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Learning Environments Research

An International Journal

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03-04-2021 | Original Paper

Measuring preservice teachers’ attitudes towards mistakes in learning environments

Reflecting on academic errors is a critical skill for engaging with feedback for learning. However, teachers lack training in knowing how to create environments that promote reflection and help students to acquire this skill (Metcalfe, Annual …

29-03-2021 | Original Paper

Learning environments’ influence on students’ learning experience in an Australian Faculty of Business and Economics

We investigated how learning environments–involving their physical, pedagogical, and psychosocial dimensions–influence students learning experiences in an Australian Faculty of Business and Economics. Qualitative data collection involved …

23-03-2021 | Original Paper

The observation of special education classrooms by school personnel

Classroom observation is an accountability practice which promotes the evaluation of teachers’ capacity to meet standards, improve teaching practices, and enhance student learning outcomes. Prior research has revealed that these practices are not …

23-03-2021 | Original Paper

Novice teacher vertical professional development? Exploring teachers’ and coaches’ beliefs throughout a two-year induction program

The pedagogical beliefs of novice teachers and their coaches throughout a two-year induction program and how those beliefs impact their induction experiences were explored. Mixed methods were used to explore survey responses from novice teachers …

19-03-2021 | Original Paper

Predictive relationship between gender, ethnicity, science self-efficacy, teacher interpersonal behaviors, and science achievement of students in a diverse urban high school

We examined the predictive relationship between high school students’ gender, ethnicity, science self-efficacy as measured by the Science Self-Efficacy Questionnaire composite score, teacher interpersonal behaviors (TIP) as measured by the …

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About this journal

Learning Environments Research builds our understanding of pre-primary, primary, high school, college and university, and lifelong learning environments irrespective of subject area. Apart from classroom and school environments, the journal devotes special attention to out-of-school learning environments such as the home, science centers, and television. New learning environments created by information technology are also explored.

This journal interprets "learning environment" as the social, physical, psychological, and pedagogical contexts in which learning occurs and which affect student achievement and attitudes. Original academic studies include theoretical reflections, quantitative and qualitative research, critical and integrative literature reviews and meta-analyses, methodological issues, and development and validation of assessment instruments. In addition, the journal features reviews of books and evaluation instruments.

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