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Lifetime Data Analysis

An International Journal Devoted to Statistical Methods and Applications for Time-to-Event Data

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Generalized mean residual life models for case-cohort and nested case-control studies

Mean residual life (MRL) is the remaining life expectancy of a subject who has survived to a certain time point and can be used as an alternative to hazard function for characterizing the distribution of a time-to-event variable. Inference and …


Nonparametric and semiparametric estimators of restricted mean survival time under length-biased sampling

Restricted mean survival time is often of direct interest in epidemiologic studies involving censored survival time. In this article, we propose the nonparametric and semiparametric estimators of the mean restricted to the preassigned interval …


Analysis of the time-varying Cox model for the cause-specific hazard functions with missing causes

This paper studies the Cox model with time-varying coefficients for cause-specific hazard functions when the causes of failure are subject to missingness. Inverse probability weighted and augmented inverse probability weighted estimators are …


Semiparametric efficient estimation for additive hazards regression with case II interval-censored survival data

Interval-censored data often arise naturally in medical, biological, and demographical studies. As a matter of routine, the Cox proportional hazards regression is employed to fit such censored data. The related work in the framework of additive …


Estimation of treatment effects and model diagnostics with two-way time-varying treatment switching: an application to a head and neck study

Treatment switching frequently occurs in clinical trials due to ethical reasons. Intent-to-treat analysis without adjusting for switching yields biased and inefficient estimates of the treatment effects. In this paper, we propose a class of …

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About this journal

Lifetime Data Analysis is the only journal dedicated to statistical methods and applications for lifetime data. The journal advances and promotes statistical science in various applied fields that deal with lifetime data, including actuarial science, economics, engineering, environmental sciences, management, medicine, operations research, public health, and social and behavioral sciences.

A partial list of topics reflecting the broad range of interests covered in the journal includes accelerated failure time models, degradation processes, meta-analysis, models for multiple events, nonparametric estimation of survival functions, quality-of-life models, rank tests for comparing lifetime distributions, and reliability methods.

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