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Lecture Notes in Biomathematics

Lecture Notes in Biomathematics

Brain Theory Subseries

62 Volumes | 1980 - 1994

All books of the series Lecture Notes in Biomathematics

1994 | Book

Frontiers in Mathematical Biology

From a mathematical point of view, physiologically structured population models are an underdeveloped branch of the theory of infinite dimensional dynamical systems. We have called attention to four aspects: (i) A choice has to be made about the …

1993 | Book

The Exploitation of Evolving Resources

Proceedings of an International Conference, held at Jülich, Germany, September 3–5, 1991

The impact of man on the biosphere is profound. Quite apart from our capacity to destroy natural ecosystems and to drive species to extinction, we mould the evolution of the survivors by the selection pressures we apply to them. This has …

1993 | Book

Patch Dynamics

From the preface by Joel E. Cohen: "A century from now humanity will live in a managed - or mismanaged - global garden. We are debating the need to preserve tropical forests. Farming of the sea is providing an increasing part of our fish supply.

1993 | Book

Adaptation in Stochastic Environments

The classical theory of natural selection, as developed by Fisher, Haldane, and 'Wright, and their followers, is in a sense a statistical theory. By and large the classical theory assumes that the underlying environment in which evolution …

1992 | Book

The Stability Concept of Evolutionary Game Theory

A Dynamic Approach

These Notes grew from my research in evolutionary biology, specifically on the theory of evolutionarily stable strategies (ESS theory), over the past ten years. Personally, evolutionary game theory has given me the opportunity to transfer my …

1992 | Book

Modeling HIV Transmission and AIDS in the United States

The disease that came to be called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) was first identified in the summer of 1981. By that time, nearly 100,000 persons in the United States may have been infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). By …

1992 | Book

Branching Processes and Neutral Evolution

The Galton-Watson branching process has its roots in the problem of extinction of family names which was given a precise formulation by F. Galton as problem 4001 in the Educational Times (17, 1873). In 1875, an attempt to solve this problem was …

1991 | Book

Differential Equations Models in Biology, Epidemiology and Ecology

Proceedings of a Conference held in Claremont California, January 13–16, 1990

The past forty years have been the stage for the maturation of mathematical biolo~ as a scientific field. The foundations laid by the pioneers of the field during the first half of this century have been combined with advances in ap­ plied …

1991 | Book

Estimation of Mortality Rates in Stage-Structured Population

The stated aims of the Lecture Notes in Biomathematics allow for work that is "unfinished or tentative". This volume is offered in that spirit. The problem addressed is one of the classics of statistical ecology, the estimation of mortality rates …

1991 | Book

Physical Principles in Chemoreception

Is it not sheer foolishness to try to apply the methods of theoretical physics to biological structures? Physics flowered because it limited itself to the study of very simple systems; on the other hand, the essence of "living things" seems to …

1990 | Book

The Mechanics and Biophysics of Hearing

Proceedings of a Conference held at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, June 25–29, 1990

Proceedings of a workshop on the physics and biophysics of hearing that brought together experimenters and modelers working on all aspects of audition. Topics covered include: cochlear mechanical measurements, cochlear models, mechanicals and …

1990 | Book

Acanthaster and the Coral Reef: A Theoretical Perspective

Proceedings of a Workshop held at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville, Aug. 6–7, 1988

In August 1988. the Sixth International Coral Reef Symposium was held in Townsville resulting in an influx of most of the world's coral reef sCientists to the city. We seized this opportunity at the Australian Institute of Marine Science to run a …

1990 | Book

Population Dynamics in Variable Environments

Demography relates observable facts about individuals to the dynamics of populations. If the dynamics are linear and do not change over time, the classical theory of Lotka (1907) and Leslie (1945) is the central tool of demography. This book …

1990 | Book

Stochastic Processes in Epidemic Theory

Proceedings of a Conference held in Luminy, France, October 23–29, 1988

This collection of papers gives a representative cross-selectional view of recent developments in the field. After a survey paper by C. Lefèvre, 17 other research papers look at stochastic modeling of epidemics, both from a theoretical and a …

1990 | Book

Trees and Hierarchical Structures

Proceedings of a Conference held at Bielefeld, FRG, Oct. 5–9th, 1987

The "raison d'etre" of hierarchical dustering theory stems from one basic phe­ nomenon: This is the notorious non-transitivity of similarity relations. In spite of the fact that very often two objects may be quite similar to a third without being …

1989 | Book

Depth Perception in Frogs and Toads

A Study in Neural Computing

Depth Perception in Frogs and Toads provides a comprehensive exploration of the phenomenon of depth perception in frogs and toads, as seen from a neuro-computational point of view. Perhaps the most important feature of the book is the development …

1989 | Book

Mathematical Approaches to Problems in Resource Management and Epidemiology

Proceedings of a Conference held at Ithaca, NY, Oct. 28–30, 1987

Increasingly, mathematical methods are being used to advantage in addressing the problems facing humanity in managing its environment. Problems in resource management and epidemiology especially have demonstrated the utility of quantitative …

1989 | Book

Transient Processes in Cell Proliferation Kinetics

A mathematician who has taken the romantic decision to devote himself to biology will doubtlessly look upon cell kinetics as the most simple and natural field of application for his knowledge and skills. Indeed, the thesaurus he is to master is …

1989 | Book

Receptor/Ligand Sorting Along the Endocytic Pathway

This research monograph focuses on a biomolecular separation process that occurs within most cells. Two types of molecules, receptors and ligands, are separated and routed along different intracellular pathways; this is a critical step in the …

1989 | Book

Mathematical and Statistical Approaches to AIDS Epidemiology

The 18 research articles of this volume discuss the major themes that have emerged from mathematical and statistical research in the epidemiology of HIV. The opening paper reviews important recent contributions. Five sections follow: Statistical …