless, Atri Sengupta, Melissa A. Wheeler, Thomas Maak

22-06-2021 | ARTICLES | Issue 2/2021

Kobe Bryant’s Second Act: a Brief but Beautiful Post-basketball Life

Kobe Bryant was an extraordinarily gifted athlete who enjoyed a long and remarkable basketball career. Entering the National Basketball Association directly out of Lower Merion High School (PA) in 1996, Bryant played his entire 20-year career with …

David K. Wiggins

22-06-2021 | Original Research | Issue 3/2021

Individual Resilience in the Organization in the Face of Crisis: Study of the Concept in the Context of COVID-19

In the context of a health crisis of unprecedented magnitude that we have experienced such as COVID-19 we join the efforts of practitioners and researchers to answer the question: ‘What is the organizational context that promotes individual …

Bechir Mokline, Mohamed Anis Ben Abdallah

22-06-2021 | Original Paper Open Access

Affective commitment through further training: the roles of firm provision and employee participation

This study investigates the relation of further training and employees’ affective commitment by disentangling the relevance of a firm’s general support for further training and the individual’s actual participation. Using linked employer-employee …

Christian Grund, Krystina Titz

22-06-2021 | Original Article

Singapore’s approach to developing teachers: a foray into international teaching assistantship

International teaching experiences, even if short-termed, are great opportunities for student teachers to challenge their assumptions and scrutinise their beliefs, to discover different ways of approaching teaching and learning, and to better …

Woon Chia Liu


Information Privacy Assimilation in IT Organizations

Information privacy concerns have been rising over a few decades. As per the recent General Data Protection Regulation, organizations need to implement the highest-possible privacy settings by design and default. Following the neo-institutional …

V. S. Prakash Attili, Saji K. Mathew, Vijayan Sugumaran


Indirect Socialization in Preschool: How Teachers Harness Children’s Ability to Shape Peer Behavior

How do teachers use children to shape the behaviors of their peers, and which students benefit? In this qualitative case study of a half-day preschool classroom, I find that teachers encourage children to shape one another’s behavior in ways they …

Amy August


The Role of Government in Macro-Level Quality Development: A Case Study of South Korea

This study investigates the South Korean government’s effort to promote macro-level quality development. Using the single case study method, the authors examined 28 empirical studies published for Korean audiences that discussed the quality …

Jennie Oliver, Zachary M. Oliver

22-06-2021 | Interview

Three Interviews About K-12 AI Education in America, Europe, and Singapore

As the impact and importance of artificial intelligence (AI) grows, there is a growing trend to teach AI in primary and secondary education (K-12). To provide an international perspective, we have conducted three interviews with practitioners and …

Fredrik Heintz


The roles of self-construal in sharpening reputation judgment: an experimental study on earnings management

This study aims to investigate the role of self-construal in sharpening reputation judgment on earnings management cases. This study involves a personality variable that can provide sharper insights into individual assessments, namely …

Ida Nur Aeni, Supriyadi, Heri Yanto


Perceived corporate citizenship: a scale development and validation study adopting a bottom-up approach

The objective of this study was to address the predominant top-down, Western orientated measures of Corporate Citizenship by conducting a comprehensive scale development exercise within an Eastern context. This was achieved through exploring the …

Stephen T. Homer


Demystifying computational thinking for teacher candidates: A case study on Turkish secondary school pre-service teachers

The present study is based on a teaching-module designed to introduce computational thinking (CT) to pre-service teachers pursuing MA degrees at a large-scale university in Ankara, Turkey. It aims to explore Turkish pre-service teachers’ …

Armağan Ateşkan, Deniz Ortactepe Hart

21-06-2021 | Original Article

Exploring the dynamics of the disaggregated intercity corporate network in the Yangtze River Delta, China: a relational event approach

There has been a proliferation of studies trying to explain the driving forces behind the formation and evolution of intercity corporate networks. Previous approaches, however, require the input of aggregated data such as the connectivities of …

Luqi Li, Ben Derudder, Wei Shen, Xiang Kong

21-06-2021 | Special Issue on Computational Intelligence-based Control and Estimation in Mechatronic Systems

Comparative study of metaheuristic algorithms for optimal sizing of standalone microgrids in a remote area community

This paper evaluates the performance and suitability of four different metaheuristic algorithms for optimal sizing of standalone microgrids in remote area. The studied metaheuristic algorithms are particle swarm optimization, differential …

Mohammad Fathi, Rahmat Khezri, Amirmehdi Yazdani, Amin Mahmoudi

21-06-2021 Open Access

Should I Stay, or Should I Go? Job satisfaction as a moderating factor between outcome expectations and entrepreneurial intention among academics

Both psychological and entrepreneurship research have highlighted the pivotal role of job satisfaction in the process of entrepreneurial career decisions. In support of this, mounting evidence point to inter-relationships between entrepreneurial …

Richard Blaese, Schneider Noemi, Liebig Brigitte

21-06-2021 | Original Paper

Overcoming the discourse of science mistrust: how science education can be used to develop competent consumers and communicators of science information

Science educators can provide learning experiences that challenge notions of mistrust in science, and provide students with the science skills necessary to obtain, evaluate, and communicate credible scientific information. As the COVID-19 pandemic …

Nancy Nasr

21-06-2021 | Original Paper

Term-limit evasions and the non-compliance cycle

Executive term limits are evidently under stress in many jurisdictions. One mode in which they are evaded is through the formal revision or abrogation of a constitution. Such a process accelerates a pernicious cycle in which constitutional …

Zachary Elkins

21-06-2021 | Original Empirical Research | Issue 4/2021 Open Access

Behaviorally targeted location-based mobile marketing

Marketers increasingly use behavioral targeting in location-based mobile marketing (LBMM). However, highly personalized marketing messages like this may backfire by eliciting consumer reactance. We suggest that LBMM efficacy depends on its …

Stefan F. Bernritter, Paul E. Ketelaar, Francesca Sotgiu

21-06-2021 | Research Paper

History Matters: Life Satisfaction in Tansition Countries

In this paper, we use the Life in Transition (LiTS) survey micro- data to estimate the gravity model of life satisfaction in seven post-transition countries. We use precise localization data and a very rich set of controls to estimate the effect …

Vedran Recher

20-06-2021 | Original Paper

Culturally Responsive Debugging: a Method to Support Cultural Experts’ Early Engagement with Code

Despite the value that cultural experts bring to efforts to broaden the participation of racially minoritized youth in US computer science, there has been little research on supporting their knowledge of computing. This is a missed opportunity to …

Michael Lachney, Aman Yadav, Matt Drazin, Madison C. Allen, William Babbitt

19-06-2021 | Original Paper

Epic fail: Exploring project failure’s reasons, outcomes and indicators

Understanding the complex phenomenon of project failure can facilitate improved project management and lower the risk of future project failure. Using a qualitative pre-study combined with a quantitative survey conducted with project managers, the …

Marc Herz, Nicco Krezdorn

18-06-2021 | Article Open Access

Empowered Stakeholders: Female University Students’ Leadership During the COVID-19-Triggered On-campus Evictions in Canada and the United States

The study of disaster-specific leadership of female university students has been largely neglected, especially during on-campus emergency eviction and evacuation. Based on the COVID-19-triggered, on-campus evictions across Canada and the United …

Haorui Wu, Marla Perez-Lugo, Cecilio Ortiz Garcia, Frances Gonzalez Crespo, Adriana Castillo

18-06-2021 | Construction Management | Issue 8/2021

A BIM-Based Visual Warning Management System for Structural Health Monitoring Integrated with LSTM Network

Structural health monitoring is an important task in the construction and maintenance stage. Because sensors are widely distributed in large and complex building space, it is difficult to visualize and locate hazard sources. In this paper, a …

Gongyu Hou, Le Li, Zhedong Xu, Qinhuang Chen, Yijun Liu, Bing Qiu

18-06-2021 | Original Paper Open Access

Micro-processes of Moral Normative Engagement with CSR Tensions: The Role of Spirituality in Justification Work

Although CSR scholarship has highlighted how tensions in CSR implementation are negotiated, little is known about its normative and moral dimension at a micro-level. Drawing upon the economies of worth framework, we explore how spirituality …

Hyemi Shin, Mai Chi Vu, Nicholas Burton

18-06-2021 | Original Paper

Do Returnee Executives Value Corporate Philanthropy? Evidence from China

While past studies have enriched our understanding of the impact of returnee executives on firm market strategy and outcomes, we know relatively little about the relationship between returnee executives and firm nonmarket strategies. Grounded in …

Lin Zhang, Yuehua Xu, Honghui Chen
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