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Lifetime Data Analysis

Lifetime Data Analysis 3/2019

Issue 3/2019

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

17-11-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Dealing with death when studying disease or physiological marker: the stochastic system approach to causality

Daniel Commenges

14-09-2018 | Issue 3/2019

What price semiparametric Cox regression?

Martin Jullum, Nils Lid Hjort

28-02-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Improved precision in the analysis of randomized trials with survival outcomes, without assuming proportional hazards

Iván Díaz, Elizabeth Colantuoni, Daniel F. Hanley, Michael Rosenblum

10-04-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Weighted estimation for multivariate shared frailty models for complex surveys

Jing Wang

07-09-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Proportional cross-ratio model

Tianle Hu, Bin Nan, Xihong Lin

16-07-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Semiparametric sieve maximum likelihood estimation under cure model with partly interval censored and left truncated data for application to spontaneous abortion

Yuan Wu, Christina D. Chambers, Ronghui Xu

27-08-2018 | Issue 3/2019 Open Access

Hidden three-state survival model for bivariate longitudinal count data

Ardo van den Hout, Graciela Muniz-Terrera

17-12-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Copula-based score test for bivariate time-to-event data, with application to a genetic study of AMD progression

Tao Sun, Yi Liu, Richard J. Cook, Wei Chen, Ying Ding

26-11-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2019

An improved variable selection procedure for adaptive Lasso in high-dimensional survival analysis

Kevin He, Yue Wang, Xiang Zhou, Han Xu, Can Huang

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