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Learning Environments Research

An International Journal

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08-02-2020 | Original Paper

Parents’ and caregivers’ perceptions of the school climate: development and validation of the Parent and Caregiver Survey (PaCS)

School climates are known to be associated with a range of student outcomes (including academic, social, behavioural and affective), and much work to date has focused on gathering students’ perceptions of their school climate to inform ongoing …

22-01-2020 | Original Paper

Professional Learning Community Assessment-Revised (PLCA-R) questionnaire: translation and validation in Spanish context

The analysis of professional community is a good indicator of the degree of professional and institutional development of a school. The Professional Learning Community Assessment-Revised (PLCA-R) is one of the most internationally-recognised …

02-12-2019 | Original Paper Open Access

Shaping space and practice to support autonomy: lessons from natural settings in Scotland

In the present paper, I explore some of the concrete manifestation of autonomy support in natural childcare and early childhood education settings, under the organising framework of self-determination theory. More specifically, I present the ways …


A systematic literature review on synchronous hybrid learning: gaps identified

More and more higher educational institutions invest in technology-enhanced learning spaces, which raises the question of how these environments can be shaped to be as effective as possible. A specific new learning space is the synchronous hybrid …

27-11-2019 | Original Paper

Learning environment and anxiety for learning and teaching mathematics among preservice teachers

The learning environment has been found to be related to mathematics anxiety at a variety of educational levels, including higher education, but to date has not been investigated in relation to preservice teachers. It has been previously found …

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About this journal

Learning Environments Research builds our understanding of pre-primary, primary, high school, college and university, and lifelong learning environments irrespective of subject area. Apart from classroom and school environments, the journal devotes special attention to out-of-school learning environments such as the home, science centers, and television. New learning environments created by information technology are also explored.

This journal interprets "learning environment" as the social, physical, psychological, and pedagogical contexts in which learning occurs and which affect student achievement and attitudes. Original academic studies include theoretical reflections, quantitative and qualitative research, critical and integrative literature reviews and meta-analyses, methodological issues, and development and validation of assessment instruments. In addition, the journal features reviews of books and evaluation instruments.

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