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Lifetime Data Analysis

Lifetime Data Analysis 3/2020

Issue 3/2020

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

20-08-2019 | Issue 3/2020

Semiparametric methods for survival data with measurement error under additive hazards cure rate models

Sandip Barui, Grace Y. Yi

01-10-2019 | Issue 3/2020

Prognostic score matching methods for estimating the average effect of a non-reversible binary time-dependent treatment on the survival function

Kevin He, Yun Li, Panduranga S. Rao, Randall S. Sung, Douglas E. Schaubel

23-09-2019 | Issue 3/2020

A semiparametric additive rates model for the weighted composite endpoint of recurrent and terminal events

Xiaowei Sun, Jieli Ding, Liuquan Sun

25-09-2019 | Issue 3/2020

Bootstrap and permutation rank tests for proportional hazards under right censoring

Marc Ditzhaus, Arnold Janssen

09-10-2019 | Issue 3/2020

Varying coefficient transformation cure models for failure time data

Man-Hua Chen, Xingwei Tong

11-11-2019 | Issue 3/2020

Tree-based modeling of time-varying coefficients in discrete time-to-event models

Marie-Therese Puth, Gerhard Tutz, Nils Heim, Eva Münster, Matthias Schmid, Moritz Berger

15-11-2019 | Issue 3/2020

Multiple event times in the presence of informative censoring: modeling and analysis by copulas

Dongdong Li, X. Joan Hu, Mary L. McBride, John J. Spinelli

15-11-2019 | Issue 3/2020

Group sequential tests for treatment effect on survival and cumulative incidence at a fixed time point

Michael J. Martens, Brent R. Logan

13-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Nonparametric estimators of survival function under the mixed case interval-censored model with left truncation

Pao-Sheng Shen

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